The use of the internet has become one of the unavoidable things of life. Most institutes have been using the internet exhaustively to function. From businesses to the education system, everyone has started using the internet to the fullest. There are numerous kinds of routers that are available in the market. However, one of the highly sold ones is the ones provided by NETGEAR. Follow this article to know how to fix netgear router orange internet light problem.

No router guarantees to last forever. Sometimes, you might encounter some issues – but you may not know how to go about it exactly. 

One of the common issues that arise with the type of router is the orange light on netgear router. The issue is common and, in fact, solvable. 

This article will present ways to rectify the netgear orange internet light problem in an extremely easy manner. The only thing that you need to do is spend enough time reading the article. You will not experience any errors if you invest proper time to comprehend the steps.

Reasons And Solutions For The NETGEAR Orange Internet Light

Before we proceed to resolve the issue, you should know the possible reasons why this might occur. This will make it easier for you to know where the problem is, and subsequently, you can then resolve it. Below the problem itself, there are the possible solutions that can help you. So, if you know the problem, you can directly rectify it. To know how to fix the DHCP lookup failed issue in a similar way, click here.

Power Supply Problem

Sometimes, you will see that the orange light will be visible when you have an unstable power supply. This is because the router needs a persistent power supply.

Solution: You might want to change the power supply of the router. Maybe you can try a power supply without a surge protector. The Netgear router orange internet light will vanish if this the problem.

power supply

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The Firmware Of The Router Is Outdated

There might be an instance where you might forget to update the Firmware of your NETGEAR router. This happens when you disable auto Firmware update or if you fail to check the updates regularly. In such a scenario, you might see the netgear router orange internet light glowing.

netgear firmware update

Solution: All you need to do is go to the router’s login page and then check if there are possible updates. You can then do it manually or else you can go there and switch it to auto-updates. There is one more thing that you need to note. Just verify if the Firmware update is for your router, or else it is of no use.Check out what to do if your Netgear port is not working.

Overused Cables

If you have not invested time in checking the cables of the router, there will be a problem. The result would then be the netgear router orange power light if you do not look at the cables. Damaged cables cause the connection to disrupt and hence, there are problems.


Solution: The obvious solution is that you will have to change your cables. The problem with this technique is that you might have to seek assistance from your technician. It is next to impossible to spot the problem on the wire. If the damage is internal, you might need the help of your technician. The older they are, the more chances exist that they are the reason for the problem.

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This may not be something that you have heard before, but yes, overheating your router might also cause some problems for you. This is the last option because it is sometimes difficult to determine as to has the router heated up. If you touch it, you might find it is not very hot, but it might be. As a result, you will see the netgear router’s orange internet light staring back at you.


Solution: This issue is easy to solve, but, you might want to be cautious when you do that. The router should be turned on when you are doing the process that is being prescribed. You must turn off the power button and then wait for about 40 seconds to one minute. Such a thing will cool down the device, and in case there are any issues, it will resolve them. 

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How do I troubleshoot a red light on my Netgear router?

To troubleshoot a red light on your Netgear router, try restarting your router and modem, checking your login credentials, and ensuring your cables are properly connected. If the issue persists, contact your service provider for assistance.

Can a faulty modem cause a red light on my Netgear router?

A faulty modem can cause a red light on your Netgear router. If you have already checked your router and cables, it may be worth contacting your service provider to check for any issues with your modem.

How do I check my login credentials on my Netgear router?

To check your login credentials on your Netgear router, log in to the administration panel using your web browser. Navigate to the 'Settings' or 'Security' section and locate your username and password.

Can a firewall block my internet connection and cause a red light on my Netgear router?

Yes, a firewall can sometimes block your internet connection and cause a red light on your Netgear router. Try turning off your firewall temporarily to see if it resolves the issue.

How can I prevent a red light on my Netgear router?

To prevent a red light on your Netgear router, ensure that your router and modem are properly connected, your login credentials are correct, and your cables are in good condition. You can also consider upgrading to a higher-speed plan from your service provider.

Should I replace my Netgear router if the red light persists?

If you have tried all the troubleshooting steps and the red light persists, consider replacing your Netgear router. However, it is recommended that you contact your service provider for assistance first.


You now have a list of techniques that can help you resolve netgear router orange internet light. However, before you jump onto how to resolve it, you should probably spend enough time analyzing the reason for the problem. This will automatically give you solutions as to what is to be done. The reason why you should read the entire thing is so that you know exactly what the problem is and only then you take up steps to resolve it, or else you will keep on trying every solution and then derive the problem.

You can easily treat the issue of the orange light on router at home itself, In case you feel that nothing is working out for you, you might want to call your technician. Keep this as the last option because this is a problem that generally gets resolved on its own. If you see no problems that can cause the netgear internet light orange, you must give the router some time. Maybe after an hour or two, if the issue still exists, you can proceed to seek assistance from your technician.

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