If you are a virtual game lover, you might be using Xbox, which offers access to several games and gives a wonderful online gaming experience. While signing up for Xbox, you may have set a password, but with the increasing clout of cybercrimes, are you worried about your account? Then no need to bother about it; set a strong password and give a bounce back to cyber crimes. But on how to change Xbox password, read this article to discover the best ways to solve this question. 

change xbox password

Changing your Xbox one password can be done with any device, like a smartphone,pc and even you can change it with your console. If you want to change the password using the console, then merely move to login.live.com and make some modifications in settings and achieve the results. If you are operating a smartphone or pc and want to change the password of Xbox, then drive to the Microsoft Account login page and change from there. 

How do the modifications on the Microsoft Account login page and login.live.com so that you can efficiently change the password of Xbox? Grab the comprehensive solutions of it through this write-up. 

How To Change Xbox Password? 

How to change your password on Xbox? Struggling with this question, we have an uncomplicated trail of solutions. Merely the further guide;

Every Device Can Change The Xbox Password

To change the Xbox password using a smartphone and pc, then follow these couple of steps and achieve the desired result;

  1. First, power your device, move to the web browser, and search for the Microsoft Account login page. After going to the website, log in with the required credentials.  microsoft account login page
  2. After penetrating the page, you can glance at the Security option at the top corner of the screen and, from multiple options, click on the gleaming required option, which is the Change my password option.  reset password
  3. Now fearlessly accept the prompting option, and then firstly, it will ask for the current password; after that, you will get permission to change the password to a new one. 
  4. On the page, please enter a new password, re-enter it to confirm it, and hit the save changes option to progress ahead with the latest password. Also, click here for IP Address Login, Username And Password.

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Xbox Password Changes With Consoles Are Swift And Effective

To Change the Xbox password by utilizing some keys of the Xbox console, then walk on the following paces, which will help you to efficiently solve the issue of how to change your Xbox password;

  1. Power on the Xbox console then moves to the Microsoft Edge browser and probe for login.live.com. sign in account
  2. To uncover the password-changing settings enter the key that is the email address and password.
  3. Once you’re prepared for the unlocked page, press the profile icon at the top of your screen and select Edit profile from the list of options.
  4. In the Edit, Profile panel, click on the Change Password option and the change option in this section. 
  5. To access the option to change your password:
      1. Enter your existing password
      2. Once it has been unlocked, type in your new password. change password
      3. Type it again to double-check it.
  6. After doing all these steps, hit the save changes option. Also, read this article to improve home network security.

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How To Reset Xbox One Password? 

If you are struggling to recall the Xbox password, then try to reset the password just with the email address. Follow the following steps to reset the Xbox one password effortlessly; 

  1. Firstly, head toward turning on your device and then proceed to the web browser and search for www.xbox.comwww.xbox.com
  2. On the website, in the top corner, you can glimpse the sign-in option, click on it, enter your email address, and then click on the next option.  xbox signin
  3. Now the enter password dialogue box will appear, but what to do as I need to remember the password. Don’t get panic; simply at the bottom, you can glance at the forgot password option, click on it and proceed ahead.  enter code
  4. Now that you’ve entered the email address linked to your Xbox Live account, you can confirm your identity by asking for a code through email. Please enter the code you receive once it arrives.
  5. After entering the code, you will be prompted to the magical screen where you can reset the new password without any hassle. Want to learn how you can perform Digisol router login? Read This.

The Xbox App’s Resetting Password Feature Works For All Versions Of Xbox

You can use Xbox app to reset the new password on Xbox Series, Xbox One, or Xbox 360 console. Let’s take a peek at the steps of resetting the password using the most fuel-efficient Xbox app;

  1. First, download the Xbox app from the play store or AppStore, sign in using the email address, and hit the next button.  download xbox app
  2. The password screen will appear, and you can choose the forget your password option.
  3. Verify your identity using any preferred option, like an authentification app or sending a code via email or phone
  4. The code you receive, enter that, and trail ahead on the resetting password screen and a new password to your bucket list so you can remember it. Click here for Wemo login.

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Security Lookout Of My Xbox One

To get the key to the security world, set the passkey on your Xbox one with these simple steps;

  1. Firstly power on the Xbox one and tap the Xbox-shaped icon on your Xbox console.  xbox shaped icon
  2. Now progress ahead by clicking to System then Settings, and then go ahead with the Account option.  xbox setting
  3. Now sign in by clicking on the Sign-in, security & passkey option. After accessing the screen by signing in, click on the charming option Create my passkey, and then enter the six-digit password by operating Xbox One controller.  create my passkey
  4. Passkey is the essential key for your Xbox one, which will always ask for the security code whenever anyone endeavors to sign in to your Xbox account. 

–Use how to change Xbox password and passkey tactics to secure your account from hackers and gain the best gaming experience

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What should I do if I forget the password for my Microsoft account?

There is no reason to worry if you've forgotten your Microsoft account password. Just go to this website: https://account.live.com/password/reset and enter your email address. After entering the email address, you will be prompted to enter the password; now click the forget password option and reset the new password.

How to change my Xbox password?

Follow the following steps to change the Xbox password; Select Account under Settings on the right-hand side and Click on Account Security from Your Information by scrolling to the right. Choose Change Password. Enter your current password, then choose Change Now; after typing in your new password twice, hit the save changes button. Read the how to change Xbox password section for a detailed solution with some tips and tricks.

How can I wirelessly delete my Xbox Account from a different Xbox?

Follow the following steps to delete the Xbox account from a different Xbox remotely; Firstly go to settings and proceed with selecting the System option, and from multiple options, click on storage and then all devices. Now progress with Gamer Profiles, remove the preferable Gamertag, and hit the delete button.

Can an Xbox Account be transferred to a different email?

You cannot do this; however, you can give the account a new email address as an alias, make it the primary email address, and delete the previous one. However, Xbox will always connect that Xbox profile to the account.

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Summarising the article, we have seen the best resolutions to the issue of how to change the Xbox password. Concluding the resolutions, we have seen to change Xbox password using several websites and operating on PC, smartphone, and console. Use these strategies to solve this issue effortlessly. At last, we have brought to light the key through which you can secure your Xbox account, discover this key by reading the write-up. Also, click here for Reolink default password.


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