If you own a Linksys e1200 router, you may be wondering how to log in as the default admin user. Luckily for you, this quick linksys e1200 login guide will tell you precisely what you need to know. It’s easy! Read on.

linksys e1200

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How To Log In To Your Linksys e1200 Router?

For Linksys e1200 login, you need the default IP Address of or the default Username and Password, “admin.” To get the default IP address, please follow the steps below:

1. Open up your web browser

2. Type in in the URL bar


3. Press Enter (or Return) key on your keyboard

4. If prompted, enter admin for both username and password

5. Select “Continue.”

6. You have now completed Linksys E1200 login.

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How To Change Your Linksys e1200 Router Username And Password

By default, the Linksys E1200 has admin as the Username and Password for users to log in to their routers. To change these default Linksys e1200 login settings, please follow the steps below:

1. Open up your web browser and type in in the URL bar, and hit Enter (or Return) on your keyboard

2. Type in admin for both Username and Password

username and password

3. Select “Continue.”

4. Click on Administration Tab from the top menu

administration tab

5. Select the option “Management” from the sub-menu

6. You will see two options, Username, and Password; select each one of them to enter a new username and password for your router

7. Click on Change once done

8. The changes you’ve made should reflect in both Username and Password fields

9. Click on “Save Settings” at the bottom of the page

Your Linksys e1200 router is now updated! You can now log in to your Linksys router with a new username and password. 

You have successfully been able to login into your Linksys E1200 router as a default admin user. Note that if you do not remember what you’ve changed in your router’s settings, you should always have a backup of your router settings as it is essential. If you cannot log in to your Linksys E1200 router as an admin user, restore the previous username and password.

You’re done! Easy right? Well, that just about wraps up the guide on how to log in.

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What is the default username and password for Linksys routers?

The default username for Linksys routers is admin. The default password for Linksys Routers is password or **********. It would help if you changed the default password for the system and the wireless password to avoid unauthorized access. The password should contain at least eight characters, and it should have a combination of small and capital letters, numbers, and symbols.

What is a Linksys E1200 Router?

Linksys E1200 is also known as Linksys by Cisco (E1200), and it is a budget wireless N router that supports up to 300 Mbps of wireless data transfer speed. It operates on the 2.4 GHz band and has three detachable antennas. The configuration of this device is nearly the same as its predecessor Linksys E1000 except for some minor differences. The new router has WPA encryption enabled by default, so if you own an older Linksys model, you must configure it to use WPA2.

How to set up Guest Access on your Linksys e1200 router?

Is Linksys E1200 a dual-band router?

Yes, Linksys E1200 supports both 802.11g and 802.11n protocols that operate on the 2.4GHz frequency band; three antennas can be detached for better range when needed. The configuration of this device is nearly the same as its predecessor Linksys E1000 except for some minor differences.

What's the minimum internet speed for Linksys E1200 to work correctly?

Any internet speed would do, but the router performance will be a lot better on a high-speed connection.

What's the maximum range of Linksys E1200?

The max range of this device is about 300 feet, with three detachable antennas that can be adjusted for better range when needed. In addition, it has MIMO technology.

How many devices can be connected to Linksys E1200 wireless router?

The maximum number of devices connecting on the network simultaneously is 8, but it will work best if you have fewer than five devices active at one time not to slow down the speed for everyone.


You’ve now learned how to log in and how to change your router’s settings.

Once you have everything set up correctly, enjoy the convenience of connecting all your devices wirelessly without running cables around the house.

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