is the primary IP address of many domestic home routers including numerous SMC and Belkin models. The manufacturer sets this IP address to access the interface, but it can be changed anytime as per the user requirement.

Belkin International is a USA based company that deals in manufacturing of networking devices. It has various consumer and commercial products, such as IP Address routers, iPod and iPhone accessories, smartphone accessories, surge protectors, network switches, USB hubs, racks and enclosures, and many other peripherals. Belkin International is the larger parent of sub-brands such as Belkin, Linksys, and Wemo.

Remember: Make sure you type in the proper IP address and not 192.168.l.2, 192.168.2 or 192.168.2. You can try http // instead.

Logging to Router Interface Using IP Address.

To access your router’s inbuilt settings interface, you will need to open your browser window and type in the address bar as After correctly entering the IP address, it will ask for your login ID, which includes your password and username.

Access Your Router Admin Panel

After trying, you will gain access to the router’s console from where you can check the menus, and you will be able to change many of the router’s settings. Sometimes your router can get disconnected from the network while you are doing some changes. In such case, an error message will appear on the screen explaining that the webpage is not available. Just reconnect and refresh the page, and you are good to go again.


Default Router User & Password List

Setting Up the Newly Connected Router to Network

If your personal device is not connected with that particular router, you won’t be able to log in into the Belkin router. To set up the device for the very first time, follow these steps:

  1. Firstly connect your router’s Cable Adaptor. Unplug any existing modems, telephones and other devices that use the telephone line from wall sockets.
  2. Then Power-up the Belkin router Cable Adaptor. …
  3. Connect the modem to the network …
  4. Turn on the modem. …
  5. Connect your desired device via Wi-Fi. ...or
  6. Connect your device via the cable.
  7. The device will boot-up and get connected to the network.
  8. If some connectivity issues persist, try doing a hard reset. If still unsuccessful, contact the service center of Belkin for further assistance.

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Need to Access Router Admin Panel

Many people usually keep forgetting their wi-fi passwords. If this happens to you, try and reset your router to its default factory settings by pressing down the reset button for around 10 to 20 sec and the router will go back to its initial factory settings. After this, you can set a new password by following the login process again.

Also to change the network name or change any of the security settings, there is a need to access the router admin panel.

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You can also adjust your router’s IP address by logging in if you wish, as long as it is included within the allowed range for private IP addresses. Even though the is a widely used IP address for Belkin login, changing it does not necessarily improve your home network’s security.

Other changes such as Resetting or Changing the Wi-Fi name and password, Setting-up Parental Control, Updating your Router Firmware, Restoring the Router to Default Factory Settings, etc

How to Know Belkin Router’s Gateway IP

If you are running a Windows PC, you can quickly access your router’s IP address ( usually known as the “default gateway”) by using the “ipconfig” command as given below:

For Windows PC

  1. Open the Command Prompt by typing in cmd in the search bar on the bottom left corner.
  2. Enter “ipconfig” into the cmd to display the available list of all your computer’s connections. Your router’s IP address when connected to the particular network will be the “Default Gateway” under the section of Local Area Connection.
  3. Copy that address to your browser’s address bar, and you are good to go.

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For Apple’s MacOS

  1. Open the OSX / MacOS Terminal by the following method: Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal
  2. Or you can type in Cmd + space into the terminal as a shortcut.
  3. Type in the following command line as netstat -nr | grep default and then click enter.
  4. Your Belkin router default IP will be shown, something like or in a similar family.

How To Troubleshoot Router Issues?

When you are using as the default IP, you cannot link to a router which is beyond your private home network. Trying to do so will present you with an additional error warning.

If your browser responds with an error message such as “This webpage is not available,” then the router is either offline (i.e., disconnected from the network), or it is unable to respond due to a technical glitch.

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To resolve this matter, make sure that the ethernet cable connecting your router to your modem is in excellent condition and firmly attached, or the wireless network signal is turned on. If not, try resetting the device.

If you still face issues with your router and cannot connect to its administrative interface, you can proceed to customer care for more significant help in the matter.
Some other common problems faced are:

  1. If you are facing an issue while accessing the web address Then you need to delete your browser cache first and try again. It will work once done.
  2. Try to use URL box which is right above the search bar.
  3. Use a new browser if you are still facing issues.
  4. In Case If you still get any Problem Accessing Your Belkin router than We Recommend You to Reset Your Belkin router to Default Factory Settings. As a last option.
  5. Try contacting the customer service if you require any immediate assistance.


Where can we use

The IP address is commonly used for home applications.

What will I do if I get an error message on the official website?

If you get an error message, please reload the page and attempt your request again.

How do we set up a router for the first time?

First, connect the adapter's root, ensure that the adapter is active, and then click the modem with the network and turn on the modem. You can connect devices of your choice within the network.

How do I reset my router?

The router may be reset quite easily. You have to press the small reset button at the rear end of the router.


These are some of the common issues of users of Belkin and here are the possible answers to their queries.

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