Connect to the Ethernet

How to Connect to the Ethernet? The Wired Way!

Before the advancement of wireless technology like WiFi and mobile data, wires ruled. Communication between devices could take place only via cabled networks. A gigantic cabled mess was a common…

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Types of Routers

What are the Different Types of Routers?

Are you planning to buy a new router? Do you want to upgrade from a previous model? Or do you simply wish to enhance your networking knowledge? Whatever your reason…

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Reset Linksys router

How to Reset Linksys Router | Fixing your Linksys Router Easily

Are you having trouble connecting to the internet? Is your WiFi connection slow? Well, today’s article will abolish all your woes. Today we will assist you in the process to…

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DNS error 80710102

How to Fix DNS ERROR 80710102 on Playstation

So, today, we have something in store for the PS3 buffs(mostly). Or anyone who faces the problem can benefit from today’s article. It’s going to be about the DNS error 80710102, which,…

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Wireless PAN DHCP server

What is Wireless PAN DHCP server

There is a hoard of files in the storage of our systems. The OS requires these files for the smooth functioning of the system as a unit. We aren’t even…

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DHCP Lookup Failed

How to Fix DHCP Lookup Failed | Top 2 Methods

Errors and bugs are a part of our lives. Whether we talk in general, or as the people belong from fields like IT. In IT, the more bugs you get…

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unifi guest network

How to Setup Unifi Guest Network | Complete Guide

Guests aren’t a welcome sight for everyone. Especially on lazy Sundays, when all you want to do is a lounge on your porch with a good book. Another thing that…

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Improve Home Network Security

The 7 Best Ways to Improve Home Network Security

As we all know, there are two types of network connections. There are two types, wired and wireless. If you have a wired connection at home, then the cable is…

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