The pandemic has been the reason why people have been stuck at home. The lockdown has led to an increase in the usage of the e-platform. People have started watching numerous web series out of boredom. Schools and businesses have switched to the e-platform to functionSince most of the functioning is online, the need for internet connectivity has risen. Most people have taken up WiFi networks. This is a result of the mindset that mobile data does not provide a stable connection. 

One of the examples of the WiFi routers that are available in the market is the router. If you want to know the type of router that you have, you would have to see it on your manual or on the body of your router.

This article will present to you the basics of logging into your WiFi router. Just remember that you need to follow the order that has been put forward in this article. Read on to find out the ways to log into your router now. You can find the Login guide here.

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Default Username And Password For Your Router

The first way that could be used to log into your router is to use the credentials that your technician must have given to you at the time of installation. You must have written it down somewhere.

If you do not recall such a thing happening, you might want to enter the combination of the usernames and passwords presented in this table. 

default username and password

You know, have a list of the possible combinations that you can use. Try one combination at a time. This way, you can eliminate the options that do not work for you. If there is a situation where none of the credentials help you to log in, please do not get paranoid. You still have a list of alternatives that can help you to log into your router. The alternatives that have been listed should only be followed in the order that has been prescribed. Read on to find out the methods that can help you do so.

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What To Do If I Am Unable To Log Into My Router?

You should avoid panicking because that will not lead you anywhere. Here are a few things that can help you log into your WiFi.

This is one of the tedious jobs to do – reading the manual. The manual that you received with your router will have the entire details about the WiFi network. In some instances, you might find the credentials of your router present there. Read the manual properly to find it.

There is a chance that the router’s company might have posted this credential on their official website. You would have to hunt for it on their official website. This, too, takes a little time. Although, it is worth the effort that you make.

You can also try to locate the credentials of your router on the body of your modem. A slight possibility is there that a sticker might be attached to the body of the modem. This might be either at the top or at the bottom of the body. Look for such a paper very carefully. 

The last option that you can try is the resetting of your router. Please note that you should always do this after you find none of the methods of any use. Consider this as a method of last resort. The thing that you need to do is to look for a puny button at the back of your router, or it might be at the bottom of your router.

router reset

Use an object that has a soft end tip. It can be the back of the toothpick or the back of a paperclip. Hold press the modem’s button until the lights go off. Once you do that, wait until the lights come back on. Make sure that your WiFi is connected during this time. After the lights come back on, you can be assured that you have successfully reset your modem!

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This article has covered the basics of logging into a router. You have apt knowledge of how you can use the default credentials to log into your router. If it does not work, you can then move on to taking up the other methods. 

Please note that you should not directly move on to reset your router. Take the other alternatives into consideration first. Keep this as the last option in your checklist. If nothing works, then you might want to move on to this ultimate method.

Nonetheless, you should not show boldness and perform the resetting of your router. It is advised that you take the assistance of the technician when you are thinking of resetting your router. You may feel that the job is simple and that you do not require any technician. However, if you mess it up, you would have to pay thrice or twice the amount the technician charges. For instance, if you use the wrong object, you might cause the button to break. This may be the reason for the problem. The technician has expertise in this field and would make sure that such a problem is not faced by you.

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