Linksys is an American company whose parent company is Belkin International sells data networking hardware products which include wired and wireless routers, wireless internet video cameras, network storage systems and many more. Their products are mainly for home networks and small business networks. Here are some steps to linksys router login. Like other routers, Linksys routers are used to modify your routers settings for which you have to log into Linksys router and its web- interface.


What is the use of web-interface? Web-interface will help you to configure linksys router setup settings which include changing firewall settings, network security settings, switching over from dynamic to static IP addresses and many more. You can do all these settings according to your choices with the help of the web-interface.

So through this article, I will teach you or help you perform Linksys router login by using any web browser on your computer and you can even upgrade the firmware by checking out this article!

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Points You Need To Remember To Linksys router login

Now to get a proper internet connection and for you to not face any difficulties while Linksys login you need to look forward towards these minor but important points. Here we explain properly about how to access linksys router.  and how to login to linksys router?

  • There should be a good Ethernet cable connection between your router and your computer. To make sure that you get access Linksys router and its web interface and a link does not get mixed with any other router you should make a very good hardware connection.login-linksys
  • For the linksys wireless routers setup connection, you should make sure that your Linksys router’s Wi-Fi is adequately connected to your device to get access to router’s web-interface.
  • The router should be on Powered On mode before accessing your router’s web-interface.
  • You should be aware of your router’s default username and password to gain access to the web interface. This is only reasonable if you are practicing your router for the first time.
  • If you have used your router before and have changed the password and have forgotten it, then you require to reset the router to make it back to defaults.
  • Also to enable the default settings again you should back up your routers current settings in your computer system’s hard drive.


Connection Setup

There are two most common methods to setup linksys router to your computer which are automatic and manual Linksys setup. Let’s discuss each of these.

clear connection points

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Automatic Setup

There is a simple process for setting up your Linksys router automatically. You should run a CD drive provided with the Linksys router and follow the steps provided in it.



Manual Setup

Well, some people do not have the CD drive so for them, there is a manual setup. To this, you have just to follow the below steps.

  • Take your modem and connect to Linksys router with the help of an Ethernet cable and then the router to your computer.

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  • Now go to your default web browser or any other browser on your computer.

web browsers

  • When the browser opens on your computer type in the default Internet Protocol address in the URL.

enter ip address

  • Now a linksys router login page will open in which you have to type your router username and password to login to your Linksys router’s web-interface.


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Login To Linksys Router

There are elementary steps to log in to your Linksys router, but you have to perform it diligently.

  • Initial of all, unite your router to your computer with the help of Ethernet cable or make a wireless connection with your device using Linksys router’s Wi-Fi.
  • After that open your favorite browser or any other browser where there is no chance of virus attacks.
  • In the URL of the browser type in the IP address of your Linksys router. The most used default IP address for Linksys routers is “”.
  • This will directly connect you to the router.
  • Now you need to enter linksys router login details which are your router’s username and password.
  • Now you will be capable of accessing your router’s web-interface where you can configure settings according to your preferences.

How To Know Your Router’s Default IP Address?

If anyone of you is facing problem while accessing your linksys router login and Linksys router’s web-interface, then this may be due to your incorrect IP address.

If you have changed your IP address, then you must have forgotten and if not then you should search your router’s default IP address either in the user manual provided to you by the Linksys Company or search on the internet for it.

Default Router User & Password List

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For Windows user, you can know your linksys router login IP address by going to the command prompt on your computer and typing in ‘ipconfig‘ to get the list of all the connection on your computer. You can see your router’s IP address listed as Default Gateway.

For Macintosh users, you can know your linksys router login IP address by going to ‘System Preferences’ in the Apple menu and then to Network, where you will get your router’s IP address as router after selecting your network connection.

For other platform users, you can easily find your router’s IP address by searching for it in your device’s settings, and it will list as “Default Gateway”.

How To Find Your Router’s Username And Password?

If there is still a problem to linksys router login even if you have entered a correct IP address, then you may have changed the router’s credentials in the past and have forgotten now. To overcome this issue, you can reset your router using a hidden reset button on your Linksys router due to which all your configured settings will get wiped out. This is why you are advised to back up all your settings beforehand.

You can also search for your router’s default username and password on the label provided on the router or search for it on the user manual. The most commonly used username and password is ‘admin’.

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Web Setup

Once you have logged in to your Linksys router’s web-interface using the correct IP address and your correct username; and password you can configure anything according to your preferences. You can change your router username and password. You can also change your linksys router IP address. This is mostly done for safety purposes. This web interface is also helpful in configuring firewall settings.

troubleshooting linksys


Hopefully, you must have got access to your Linksys router’s web-interface by login into your router. You should never face any problem regarding your linksys router login. If there is still any problem, you can call Linksys’s helpline number. I will always be available to solve your issues if you need any help.

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