The use of the internet has been on the rise for the past few months. Most institutes have adapted to the online mode of operation. Schools and businesses are only operational because of the provision of online mode. There has also been a rise in people watching web series and online movies. Again, this contributes to the rise in the usage of the internet.

People have taken up mobile data connections and WiFis. The ones who have taken up WiFis have the advantage of a more stable connection and more time of usage.

There are numerous WiFi routers available on the market. One of them is the Mobily WiFi router. It is one of the most commonly bought routers. In order to know which router is that you own, look at the bottom of your router or at the sides. The model number and brand will be mentioned there.

When you own a router, it is important that you are aware of all the basics. Most importantly, you should be able to log into your router.

Well, if you do not know how to do that, you need not worry.

In this article, you will get the list of Mobily router username and password and with that, you will get an insight as to how to log into it.

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Obtaining The Mobily Router Username And Password

Before you jump to logging in, you need to know how can you exactly obtain the credentials for the Mobily router. There are various methods that can be used.

The first thing that you need to make sure is that did you change your password during the installation of your router. Your technician must have done it for you and you must have stored this information on a piece of paper. Make sure that you use these credentials if they exist.

You can then check the body of the router for the Mobily router username and password. It may be on some sticker. The sticker may be at the nack of the router or at the bottom of the router. Patiently, look for the credentials stuck on your router.

The website of the router will also have the credentials mentioned. You might take a little time to hunt for it, but the official website of such routers do mention their credentials.

The next option that can help you is the manual of your router. There is a chance that you might feel that this is a little boring, however, we will suggest that you do not skip this step. A possibility still exists that it might be mentioned here.

If none of the above work for you, you do not need to panic. There is still a chance that you can log in by resetting the router. The details of the same is in the subsequent part of the article.

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How To Log Into Mobily 4G Router

It is extremely simple to log in once you are aware of the Mobily router username and password. Just make sure that you are in sync with the steps that have been prescribed below.

There are two default router IPs for Mobily – and Only one of these will belong to your router.

Log Into Mobily 4G Router

Type either of the numbers in the address bar. A page will then be displayed where you have to enter log in details. There will be an option to enter the username and password. Here, you will have to enter the credentials that you have learned about previously.

When you login, there is also an option for you to do the Mobily router password change. This will only be available for you once you finish logging in.

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What To Do When You Fail To Perform Mobily 4G Connect Router

The extreme step is to reset the password. Only do this when you are unable to find the credentials. All you need to do is look for a small button on your router.

Reset Router

This button would be pressed only with a small object, perhaps the back of a toothpick – something that is not pointy at the base. Press the button with this object that you choose. Until the light of the router go off, you must hold press the button. When you see the light has gone off, you must not release the object. Make sure that you only lift the object when the light turns back on. 

As soon as you do that, you can conclude that you have reset your router. Now, you have your router back to factory settings. No username or password will be required or it is the default combination that needs to be used.

You must not indulge into performing the reset on your own. There will be some amount of money that will be saved but if you do this in an absurd manner, you might have to pay twice or thrice the amount of money to repair for the damages. The technician is well-versed and has an experience so you can trust him to conduct this process.

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What is the default username and password for a mobility router?

The Mobility Rueter is quite different from the regular routers. It has the username telecomadmin, and the password is set as admin telecom.

What is the IP address of a mobility router? is the default IP address of the digital router.

How do I check the username and password of the mobility Router?

The default router's credentials will be mentioned on the sticker outside the router. The official website also offers the same.

How do I reset my router?

The router will have a reset button at the rear end; you must grab a pointed object and press the reset button for almost 10 seconds. The Router will turn off. You can again turn it on using the same method. Now the lights will start blinking, and you know the Router is reset.


You now are well-versed with the knowledge about Mobily router username and password. Note that these are the basics that you need to know when you have your own router. Unless you know the credentials, consider it impossible for you to proceed to login. If you cannot log in, you cannot perform anything else. 

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