The IP address is the computer or a particular device’s identity – it is through this that the internet network can find it on the system. This article will help you to login and use IP

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What is the IP address?

ip address

The is the fourth IP address in the range of IPs from and Some of the smaller home broadband routers will often use this IP address range when assigning any network addresses to the local devices utilizing that network. A router can transfer the IP address to any device on the local network automatically by itself, or an administrator can do it manually as per his tasks.

Make certain not to type in 192.168.l.4 or 192.168.l.l4 or 192.168 14 as they shall not work!

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Access Your Router Admin Panel

Any devices such as computers, phones, game consoles, printers, and others allow manual IP address setting. The address of “” or the numbers 192, 168, 1, and four must be typed into an IP or Wi-Fi configuration settings screen to use it.

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How do you log in to use the IP Address?

IP address will let you, as a person, change all router configurations and make the expected network changes.

This can make the router do the needed tasks as and when necessary. Whenever you set up and configure your router or modem of any brand, install the settings before you leave. Otherwise, you will make unsaved changes after logging out of the router.

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The essential condition to log in to the address is that the device from where you are logging in must be connected to the web network of that router/server.

The process of logging in to the IP address is as follows.

    • Switch on your web browser and type in the IP address in the search bar. When done, enter it from your keyboard.
    • new pop-up window will appear above the bar, requiring you to enter your default login credentials. Type in the default username and password of the particular router or device and hit the ‘login’ or ‘submit’ button. If you had changed the default login credentials from before due to some issues, then you must be needed to enter the new and updated login credentials and proceed to the page.
    • Once you finish the login process, a new tab will open up, giving you the security interface to your router’s settings and available options.
    • You can change the default settings, such as the network and security configurations.
    • Changing the router credentials and the username and password will require you to use the updated credentials when logging in to the administrative panel in the future.

To find out your router’s default username and password, flip down the router machine and check there for any stickers containing the IP address mentioned there.

The Need to Access Your Router’s Settings Interface

The answer to accessing the router’s settings interface page is to make the wireless network more secure. The vulnerabilities of hacking arise if the default settings of the router setup page and the default network credentials are the same. Logging in to the router settings page is also useful when you desire to carry out any other changes, such as those mentioned below:

Default Router User & Password List

  • You may be required to rename the existing network name to a new and updated one. This is as per your desire and wish.
  • Changing the WiFi username and passwords to suit your preferences. This will enable you to access the WiFi network with much more ease. Usually, the default WiFi username and password contain a combination of numbers and letters. The maker randomly sets such combinations, which is quite hard to remember. Sometimes, this makes it difficult for even the technology owner to memorize.

By gaining access to the settings panel and using a new password we desire, we can easily remember it and alter it as and when needed.

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Changing passwords frequently also has the added advantage of extra security. It helps you to network making it difficult to gain unauthorized access to the routers/ servers with the same old password.

How to Find Your Router’s IP Address?

Finding the IP address of the connected router is essential to log in to the settings page. This is a natural process, and you can follow these steps to know your connected IP address.

On Windows System

As most of the users are connected to a Microsoft Windows PC, the steps to access from a Windows computer are given below:

  • Proceed by a click on the Start button on the left. Then open the search box and type in “CMD” or Command Prompt. You will need to select the option of Command Prompt there.
  • When the new command window in the black background opens, type in “ipconfig” and hit the enter button.
  • There you will see your connected IP address of the router mentioned next to Default Gateway.

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On A Mac

The first method is analogous to using the command prompt. You can make it appear by flicking through apps in the spotlight search. Alternatively, you can do it via utilities, which you can find via applications.

Once you get to the terminal, the command depends upon your connection type. If you connect using wifi or a wireless connection, the command is “ ipconfig getifaddr en0”. If, though that is not the case, and you prefer ethernet cable, then replace the 0 with ‘1’. The rest stays the same.

The second method comes in handy for those uncomfortable interacting with the terminal. It requires you to reach the network preference option. You can make it happen using the menu labeled ‘view’ or the regular ‘system preference.’

You get the options of both wifi and wired connections. Selecting either of them unveils the IP.

You can use these techniques when isn’t working for you. Or every time you want to figure out your IP.

How To Troubleshoot Router Issues?

The most common error while accessing the router is the wrong IP address. Many people tend to enter the incorrect IP address due to the similarity with other lessons.

The person must be cautious in entering the correct IP address to access the router. Else there will be an error.


IP address conflicts result when two devices on the same network are given the same IP address. As a result, neither of the methods will be able to establish a connection with the router.

Also, any device dynamically assigned the IP address may be reassigned to a different address. This will occur if it disconnects from its local area network long enough. After that, you cannot access it using the same IP address.

How Do I Reset The Router Hardware

When nothing seems to work while getting to the router’s portal using What to do? You have to get to the last resort, completely reset the hardware. But it should be the absolute last option. The reason is all the changes you made, anything in the past; resetting will erase it.


To fix your problems relating to, you can reset it with just a single click. It takes a small button to erase all that data. And fix otherwise complicated problems. It is on the flip side of the router hardware. You can use any narrow papery thin device to maintain pressure on it. For around 20-25 seconds. That is it!


What exactly is a IP address?

The IP address might be local, private, or gateway. is your router's IP address, which computer devices connected to the network will use to transmit data requests over the internet.

Why is 192.168 the industry standard?

The most popular IP address for accessing and configuring wireless routers from a web browser is Because particular IP address ranges are assigned for different sorts of networks, is reserved for networks like your home LAN.

How many people can a router connect to?

Many wireless routers and access points can accommodate up to 250 connected devices. Routers may support a limited number (typically between one and four) of wired Ethernet clients while the rest are connected wirelessly.

What is the maximum number of IP addresses that my router can have?

Most home routers aren't even capable of generating several subnets, but we'll pretend you have one that is. Your router will only have 254 usable network addresses on a normal home network. The most common network IP address for routers is

Is it possible for a router to have numerous IP addresses?

Your router has many IP addresses. In addition to the router's internal IP, which is your LAN default gateway, it contains a public IP address, a private 'management' IP address, and extra private IP addresses for each device.

Is 192.168 a private address?

Internal IP addresses identify which device in a local network is your computer compared to other devices connected to the intranet. Internal IP addresses are also known as local IP addresses. Typically, an IP address starts with 192.168.

How can I figure out what my 192.168 address is?

From the search results, choose Command Prompt. In the dark screen that appears, type ipconfig/all and then press Enter. You'll see something like this. The IPv4 address, in this case, is 192.168.

Is it possible for a router to have too many devices?

Overcrowding happens when several devices utilize the same network and compete to connect to the same router. This implies terrible streaming quality or buffering, latency while gaming, and excruciatingly sluggish surfing speeds.

What is the IP address of the router?

IP is an abbreviation for 'internet protocol'. Your router IP address is the unique identifier for each device connected to your network. For the router to recognize and transfer data packets, a device (such as a computer or smartphone) must have an IP address.

What exactly is WiFi bandwidth?

Bandwidth explicitly refers to a network's capacity to transport data. For example, if a network's capacity is 40 Mbps, the network cannot transport data faster than 40 Mbps in any given situation.

Is the router an interface or a port?

Bidirectional router ports allow data to enter and depart the same router port. The router interface, or the physical link the router communicates to the network, is another name for the router ports.


These are some of the information regarding IP address. This IP address is very useful in home networks. Any issues with it are efficiently solvable.

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