is an IP address and is one of the most common class C IP address that is used by many routers as a default IP address. Some modem and router manufacturers use this IP address as a default gateway for their devices. Sweex, Motorola, Linksys, and D-Link are the devices using it.

Modems and routers have an IP address which is assigned by their manufacturers. These addresses are known as a default IP addresses or default gateways. The essential functions of these addresses are that every router needs an IP address for gaining access to the internet and to communicate with other devices on the network.

Secondly, this address is used for accessing the configuration page of router or modem and this page is needed if you wish to adjust your internet connection, block web pages, improve security, block some device from using your network, assign a static IP to some of your tools, define the pool of IP addresses as at the same time, your home router is your DHCP server.

Devices Using as a Default Gateway

Not too many devices use this IP address as their default gateway. The most common manufacturers who use this IP address are D-Link (VWR-VR) and Linksys  (WRT54GP2, WRP400, RT31P2), Motorola routers (CPEi25725) and also some Sweex (LW150, LW908) and as well using it.

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How to Access to Admin Panel/Login to

The process of logging into the admin-dashboard of the IP address is quite easy. You should already know the default username and password of the router that is in use. It is so because this information requires everytime whenever you try to log in for the first time. All the info regarding default username and password is provided with the user manual. The steps to be followed to log into the IP address’s admin dashboard are very similar to any other IP address. Follow these steps:

  • Open any web browser on your computer system. You must use the latest version of the browser to ensure that the process ends without any inconvenience.
  • Type the address in the address bar of the browser that you opened and press Enter key. It will follow with the opening of the login page.
  • It is mandatory that you wait for 4-5 seconds allowing the Router Panel to load completely. Also, if there is an error or if the web page is not charging then it is your incorrect IP address.

Access Your Router Admin Panel

  • Click on the “Access Router Page” or “Access Router Panel” button on that page.
  • The user identification page will open. Enter the own username and password, press Enter again, and it will take you to the setup page.
  • It will direct you to the admin dashboard of Now, start with the configuration of your devices.
  • There are some main tabs (Status, Wireless, Firewall, System, etc.). Some additional submenus will appear by clicking on any of these tabs. Now, change your internet connection type or the name of your network and router passwords to prevent it from other people. You can even add new devices or block the existing ones from using your router.
  • You can check the functionality of the various devices from the admin dashboard. The transmission rate, IP address, and bandwidth can also be changed.

Default Router User & Password List

What to do if you forget Router Username and Password

Forgetting the Router name or password is common in users as there are so many Ids and passwords a user has. But you solve the problem very quickly. Below are Some of the methods that are easy to use.

Finding the Default Username and Password of the Router

  1. There are stickers on the back of the Router. There is a set of relevant information provided on the sticker by the manufacturers. It contains the username, IP address, default password, and the device’s model number.
  2. In case you have lost the sticker, then the User Manual of the router will be helpful. This booklet has a significant amount of information about your router. It is the first document that refers if you face any issue regarding your device.

Resetting the router to its default configuration

The best method is to access the admin dashboard of the IP address. If you have forgotten the router’s default username and password and cannot recover it, then go for this method. This method will require reconfiguring the router and all its devices from scratch. There are two methods of factory resetting the router:

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  1. The router’s user manual contains all the steps for resetting the router to its factory settings. It is different for different routers and following the steps; you can set the router to its default configuration.
  2. Using the pinhole button given at the back of the router is an alternative method to factory reset the router. Press and hold down the button with a pin for about 10-15 seconds, which will reset the router. Then, it will again accept the default username and password.


Accessing the router’s setup page is generally time taking and not comfortable. Below are Some of the problems and their solutions that you might encounter while following the process.

Problem 1 – Accessing login page is taking too long, or you are unable to access the login page at all

  1. It could be probable that the default IP address is incorrect that you have typed in. If you failed to find the IP address on the manual or at the back of the router, then (Windows users) check the default gateway address directly from your PC by using ‘’ipconfig’’ command in Command Prompt.


2. It could be that your device and the router that connects to the same network have the same IP address, in that case, you will experience an IP conflict. In such cases, all the devices within a network cannot connect to the internet or with each other. To solve this problem, assign a different IP address to your device.


Problem 2 – You can access the login page and not the setup page

Type the username or password wrong. Make sure to type in your router password and not your network password. If you have not changed your default password and username, you can find the defaults in the user manual at the back of your router or contact online support, or you can try with some regular passwords and usernames (admin, blank fields, etc.).

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How to change the Address

When you face an issue of IP Conflict, you need to change the IP address of the router from to something else. You have to follow these steps:

  • Open the admin-dashboard of the current IP address.
  • Log in and click on the Settings option.
  • Click on configure IP Address option on the LAN tab.
  • Type the new IP address and click on OK.
  • Login once again with the new IP address.


The major limitation of an IP address like is the limited number of connections. Only 254 devices can be connected with this IP address. Though it seems to be a large number, when the devices connected to each computer system are taken into consideration, the number goes very small. So, it is not suitable for large networks.


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What devices use

Many famous devices like Motorola, Linksys, and a link use the IP address as its default.

What will I do if I forget my username and password?

You can reset the device to the default credentials if you can't remember the username and password.

Where will I find the default username and password?

The default username and password will be available on the modem's backside or in the user's manual. You can also reset your device so that it will be coming back to the default credentials.

Why is my taking too long to respond?

The primary issue that exists with all IP addresses is that even if you enter the address correctly, it will take a lot of time to respond. Another reason is that you are experiencing some IP conflict.


You should be aware of this information while using a router with the IP address. The usage of the device is simple and straightforward much similar to every other IP address.

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