The IP is a private IP address. This IP address can be assigned to any device that is on a local network. The router must first be configured to use this particular IP address range. A few home broadband routers, such as those by Belkin and D-Link models, have their default IP address fixed as

This IP address is helpful if you need to block or access a device that uses this IP address with it. For example,  some routers usually use the IP address as their default IP address. So you will need to access the router through this IP address only to make any required router changes.

Your routers using a different default IP address can change their address to This is also a simple process and can be done quickly.

The router manufacturers may choose as the default IP address of that router if they believe it is easier to remember the other common alternatives. However, most of the standard private IP addresses are usually the same.

Remember: Do not put in or 10.1.1, as they don’t work.

How to Access http // Gateway

ip address

If you need to log into the IP address, follow some simple steps. Below is given the simple step-by-step procedure to log in to the router using IP address-

  1. Open the browser from any PC, tablet, smartphone, or web-connected device connected to your router.

web browsers

2. Type the IP address into the address bar and press Enter. Your browser will now begin to generate a connection with your router.


3. Once done, the page will ask for your login credentials. Enter your username and password. Since every router comes along with a particular username and password, so you need not worry about it. You will see a mark on your router or in the box containing your router’s login ID or model number. You can then search on Google for the default credentials by your model number.


4. After entering your username and password as asked, open your router’s settings window. Please proceed with the configuration and changes you want to make and save them before closing your browser.


The default credentials to log into the router are mainly set as “admin or just no entries sometimes too. If you don’t use a D-Link router, you can try to enter any blank password or use the “admin” key, as most routers are configured by their default factory settings.

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How to Get into the Admin Login Panel?

The network name is set by default when you use the sign-in router. If you want to change that to your desired name, you must first log in into your router. After that, you will have a way to change the settings.



Also, if you want to change the default login credentials and the existing username and password, you will need access to the router’s settings page in these cases.

You may try changing the default IP address to a new one by logging into the settings.

Default Router User & Password List

All these tasks require you to gain access to the router panel; for that, you need to log in using the address

How do you Find Your Router’s IP Address?


If you want to log into your admin login router, you must know your router’s IP address. You must first find out your router’s IP address before logging in.

You can look into the box or the router to find the same. But you can also find it out using the device you are logging from.

When you are beginning to log in from a Windows device, follow the steps below.

  • Click on the search bar and type in as “cmd” or merely the command prompt in the search box.


  • Once opened, select the Command Prompt.
ipconfig command
ipconfig command
  • When the new command window opens, type in “ipconfig” and press the enter button.


  • You will be shown a list of some network addresses.Choose the desired network address.

Desired Wifi network

  • You can then find your router’s IP Address next to the Default Gateway.

default gateway

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How to change the username and password of your router?

Almost all router manufacturing companies provide users with default usernames and passwords. Thus, each router comes with a set of usernames and passwords. So, a person can alter in the future if he wants to.

To know your router’s default username and password, you can go through the user manual provided by your service provider at the time of installation of the router. If you cannot discover it, you can search for it at the back of the router you are using.

As you discover the default username and password, you are free and open to signing up with your account. However, if you are still unable to log in and access the admin page, you might be facing some of the issues that are listed below:

  • Connection problems: Ensure the Ethernet cable is connected correctly to the router. It would help if you fixed all the loose connections; otherwise, it won’t allow you to access the admin panel and change the settings.

connect ethernet cord

  • Weak signal: Many users face this issue while setting up their networks. However, resetting the router can help you with that. All you have to do is press the reset button present at the backside of your router for about 30 seconds.
  • Many times, users try to attach a device that is incompatible with their device. Thus, we advise you to ensure that the router you are using is friendly with your device, or else it’ll keep hindering the login process.

Follow the below-mentioned instructions to change them.

  • Open the Web browser that you use to surf on your device.

internet browsers

  • Copy the URL of the required IP Address and paste it over the search bar.

search URL

  • Once you approach the general settings page, type the default username and password. It’ll direct you toward the subsequent step.

General Settings

  • After that, you’ll enter the settings page from where you can effortlessly alter your password and username.

change password

  • Type the desired username and password. Click the Save button to keep the modifications you’ve brought to your router.

How do you troubleshoot router issues related to the IP address?

The routers that use the IP address are primarily used in home and other smaller networks. However, it is prevalent that people can easily mistype or confuse many IP, such as that of or, and sometimes as

troubleshoot router errors

The wrong IP address can lead to a lot of trouble while logging in. As a result, it is essential to enter the correct IP address while we try to log into the router.

Refer This:

There can also be cases when multiple network devices use the same IP address. To avoid these common IP address conflicts, only one device must be assigned this IP address on the same network. The IP address should not be attached to a client if it is already assigned to the router.

You may also face some hardware-related issues with the router. In these cases, you must make sure that the problem is rectified.

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What devices use

The IP address is mainly used for personal purposes in broadband communication.

Will I have access to all the devices connected via

The IP address has the property which can block or access any devices connected to this network, therefore it can access all the devices connected through the IP address 10 1 1 1.

How do I login into

Open the web browser of your choice and provide the address of the official website; a window will open, which provides a blank space for you to enter the credentials. After logging in, you can change the configuration to your choice in the settings window.

How can I find the username and password of

To find the username and password of press the windows and 'R' key together and the command prompt will open, type 'cmp' and press enter. You will get the password in the output window. Another command is ‘if config’ which will also return the password.


This IP address of the http // gateway is private. Use this for smaller networks and home purposes only.

You must know that any computer can use this IP address if the local network supports that address in this own range.

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