is a default, factory-set IP address used for routers, access points, or other network devices manufactured by D-Link.

You can easily access the D-link router management page by pointing to this IP address using the web browser and entering with the network cable connection. You must never forget to configure your computer with IP address 192.168.0. X before connecting to it. If not, the network access will not work.

The other shared IP address used on many D-link internet devices is It is highly recommended to read the router manual to confirm the default IP address and learn more about configuring the router if you are new to this.


The is also part of the network, a Class C private IP address block commonly used to set up the remote home network.

Most D-link DAP routers and range extenders use this IP address.

How do you login into this private IP address?

To access your router’s inbuilt settings interface, open your browser window and type in the address bar as

After you finish entering the given IP address, it will ask for your login ID, including your password and username.


Note: Do not type 192.168 50, 192.168.50., 192.168.50 or 192.168.l.50 as they will not work.

After you log in, you can configure your router or another device by accessing its administrative console.

Generally, this should not be useful as your device’s default settings are usually made as such. However, suppose you still require to configure your router, or in case you want to change the default IP address or assign a specific address to a device on your network. In that case, you can access it by entering the IP address into a browser’s URL address barLoginLogin in, and then launching your device’s admin panel.

Usernames such as “admin” or “user” and passwords such as “admin,” “user,” or also “1234” are the most common.

Some manufacturers also ship routers with no set default usernames or passwords, so you can access their console simply by clicking through this dialog box.

Need to Login into IP address?

Most network devices, including computers and routers, allow us to set our new IP address manually. The IP address of “” or the four digits 192, 168, 0, and 50 must be entered into a configuration screen on the device. However, merely registering the number does not guarantee it will work for the device.

The local area network under the router must also be configured accordingly to include the system of in its IP address range.

Default Router User & Password List

You can also view the particular IP address range in the administrative console by logging in into the settings by the desired methods.

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How to Know The IP Address of The Connected Hardware?


Your hardware device’s http://192.168.50 IP address is visible on the packaging or at the bottom of the device. You can access it from your computer by logging in if you can’t find it.

Since most devices use the Windows operating system, the methods mentioned here for are for the Windows operating system. You can thus find your router’s default IP address in the following way.

By Using The Window’s “ipconfig” Tool Utility

  • Click on the Search bar at the bottom of the Start Menu.
  • Enter “Cmd” into the box and select Command Prompt.
  • Enter “ipconfig” into the prompt to display the list of all your computer’s connections.
  • Your router’s IP address will be present under the “Local Area Connection” section, which is identified as the “Default Gateway.”
  • Once you get the IP, you can proceed as above.

Troubleshoot Any Router Related Issues

Everyday use of the IP address is that the router automatically assigns itself to a device on the same network.

If the address assignment of the network. This enables the first device connected to that same network to get an address that ends in an easier-to-remember round number rather than the following address in the sequence.

Refer These:

Alternatively, administrators sometimes configure their router’s client IP range as –, leaving the IP address later available for static IP address assignment.

You may also face some of the common issues of the following sorts:

  • Network masking – if the router’s subnet defines the minimum and maximum private IP address allowed for that network.
  • The starting address for that IP address – the beginning number of the range (used to further limit within the subnet). If there is an error in that IP address, then the router will not grant you administrative access,
  • The maximum number of clients – an additional limit of some routers enforces in addition to the mask. If many devices are working with the same router, then you will face issues connecting to that router from a particular machine.


How can I configure my router or another device?

By accessing the administrative console of the device, you may configure your router on another one.

What are some standard usernames and passwords in

There are many common usernames and passwords that you can use in various routers, one of them being ‘admin’, which is used for usernames and passwords. Another common password that you can use is 1234.

How can I access the console without a username and password?

By entering the dialog box, you can access the console without a username and password.

How can I find the IP address of a router?

The router's IP Address can be accessed by connecting it to the PC, going to the command prompt, and entering ifconfig. The IP address will be present in the local area connection option.


This private IP address is handy. It is used in D-link routers. This IP which is used in home networks is highly safe as well as helpful.

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