is a unique IP Address. This has been reserved by ICANN to access or deal with the admin panel of internet providing routers. The sFIP addresses such as and other such IP’s are some of the worldwide standards for router IPs. And so, these IP addresses are known as the “Default Gateway IP Address.”

Every IP Address is unique and has functions that are distinctively from each other. is one of the most famous IP Address. This IP Address is mainly used as default IP Address by Ubiquiti Network’s routers such as the Rocket M2 Carrier Class air MAX BaseStation. The is the default IP address for a notable number of Linksys, Netgear, TP-Link, ZyXEL routers. The IP Address is commonly known as the ‘Default Gateway IP.’ because of the 192.168 family address.

Before proceeding ahead, refer these:

Ubiquiti Networks is a US-based technology company that was began in 2005. Headquartered in New York, NY, Ubiquiti manufactures hosts of network devices.

When the routers made by any of the above brands join an internet network, it identifies itself with <strong IP address to the web.

We must know that these companies may not necessarily make every router having IP address. Not all these routers may have its default IP address as <strong. However, to confirm if your router has the right IP address, you need to refer to the router IP address manually. Moreover, some of the other famous IP addresses nowadays are and

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How To Login In the IP Address?

When you want to log into the router settings and carry on some modifications, you can check the referral instructions written on the manual of the router or behind the device. If you are connected to the router’s network, then you can use various tools found online to find out your IP address of the connected router. This IP Address is quite famous as it is a fragment of the class C network.

The process of logging into IP is the same for both windows and apple devices.

Access Your Router Admin Panel

Do this to log in to your router’s IP interface:

  • Open up your web browser in your device and enter in the address in the space. After doing so, press the enter key in your keyboard.
  • You will be shown with a new small window that will require you to enter your login credentials. Enter the username and password. After you enter the default username and password of your connected router or device, hit in the ‘login’ or ‘ok’ button.
  • Most of the powerful routers have almost similar default login credentials. If you have your credentials changed before for any needful reasons, you will be required to enter in the new and updated login credentials and proceed as stated.
  • Once you have logged in to the router settings interface, a new tab will open up giving you admin access to your router’s interface and the settings available.

For Ubiquiti Routers

  1. After loggin in, you will see the admin panel from where you should mention the default username and password for login as ubnt


2. Then you can change the Ubiquiti AirOS default username and password.


You also can change the Ubiquiti AirOS default Wi-Fi name.

AirOS Configuration Interface Points

  • You have to make sure that the host framework is in connection with the RocketM using an Ethernet.
  • Ensure that the router has the IP address as.
  • Then dispatch the internet browser and enter in the text box. Click on Enter option
  • Finally, you can see the login screen. Username and password, both fields are the same as ubnt. Choose the country and language. Click on the Terms of Use option and press Login.

Now you can see the airOS Configuration Interface which will enable you to modify the router settings.

Errors In The AirOS Configuration

There are chances that when you use in the airOS configuration interface, you may not be able to view the switch organisation page. If this happens, then you may need to check some issues or problems given below.


  • To ensure that you are using the as your default address. You will also have to check if your switch is in connection with your PC. 
  • We know that cybercrime is on the uprise nowadays and that being safe is a continuous process. The most reliable way to stay protected is to ensure that you keep yourself, your applications, and all your passwords up to date.change password
  • To be safe, you have to be sure that you change your passwords regularly. Because you don’t want everything that you have worked hard for on AirOS to got to waste due to carelessness.
  • You should use Network Address Translator if you have incoming traffic of website requests, files, and game servers. It can change servers in situations of a crash, and the incoming traffic can be directed towards backup servers. 

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Need to Open Router Settings Interface?

Accessing the router admin panel is very useful when you want to improve your network security and provide a firewall to incoming malware. Wifi hacking has been easier than before due to the use of WPS technology in various apps that we use. These vulnerabilities are possible if the factory default settings of the router and the default network credentials are not changed after bootup and are left to default settings.

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You may also carry out network name changes, and credentials change by accessing the admin panel after logging in.

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What Is The Way To Know Your Router Gateway IP?

In case you wanted to access the admin settings of the router, you can do so in the following way

Find Your Router IP on Windows PC

  1. Press Win+r together. A new prompt should open up immediately.
  2. To open the command prompt, type in “cmd” into the search bar.
  3. To know the IP address, enter the following: ”ipconfig | findstr /i Gateway”.
  4. Enter it and you can then see your IP address of the router.

How to Troubleshoot Router Issues?

If you face any issues with airOS interface or the router, try the following tips:

  • Correctly enter this IP address
  • Keep an eye on the switch connection.
  • The issue with the quality of the wire
  • Hardware and a software Malfunction
  • Incorrect Settings
  • Wire connection is loose
  • The router is facing issues itself

To get rid of the problems as mentioned earlier, the following steps can help:

  • Enter the correct IP Address
  • Use different browsers to open the login page
  • Improve the wire quality
  • Check on the wire connection

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Router Administration

This IP address( is under registration as a private network by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). However, this IP address is not set to one organisation, including the Internet Service Provider. Such IP addresses can be used without the consent of the regional internet registry.

If you want your router to be fast, you should try If it doesn’t work, then you must understand that the router in use has a different IP address. You can find that IP address in the manual or guide provided. If you want to check if your router is working correctly, you can inspect the ‘router problems fix guide.’ It might give you solutions to fix issues.


Where is used?

The IP address is primarily used in Ubiquiti’s network routers.

What class does belong to? belongs to the Class C network. It is a private network.

What is the default password for Ubiquitin accounts?

The default password for Ubiquiti networks is simply ‘ubnt’.

What should I do if I get an error while logging in?

You must ensure that the connections are perfect and the network is up to date.


This is known as the default gateway IP address. is in use on many routers to access the web.

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