‘’ is a private IP address registered by Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) considered as a part of the private network. This IP address is local network connectivity that can be applied to different networks because it is not a unique IP address. This IP address cannot be in use by a specific organization only.

Well, you know that all routers have two different types of IP addresses. The IP address used for the local network is the LAN IP address, and the other one is the WAN IP address. ‘’ belongs to the class C address range, as given in the below table.

If IP addresses from a private range need to connect to the internet, it is to be done through a proxy server. Networking devices that need to connect to the internet can do it using TCP/IP protocols. Router companies like D-Link, Buffalo, and ReadyNet use this address as their router’s default IP address.

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How To Log in to The IP Address?

First of all, you need to learn how to find your router’s IP address.

  1. First, you need a proper connection of your router to any device in which you want internet access since to access your router IP addresses; you do not need any type of internet connection. You could connect your router anyway at your convenience, either with the help of an Ethernet cable or wireless.
  2. Now for Windows users to know your router’s IP address go to your computer’s run dialogue box and type in ‘cmd’ to open a command prompt.
  3. In the command prompt window appears, type in ‘ipconfig’ to get the list of all the connections with which your device is connected. You can know about your private IP address as an IPv4 address.
  4. For Macintosh users, first, you have to go to ‘System Preferences’ on the Apple menu and then click on the Network icon, in which you have to select your network’s Advanced options, where you will find the “TCP/IP” tab.
  5. TCP/IP’ is the tab in which you can find your router IP address.
  6. For devices running on any other operating system like Android, Linux, and others, you have to just search for “Gateway” in your device’s settings to know the IP address. Android users have to use a third-party app.

Access Your Router Admin Panel

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Sometimes for security reasons, people change their router IP address. It is also possible for a user to change his or her router’s Internet Protocol address. There are a couple of diverse means to do this, either by launching a special setup CD or by using a web- interface. If anyone forgets their changed IP address, then he or she can reset the router, and then everything will return to the default configuration.

  1. Type in the address IP in the address bar of your browser and go to the login page, where after entering your router’s credentials, you will get access to the router’s web interface.192-168-11-1 on searchbar
  2. Several options like security options, WLAN settings, Proxy, router software, and many more can now be adjusted by you after getting access to your router’s web interface.


What To Do if You Forget Router’s Username And Password?

It is possible for people to forget their username and password, but they need not worry. As there are many possible methods to reset your https // username and password.

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  1. In case you do not know the username and password to, you have to search for the information provided on your router’s label. If a name is not on your router, then you need to contact your Internet Service Provider.
  2. If you have absolutely dis-remembered your password and cannot remember it a little much, also you have to reset the router’s settings using the hidden reset button provided on every router with the help of a safety pin or a needle.
  3. If you have never used your router, do a simple web search to find your router’s default username and password, or do a hit and trial method. The most commonly used username and password is ‘admin’.
  4. Once you know your router’s credentials, use it to access the router admin panel.
  5. You can also reset the router using the web-based setup page.

Default Router User & Password List

How To Troubleshoot Router Errors?

When you try to access your wireless router setup for the first time, you need to access the router’s administrative console. If you are facing a problem login into your router, then there may be many issues related to this.

  • Cable Connection Issue: Some people neglect proper Ethernet cable connections. So please first check your connection. This issue can be related to many people using routers.
  • Go Through Your Router’s User Manual: Search the router’s user manual for issues. User manuals are easily accessible online, potentially preventing lost items.
  • Incorrect Router IP Address: You should enter the correct router IP address in the URL. Unsure of the router’s correct IP address? Refer to previous points.
  • Try Resetting Your Router: If still there is no internet connection, then try resetting the router. This will wipe out all the configuration settings which you must have done to your router. This is why it is always suggested to keep a backup of your changes. If still, you do not access your internet connection, then call your Internet Service Provider.
  • Other Tasks: Simple tasks for troubleshooting your https // router issues are helpful sometimes. You should also make positive that the power supply is on and is working properly. Also, make sure that all the LEDs have active signals.


In the address field, what does 192.168 11.1 mean?

The IP address is a private IP address assigned by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). Because it is not a unique IP address, it is often used for local area connection and may be applied to several networks.

How many devices may be connected to a network?

If 192.168. 0.0 network is configured with an address range of more than 255 clients, 192.168. 1.0 can be utilized securely. In actuality, however, such networks are uncommon.

What is the 192.168.11 default gateway?

Manufacturers of home routers utilize private IP addresses, such as, as the default gateway, allowing users to access the router admin panel and alter router settings by typing into a web browser.

What is the login and password for 192.168.11?

The IP address is, and the login username and password are both admin (both lowercase).

How many people can a router connect to?

Many wireless routers and access points can accommodate up to 250 connected devices. Routers may support a limited number (typically between one and four) of wired Ethernet clients while the rest are connected wirelessly.

What is the distinction between an IP address and a gateway?

DNS numbers are IP addresses a workstation or server uses to refer to specified servers that translate domain names to IP addresses. A gateway IP address is a network device that transmits local network traffic to other networks.

What is the difference between IPv4 and default gateway?

The 'Broadband IPv4 address' is your router's address, but the 'Gateway IPv4 address' is... another router to whom your network transmits data. In other words, the latter specifies the 'default route' or 'default gateway' specified in the router.

What is router admin login?

The most frequent default username is admin, while the most common password is admin or password. Change the default password using the Router Admin Console.

A router has how many IP addresses?

Routers are unique in that they have two IP addresses. Each router's two 'interfaces' is given an IP address. The WAN (Wide Area Network) interface is the initial router interface. This is the router's Internet-facing side, which has a public IP address.

What exactly is an IP address limit?

An IP address (internet protocol address) is a numerical representation of a network interface that uniquely identifies it. IPv4 addresses are 32-bits long. There can be a maximum of 4,294,967,296 (232) distinct addresses.

What is the largest IP address possible?

An IP packet must be at least 21 long (20 bytes for the header and 1 byte for the contents). The largest possible size is 65,535 bytes.

What is the definition of main DNS?

Anyone who owns a domain has primary DNS, the principal authoritative nameserver for that domain. This server saves the IP address and other critical information about a particular website.


Upon reaching the article’s conclusion, you have accessed the router’s web interface. Hopefully, this article must have helped you solve all the issues related to the Internet Protocol address “”. Well, I feel good helping you all through this article. I would like to assist you in any way if you are still facing problems. Have a nice day.

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