Routers are peculiar pieces of hardware. They come in various shapes and sizes, with complexities of their own. They are the primary source that provides us an uninterrupted supply of the internet. Naturally, over time, they have become an essential device in our lives. So today we bestow our attention upon the ASUS RT-N66U Setup Guide.

There are various brands in the business like Linksys, D-link, and Asus. Everything right from the color of the hardware to the minute features all of it undergoes change. Also, the way we can start it up for use differs to a great degree. So that you don’t encounter any hiccups while you’re trying to work with the routers.

A Small Insight Into Traits Of The Router Hardware

Who said first impressions are a thing of the past? When I researched for the ASUS RT-N66U ‘Dark Knight’ Router Set Up Guide, it didn’t seem to hold. Why? Because when we behold the said hardware, looks are what captures our sight and heart.


Encased in a sleek black body, it looks every bit the high-end piece which the brand promises. And when you’re able to finally get over the look, you are struck by the presence of three antennas. Different router brands promote ease of distributing signals more widely and evenly.

If I go by a user’s POV, what is the first thing you ask a vendor while buying a router? Any guesses? No?

Well, don’t you ask how much speed is it capable of providing? The good news here is, the device makes its presence felt by the dual bands which means more speed options. After all, what is better than 1 data speed option? Two!

So, I’ve kept the best for the end. The router leaves the choice of how you want to start it up entirely to you. It does supply a CD, along with the assortment of other things. That walks you through the whole of the process. But if you’re skeptical about it, or you like doing things on your own. My ASUS RT-N66U ‘Dark Knight’ Router Set Up Guide can aid you to learn the alternate way. Check how to login to Asus RT-AC66U here.

All you have to do it to read on!

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Asus RT-N66U Setup Procedure

So while we go about the ASUS RT-N66U ‘Dark Knight’ Router Set Up Guide, there will be more than a few things that will require our undivided attention. Let me summarize them for you.

  • The 3 Antennas
  • Actually Operating the router
  • Deciding On the Credentials
  • Patching Up the Prevalent Hitch

Now that we have divided the task into smaller modules, let us dive into the actual thing.

Asus RT-N66U Setup: Attention to Details

Now is the part where I explain how all the parts come together to make the router work. Our ASUS RT-N66U ‘Dark Knight’ Router Set Up Guide encompasses all these separate parts, playing their own role.

The 3 Antennas

  • No. The router doesn’t come all fixed up. You’ll have to set the antennas up which is the first step. In our ASUS RT-N66U  Setup Guide. Fit them gently in their spots. Be sure you do it lightly but while ensuring they’re clicked securely in slots means for them.

3 Antennas

  • As there are three, so the degree of cautiousness has to match them.Once you’re finished with assembling them, probe them to see if they fall out or not. Of course, ideally, they should not.assembling antennas
  • The first thing for you to do will be to attach the antenna to the router without fail. If you do not do this, the router will not establish any connection or signal. You also must make sure that the router is placed correctly. It is simple; all you need to do is grab a screwdriver and then attach the antennas. Finally, make sure that they are set extremely sturdily and adequately.

asus dual band remote

  • You will then have to look for a power source to connect the router so that it functions. The place to join would be at the back of the router itself.

asus router

  • The last thing would be to connect the router to an internet connection. We connect cable modem with an internet connection to this.

internet router

Actually Operating The Router

  • Consider it as the foundation step. The one on which all the rest depends. The step prompts you to make the router work. For that,  you’ll find a wire along with things that came with the hardware. Both ends have sort of plugs on them.

plug the adapter

  • Take one plug and insert it into the slot behind your modem device, until you hear a click. Similarly, slide the other one in the blue spot behind your router.

connect ethernet cord

  • Before all of that, make sure the router is on and has a power supply. According to ASUS RT-N66U  Setup Guide only then it’ all will work.

power button

  • Now, have a look at the screen. If you check the available wifi connections, it’ll list two new ones. That is because of the property of the router having twin bands. You may connect to any one of them to start with the process.

connect to router

  • After that step, a webpage automatically materializes. If it doesn’t type the default gateway address. Just fire-up whichever browser you’re used to. In its address bar type it. In our case, it’s

router setup page

Deciding On The Credentials

  • Think of what user ID you’d like and a passkey which is hard to crack and consequently intercept. Ideally, it should contain a small letter, a capital, a number, and a special character. After you type the password, re-type it again and hit the apply button to make the changes reflect.

Asus RT-N66U login

  • No. we’re not done yet. The next step in Asus RT-N66U Setup Guide prompt you for the network’s name. Also known as the SSID, it is what will be displayed in the list of available connections.

login to your router

  • So keep it simple yet distinguishable. Once, all the settings are done, we’re good to go. For the changes to be permanent, log out of the portal.

administration tab

Patching Up The Prevalent Hitch

  • Like all the other devices, it has considerable flaws too, lucky for us, we can fix it by a few clicks. That by installing the very latest upgrade for Asus RT-N66U setup.

firmware upgrade

  • For that, there is an option ‘firmware upgrade’ in the portal. You can spot it under the admin category. Simply install it, switch the router off and start it again. Don’t forget to check the portal for a successful installation.

software installation

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For as long as we can remember, we needed help while doing things like setting router settings, installing windows, and such. But now there are resources available over the net like our ASUS RT-N66U Setup Guide. So do not forget to make full use of it.

Pubg will take an hour while tutorials and guides only take a few minutes to read. But think about the variety of knowledge you get at your disposal.

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