Everybody now relies heavily on their internet connection, yet it’s critical that these connections be safe and secure. Routers have made these connections simpler, but connectivity has yet to. Try using the IP address as a result. You are safe and secure using this IP address, which is very simple to set up and log in with.

To give users the best high-speed internet at the most affordable prices, this article offers several options, including instructions on how the IP address operates, how to set up and log in to the router using this address, and how to modify the password and ID after a factory reset. That is possible. Please refer to the relevant issue’s instructions.

Read this article to get an easy guide for the login.

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The IP address – What Does It Mean?

An IP address that can be remote, private, or a port is displayed by the code The router at receives data requests from networked computers. Up to 32 devices can connect to it. Therefore, it is optional for each device to switch signals. The optimal signal and band are chosen for your devices by modern technologies.

ip address 3


You won’t notice signal loss or lag when traveling around your home if you use Wi-Fi fast roaming. The router’s Wi-Fi app makes it easy to set up your Wi-Fi, create a guest Wi-Fi to safeguard the privacy of your network, keep track of who is connected and manage their access priorities, set a time for your kids’ online activities, and more.

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How Do I Use to Log Into My Router?

When using the Internet at home, a router is typically present. As a result, that approach is the best one. When the router automatically connects, the basic elements of your network are immediately operational.


Your Wi-Fi network may require password configuration or be insufficient for your requirements. To modify your Wi-Fi network settings, log into your router using the IP address Knowing how to access the router’s administration page is always useful in case adjustments need to be made, and doing so is easier than you may imagine.

Every router has an easy login procedure. The router can be set up by simply adhering to the straightforward methods listed below for accessing 192.168.140:

  1. Although a router might be helpful, accessing the internet requires a computer. Use a smartphone, laptop, or computer. 

how to transfer passwords to new iphone

2. The next step is to connect your PC to your router. A wired or wireless Ethernet connection can be used for this.

connecting devices

3. While your computer is connected to your router, open your web browser. Google Chrome,web browsers4. Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari are all well-liked browsers.search

5. Activate your browser. To find your IP address, type into the browser’s search field.


6. Enter 192.168.140 into your browser’s URL bar to access the login section of your router’s admin page.login

You must provide your router’s username and password. You can access the appropriate menu on the router’s admin page by providing the essential information.

The Ideal Method To Modify Your Local IP Address From

Your device’s actual, local IP address is another network configuration constantly changing.


If you want to change it from, you’ll need your new IP address to access the router’s admin page. The information on your router’s two IP addresses is provided below. To take the necessary action, follow these steps:

  1. Regain entry to the router’s management page.
  2. Look for the general settings menu or a home page option with the IP address 192.168 1.140  listed next.
  3. Network Settings” is the next option.
  4. Only this menu provides access to the “Router Settings” capability. You must enter your IP address in this form.
  5. Save any changes you make. You are currently connected to

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Default Login and Password Procedures For Changing

The router also provides security checks on its router due to how crucial security is to a person’s life today.


Changing the router’s default login and password to something more private and safe is the first and most crucial step since network security is crucial. Here are some suggestions for strong passwords:

  • Choose a secure password for your router that only you can remember, made up of unique letters, numbers, and Greek and Latin characters.
  • You may be sure of that by performing several actions.
  • Usability testing is also very important.

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How to Use to Log Into the Router and Perform a Factory Reset

You can completely reset any router to its factory defaults by logging in with different credentials. As a result, only one person may log in, necessitating a router reset. To reset the router and login with, adhere to the following steps:

  1. Activate the router.
  2. Investigate the reset button. Routers often have a reset button and a little hole.router button
  3. Use a small object that will fit within the button’s tiny hole to press theFactory Reset” button for around 15 seconds to reset the device to its factory default settings.router button
  4. The router restarts automatically. Start with Step 1 in this instruction booklet.
  5. To log back in, follow the directions above.

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What should I do if I follow the instructions but can't access the internet?

In these circumstances, you should talk to customer service about the router since they are open round-the-clock. When you phone the toll-free number provided, they will record your complaint and dispatch a technician to your location within 24 hours.

Is it necessary for me to buy the router physically or online?

Electrical equipment should always be bought from a real merchant because a guarantee or warranty might only sometimes cover online transactions. As a result, things that are readily available online frequently pose problems when a crisis arises.

How quickly can it transfer when it is moving at its top rate?

It offers high-definition video and audio download speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Does the wifi on the router work with smart TVs?

Yes. Every router's WiFi is compatible with various smart TVs and gadgets. Use the login ID and password set up on each device you connect.

How many devices can it connect to at once?

It can connect up to 32 devices, but before you can connect to one for the first time, each one must log in using its ID and password at least once.

What should I do if a router or internet issue reappears later?

If so, you can file a complaint using the complaint number, and within 24 hours, a technician will visit your area free of charge to fix the issue.



The router provides the best and simplest options. Given that the IP address is a public one that everyone can access, it is one of the routers that enables easy setup and login for the user without the assistance of an expert. You may set up any router and access internet with the IP address by following the instructions above, saving you the expense of hiring a technician to install it after you buy it.

Thus, we hope that if you are looking for easy login and setup steps, this article has provided you with the easiest ways.

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