The impact of COVID 19 has been very tragic. People have been forced to stay at home as a result of this lockdown. Numerous institutions have switched to the online mode so that they can function better. Schools and businesses have used the e-mode in order to continue their duties. The demand for online web shows has risen too.

To cope with this drastic change, people have been forced to take up internet connections. Most people have taken up WiFi connections rather than relying on their mobile data. This is because the WiFi provides a more stable network. 

zte router
zte router

An example of such a type of router is the ZTE ZXHN H108N router. This router has been in high sales since the lockdown. The internet speed that this router offers is far beyond average. If you wish to know your router type, you can check it in the manual that has been provided to you. 

In this article, you will get an outline of how to go about the basics of this ZTE ZXHN H108N router login. This would cover how to log into your router. You can also check out this guide to login to verizon fios router.

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How To Log Into ZTE ZXHN H108N Router

There are a variety of IP addresses that you can try. Any one of the IP addresses will belong to your router. Please enter that in the address bar of your browser. It can be or There are more too. However, these are the most common ones.

zte login
zte login

Then you will see a popup in front of you. Here, you should enter the credentials that have been given by your technician. This would have been given at the time of installation. That would act as your ZTE ZXHN H108N v2.5 username and password. 

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In case you do not recollect such a thing, then you might want to try an alternative. Given below is a set of ZXHN 108N v2.5 default password lists that you can try.

zte table
zte table

If none of these work for you, you need not panic. You can try a variety of the other alternatives that have been prescribed below.

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How To Login If ZXHN H108N Default Password Does Not Work

The first thing is to not get paranoid. There are still a bunch of ways that can help you with logging into your router. Read on to find them out.

Look for the credentials of your ZTE ZXHN H108N modem in the manual that you got. This may be a time-consuming process. However, you should do this. There is still a chance that you might get the credentials.

You can also skim through the website of your router. Some companies publish the credentials on their official website. This is worth the search too. There is a possibility that you might get the credentials there too.

One way that you can try is by looking for a sticker on your router. Some technicians paste such a sticker on your router. This sticker has the credentials of your ZTE ZXHN H108N WiFi network. It can even be at the bottom of your router so as to avoid people from getting access to it.

The last method that can help you is the one you should keep last. This method should only be implemented when none of the methods above work for you. The resetting of the router should only be done when you have no other option left. While you are in the process of resetting, you need to think of a lot of things. If you make a single mistake, there could be damages done to your router. In order to reset your router, hunt for a small button on your router.

zte reset
zte reset

You might require an object that will help you to press that button – perhaps a paperclip or a toothpick. If you use a toothpick, please do not use the pointy side. Once you decide on your object, hold press the button using the object. Hold it until the lights of the router go off. As soon as the lights come back on, you can lift the object. This will make sure that the router has been reset to factory resettings.

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You now have proper knowledge about how to go about logging into your ZTE ZXHN H108N router. The only thing that you need to do is that you need to follow the steps in the prescribed manner. You should copy-paste the usernames and passwords that have been mentioned here. If you cannot do so, make sure that you type them out very properly. 

There is an order that has been prescribed in this article. Do not jumble the order. You should first check out the combination of the ZTE ZXHN H 108N password default options. If that does not work for you, then move on. You might want to check the website, then the manual too. Despite all of that, if you do not get anything, you may head onto resetting your router.

You should keep resetting your ZTE ZXHN H 108N router as your last option. Additionally, you might want to take help from a professional to reset your router. This is so that you do not face any irreparable damage. The technician is an expert, and he will make sure that such a thing is avoided. 

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