The IP address is a commonly used IP address set as default by many routers to establish a network connection. Unlike various other common IP address, the IP address is of strict private use and the IP address can be used without the need to seek any permission or license from the own authorities. Hence it is widely used for small-scale network setups and of home network use.

Many Netgear and D-Link wireless networking routers utilize the IP addresses that fall within this range.

Do remember that you do not end up typing 192.168.02, or 192.168..0.2 as they won’t lead you to anywhere.

How to Login IP Address | Access Router Panel

An important piece of information that you should always keep in your mind is that while configuring the router, you may see an error message stating that an internet access is not compulsory for configuration. This will arise as the IP is a private network-based IP and not a part of the available public IP address.

To do a login into the admin dashboard of the router’s IP address, the need is essential because it is the only page which allows you to configure the many devices that may be linked to your router. To log in to the admin page of IP address, you should follow these steps mentioned below:

Access Your Router Admin Panel

  1. Open up your web browser on your computer system and make sure that it is the latest version of that web browser.

web browsers

2. Type in the IP address in the address bar. Here, type in


3. The user authentication page will pop up as soon as the connection is established. mType in your username and password in the required space and then press in the enter key.

login page

4. The administrator dashboard of will open up. From this page, you can configure all your devices and make any modifications.


5. From this dashboard, you can change your internet connection type from static to dynamic or vice versa or restrict certain devices from accessing the router and the web.


5. You can also rename your existing network name or bandwidth, etc. and quickly from the IP admin dashboard according to your requirements.


You can also restrict specific IP addresses from being contacted and also monitor the various nodes on the internal network connected to your router.

Forget Your Router Login and Password?

It is a very common issue to forget the default username and password of the router. But there are numerous solutions. These methods have been as discussed below:

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To find the default username and password of the router is a straightforward task because this information is seen at many places. You can also find the default username and password of your default router in the following ways:

User Manual of the Router

The User Manual of the router has all the essential information related to your router. It is also the first document which you should refer in case you face any issues regarding your device.

user's manual

Text at the Back of Your Router

The manufacturers always provide a set of valuable information on the sticker at the back of the router such as the default username, IP address, and default password, along with the model number of the router for quick use.

airtel huawei router sticker

Change Your IP Address

There may be times when, due to issues of IP Conflict and some other issues, you may need to change the IP address of the router from to something else convenient.

You can do so in this way:

  1. Open the router admin dashboard of the existing IP address, using the username and password.
  2. Log in and go to the Settings option.
  3. On the LAN tab, choose the configure IP Address option.
  4. Type in the new IP address and click on OK.change password
  5. Log in once again from the new IP address.
  6. Save the changes and proceed on.

How to find out your router IP address?

  1. Begin by clicking on the Start button, type in CMD for Command Prompt in the search box, and then select the Command Prompt option.cmd
  2. When a new command window opens up, type in the code “ipconfig” and then hit the enter button.
    ipconfig command
  3. You will then present with the IP address of your router next to Default Gateway.default gatewayCopy the IP address, and you are good to go.

Default Router User & Password List

Troubleshoot Router Issues with IP address

There may be a lot of issues that you may find with the routers having the IP address. This may be because this IP address is much different from the rest of others.

troubleshoot router errors

One of the significant issues that are faced by the users of this IP address is that the connections might be highly limited. Such an IP address is used on private networks and can be set up without any approval of prior need. You can only connect up to 254 devices with this type of IP address. While 254 may look to be a large number, but when you count the devices associated with each computer system, the number becomes very small. Hence it is not at all suitable for large-scale networks.

You may also face an issue where the router may not connect to the network. This might happen due to some technical issues with the device. If you have a wired connection, you should check for a proper line, or if you have a wireless one, make sure that it is in an active state.

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What is Port Forwarding?

Port Forwarding is a handy and efficient way to redirect to a different IP address by blocking traffic bound for a specific IP.

port forwarding

It allows the mapping of a particular port so you can play video games without any distraction and network issues. Follow the next section to collect more information about Port Forwarding, its pros as well as cons.

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How to setup Port Forwarding?

Read the below-mentioned steps carefully to setup Port Forwarding and avoid interruptions while playing video games.

  • To set up port forwarding, you must know the login credentials like your IP address, default username, and password.
  • Search for the port forwarding options after accessing the admin page. Port Forwarding option can also be present by the name of the “Virtual Servers” or ” Port Range Forwarding” button.

Port Fowarding tab

  • Once you find that option, click on it, and it’ll lead you to the next page, the Port Forwarding page. Now, you are unrestricted to type the port number you want to communicate to.

knowing port number

  • After entering, you need to choose the protocol type. If you are doubtful about the protocol type, we advise you to go with the “both” option under the protocol type button.

protocol coloumn

Now, enable the changes you have made by clicking on the “Enable” option.

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What routers use as the IP address?

Many routers use as their IP address, Dlink and Netopia.

Why does the message ‘Internet not compulsory for configuration’ appear?

This message appears because the IP address is private. It is entirely typical.

What will I do if I forget my username and password?

Forgetting the username and password is quite a normal phenomenon. The print on the user manual or the back of the router contains the default username and password.

Can I change the IP address of my router?

You can change the IP address by logging into the official website and going to the LAN tab to type the new IP address.


This was some of the critical information that one must include while using a router with the IP address. The usage of the router is very much similar to every other IP address used in the home network.

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