The is a special kind of IP address. This IP address is reserved for getting access into the admin panel of the internet routers. This IP address and other some similar IP address such as those of or or etc. are unanimously accepted as the worldwide standards for the router IP addresses.

Not all routers are the same. Models made by these companies inculcate differences.  Some of the routers which use this IP address of are those of D-Link, Netgear and also of ZTE.

ZTE Corporation is a global telecommunications equipment maker that manufactures networking devices as well as many mobile devices. This company is based out of China.

Netgear is another computer that makes networking devices and routers, and this company is based in San Jose, California, USA.

IMPORTANT: Make certain that you do not put in 192.168.101, 192.168.o.101 or as they will not work.

Logging in to Admin Router Interface


To access your router’s inbuilt settings interface, you will need to open up your PC browser window and type in the address bar as

After you finish correctly entering your IP address, it will ask you for your login ID. Enter in your default login credentials that is the password and username.

After you finish logging in, a new page will open up. This page will enable you to gain access to the router’s console from where you can check the different menus, and you will be able to change many of the router’s settings. Sometimes your router may get offline from the network while you are carrying out the changes. In such cases or so, an error message will appear on the screen explaining that the webpage is not available. You must re-establish the connection, refresh the page, and you can proceed again.

After you finish doing the changes, log out, and you can see that your changes have been carried out.

Make sure to enter the actual login credentials. Most of the Dlink routers have a blank username. But the routers of ZTE and Netgear usually have “admin” as their username. The passwords accompany these combinations.

Need to Gain Access to Router Admin Panel

Many people usually keep on forgetting their wi-fi passwords. This is because the default passwords are hard to remember. If this happens to you, try and reset your router to its default factory settings by holding down the small reset button for a few seconds, and the router will go back to its initial factory settings. Once done, you may reset a new password by doing the login process again. After you set a new password, save it so that you can use it later for the login process.

Also to change the wifi network name or change any of the initial security settings, there is a need to access the router admin panel.

Default Router User & Password List


Other changes such as Resetting or Changing the Wi-Fi name, changing login username and password, Setting-up any Parental Control, Updating your Router Firmware, Restoring the Router to Default Factory Settings, etc., can be performed by logging in into the router interface.

What is the way to know your router’s gateway IP?

If you are operating from a Windows PC, you can quickly access your router’s IP address by using theipconfig command as given below


  1. Type in cmd for command prompt in the search bar on the bottom left corner.
  2. Enter “ipconfig” into the prompt to display the available list of all your computer’s connections.
  3. Your router’s IP address when connected to the particular network will be the “Default Gateway” under the section of Local Area Connection.
  4. Use that IP address for logging in into your browser’s address bar, and you are good to go.


For users in Apple’s MacOS, the process is a little bit different. Here is how you can know the iP address

  1. Open up the OSX / MacOS Terminal by the following method: Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal. Or you can press command + space into the terminal as a shortcut.
  1. Enter into the codes as netstat -nr | grep defaultand then click enter.
  2. Your router default IP will be shown, something like or in a similar range will show.

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How To Troubleshoot Admin Router Issues?

When you are using as the default IP, you cannot link to a router that is beyond your private home network.

Either it is offline due to getting disconnected from the network, or it is unable to respond due to some other error.

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You can proceed to the web to get further details about solutions if you still face issues with your router and cannot connect to its administrative interface.


What will I do if my device gets offline while logging in?

Commonly, the device might go offline while logging in. In this scenario, you can try re-establishing the connection.

How can I change my default password and username?

You can change your default username and password by logging into the official website using the IP address, where you will find an option called admin panel where you can change the password.

Is finding the IP address different in Windows and Mac?

Yes, the procedure for finding the IP address differs in both windows. You must go to the command control and type 'ifconfig' in Windows; While on Mac, you must press the command and space buttons simultaneously.

Is a private IP address?

Yes, is indeed a private address to which people outside the network have no access.


The IP address is a private IP address. This IP address must be used in a private network, not on the global internet.

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