Routers are essential for everyone in the digital age. Some routers with the IP address are worthwhile investments. The router configuration and login are complete. Everyone can access the quick login instructions.

This article offers a variety of solutions, including instructions on how the IP address operates, how to configure and log in to the router using this address, and how to change the password and ID after a factory reset to give users the best high-speed internet at affordable prices. Refer to the guidelines based on the issue.

Refer to this article to learn how to set up the router with 192.168 1.147 easily to do login admin, add, and modify username and password. 

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What is’s IP address?

One of the IP addresses is a local, private, or gateway IP address like The router will receive data requests sent from connected computers at its IP address, You can quickly set up your Wi-Fi, create a guest Wi-Fi to safeguard the privacy of your network, monitor who connects to it and control the priority of their access, schedule a time for your kids’ online activities, and more with the router’s Wi-Fi app. Modern technologies choose the best signal and band for your devices.ip address You may wander around your home without being concerned about signal loss or buffering due to Wi-Fi fast roaming. You do not need to switch signals from each device because it supports a maximum of 32 connections. 

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What Is The Login Process For My Router Using

Almost always, if you use the internet at home, a router is present. When the router automatically joins, your basic Wi-Fi network is now functioning.

local ip

Depending on your demands, your Wi-Fi network may not require password setting or be a good fit. To change your Wi-Fi network, you must log into your router using the IP address Knowing how to access the router’s administration page is important if changes are necessary, and doing so is easier than you think.

Each router has a straightforward login method. Only a few steps outlined below must be followed to install the router:

  1. Even if a router would be useful, you still need a computer to access the internet. Any of the devices are acceptable.

connect cable to computer

2. Next, connect your computer to your router. Using an Ethernet connection, either wired or wireless.


3.While your computer is connecting to your router, launch your favorite web browser.

web browsers

4. Launch your browser to find your IP address and type into the search field. Enter into your browser’s address bar to access the login section of your router’s admin

5. You must know your router’s username and password.loginThe necessary details will bring you to the admin page of your router’s menu.

How to Change Your Local IP Address From

Another router parameter that is regularly changed is your router’s actual local IP address. After changing it from, you will need your new IP address.


Below is your router’s admin page.

  1. Look for the general settings menu or a nearby item on the main page.
  2. Network settings” is the next option.
  3. The “Router Settings” section can only be accessed through this menu. This form requires your IP address to be supplied.
  4. Maintain your changes

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What Is The Best Method For Changing The Default Login And Password?

Given how important security is in modern life, the router also provides security checks on its router. Changing the credentials is more private and secure and is, therefore, the most important step in enhancing network security. Here are some guidelines for choosing secure passwords:login

  • Choose a complex password for your router that includes Greek, Latin, strange characters, and difficult-to-remember digits.
  • Implement many safety precautions to safeguard it.
  • Another crucial factor is usability.

How to Factory Reset Your Router and Log In Using

Using different login credentials, any router may be completely reset to its factory default settings. As a result, only one user may log in, and the router needs to be restarted first. To reset an login the router with, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Activate the router.
  2. Inspect the reset button. Routers frequently have a reset button and a little hole.router button
  3. Use a paperclip pin or anything similar that fits within the button’s tiny hole to press and hold the “Factory Reset” button for around 15 seconds to restore the device to its factory settings. (till all the lights start flashing)hold
  4. The router restarts on its own. Now that it has been reset, the gadget is usable. Start by going to Step 1 of this instruction manual.
  5. To log in again, use the techniques mentioned above.

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How should I proceed if I follow the instructions but can still access the internet?

The customer service department of that organization, which is open 24/7, is the best place to contact regarding the router under these instances. After you call the toll-free number, they will record your complaint and deploy the technician within 24 hours.

Is it better to buy the router offline or online?

Because a guarantee or warranty may not always apply to internet transactions, electrical equipment should always be purchased from a real merchant. Thus, when a problem arises in the future, items that are made available online frequently cause issues.

What are its top and maximum speed?

It offers download speeds of up to 1 Gbps for high-definition video and audio.

Will this IP address router's Wi-Fi work with smart TVs?

Yes. Every router's Wi-Fi is compatible with various smart TVs and gadgets. The login ID and password pre-set on each connected device must be used to connect it.

How many devices can it simultaneously connect to?

It can connect up to 32 devices at once, but you must feed each one the login ID and password at least once before you may connect to one for the first time.

What should I do if there is a future internet or network issue?

Using the complaint number, you can submit a complaint in that case and a technician will visit your area and fix the issue without charge within 24 hours.


You can configure any router, log in, and access internet by using any router and entering the IP address into your browser. The easiest configuration options are available for the router at this IP address. Because IP address is a public one that anybody can access, it enables easy setup and login for the user without the help of a technician.

Therefore, we hope this article has assisted you in setting a password for your router using the IP address or logging into it, resetting it, and logging in again.

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