The is a private IP address of the category C IP address and has to register by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), the prime body of a private network. This IP address is not accessible openly, unlike any other public IP address.

This IP address is mostly in use as the primary default gateway for login for many routers of brands such as TRENDnet and D-Link, and this is used as a default to access the Admin Dashboard to configure some settings, which include changing the login credentials for some security incentives or to deal with the firewall settings. The manufacturers of internet routers can assign any IP address for their routers, and is one of the most commonly used IP addresses issued by these routers.

TRENDnet, a California-based company specializing in computer networking products, focuses on SMB and home user markets. D-Link Corporation, formerly known as Datex Systems Inc, is a Taiwanese multinational manufacturer of networking equipment supplying routers and web-related hardware. Let us learn more about this IP address.

WARNING: Make sure that you don’t enter any wrong IP Addresses instead of the correct “” IP. All the errors like 192.168.l.0,192.168 l 0,192.168.,  192.168.l0.1, 192.168 l 1, 192.168.10, 192.168.l0.l,

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How to Login into the IP Address?

To login to your admin dashboard of the router associated with the IP address.

  1.  Front and foremost, make certain that your router is in connection to your personal computer, either through a wired cable or through a wireless network.
  2. After that, you need to log in to the IP address by following the steps:
  3. Type in the IP address into your default browser and hit enter.
  4. Enter the login ID or username and password into their desired zones.
  5. Once the login is victorious, you shall be redirected to the settings and granted access to the router settings interface.

Access Your Router Admin Panel

Need to Access Router Admin Panel

Suppose you want to view and edit the supplied modem settings, such as Wi-Fi Network Name, Password, and DNS Settings. In that situation, you must know your modem’s default IP address – or home page address. change-router-login-macThis will be useful in many cases where you may have a need to rename the existing network identity, change the passwords, or improve network security.

How do you Find Your Router’s IP Address?

Most of the routers available in the market now will have their IP address and the login address mentioned in the included instruction manual or in the packaging box. Otherwise, the particular model can be looked for on the web, and the IP address can be found quickly. Mostly it will begin with something such as 192.168.

Default Router User & Password List

How to troubleshoot any Routers Issues?

You must be sure that you don’t enter any wrong IP Addresses while you try to access your router interface instead of the correct “” IP. Any such errors as 192.168.l.0 or 192.168 l 0,192.168., etc., will lead to a failure in logging in.troubleshooting router

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In case you have forgotten your password, then try using the last one that you remember or the default password in the back of the router. If that doesn’t help still, you still have the option to recover the username and password and access your admin page by doing a hard reset on the router.


If you wish to reset your router, find the small button at the back of the router and hold it for some 10 to 20 seconds using a pin or something. The router will reset automatically, and the configurations and settings will lose and go back to factory initials.

After the reset method has been executed, you can use your default credentials to access the Admin dashboard and can set up a new password. Also, if you have a doubt regarding your IP address, check that your router is using as the default gateway.

More Ways To Troubleshoot

Also, in case of any doubt, you can go to the command prompt and enter the line “ipconfig /all” command to get all the details of your network.troubleshooting

To access the router admin page, ensure your computer is connected to the router and its network. If the Ethernet cable or wireless network is down, the admin page may not be accessible for configuration settings.

Also, there may be some situations where there is some internal problem with the router itself. Due to that, the router will not be redirected to the destined admin page. If you continue facing this difficulty, contact the company service office for further assistance with the issue.

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Change IP Address Using Command Prompt

  1. In the start menu on the bottom, type “cmd” and press Enter.
  2. The Command prompt dialogue box will pop up.
  3. Type in “ipconfig /release” and press Enter.
  4. After that, type “ipconfig /renew” and Enter.
  5. You will be ready to get a new IP address.


What is the purpose of

Routers utilize the IP address to allow users to access and manage their features and settings. To access your router's admin panel, enter into the address bar, hit Enter, then enter the relevant admin username and password.

What should I do if I forget my password?

If you forget the new login password for this IP address, you can still acquire access by factory resetting the router. Locate the reset button on the back of the router, push it for 10-15 seconds, and then release it.

What is the configuration of is merely a gateway IP router manufacturers use to enable access to the admin panel. Internet Service Providers are migrating to a newer version of the Internet Protocol, which may render current addresses outdated.

What's the distinction between an admin password and a WiFi password?

The WiFi password (the network security key) is distinct from the router or admin password. The router or admin password is used to access the web interface of the router for setup or verification, while the WiFi password is used to connect WiFi devices to your WiFi or hotspot.

How many people are using my WiFi?

A linked device list may be seen in your router's web interface. This will vary based on the make and type of your router. It might be listed under 'Connected devices,' 'Attached devices,' or something similar. This displays the device name and MAC address for each connected device.

Is 192.168 the standard?

The most popular IP address for accessing and configuring wireless routers from a web browser is Because particular IP address ranges are assigned for different sorts of networks, is reserved for networks like your home LAN.

Does each router have a unique IP address?

Your router has many IP addresses. In addition to the router's internal IP, which is your LAN default gateway, it contains a public IP address, a private 'management' IP address, and extra private IP addresses for each device.

What happens if I change the IP address of my router?

When you change your IP address, any internet-connected services or programs on your device may be momentarily disrupted. No harm is done, but it has the same impact as if you had temporarily lost your WiFi.

Can we alter our IP address?

You may alter your IP address using a VPN (a virtual private network). This can increase your security and let you evade content limitations by connecting through servers in specified countries, such as US VPN servers.

How can I get into my router without an IP address?

In the login window, enter the router's username and password. 'Admin' is the most often used default username. The most frequent default passwords are 'Admin,' 'Password,' or a blank password. If your router employs a different method, it should be specified in the router's documentation.


This article provides you with almost everything you need to know. Get support about the private IP address of

Also, you have enough guidelines here. Configure and manage any routers or devices associated with this IP address. This IP of is mainly in use by routers made by D-Link and TrendNet industries. If you still face difficulties with your router, contacting the respective customer support would be wiser.

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