Are you having trouble connecting to the internet? Is your WiFi connection slow? Well, today’s article will abolish all your woes. Today we will assist you in the process to reset Linksys router. 

But before we get into how to do that, you must gather knowledge of what a router is. A router is a peripheral device of a computer. The functionality of it is to enable communication between any internet network in the world. It does so by transferring data to the IP address intended to receive that data. But for that, you’ll have to figure out your IP address.

People consider Linksys routers one of the best ones. But like everything else, routers may encounter problems while doing so. Usually, we don’t have to take extreme measures. An example of such a measure is to reset Linksys router. But, sometimes, it is the only way out.

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Resetting: A Warning!

The process to reset Linksys router is a simple one. But the consequences are enormous. Reset will undo any updates, customizations, or other changes. It will unblock any devices that you blocked. Also, if you had Parental Controls enabled, the reset will turn it off until you turn it on again.

Further, the reset will set the username and password of your router back to default values. That makes your network prone to any malicious activity or hacking attacks. 

Reset Linksys router
Linksys router

These are just a few of the ramifications that may happen when you do the reset. So, you must bear them in mind. Proceed to the next topic only if you are sure there is no other recourse. 

It appears that you have no other option. Very well; here we will tell you exactly how to reset Linksys router. 

Before we begin, you must make sure of a few things. We will list them below. 

A Few Prerequisites

Let us see a few thing you need to keep at hand for the process.

Turning your Computer Off

Switching your computer off is a significant step to reset Linksys router. You must make sure that you haven’t connected the system to your network. To do that without doubt, shut it down.


There are two ways you can do it.

  1. The first way is clicking on the windows icon at the bottom left. You will notice that the windows menu pops up.
  2. Here, at the bottom, you will see the universal ‘off’ symbol.
  3. Click on it, and then on ‘shut down.’
  4. The second way is to hit ‘alt’ + ‘F4’ at the same time.
  5. Then in the pop-up, select ‘shut down’ amongst the many other options. Either way, the system will begin to shut down.

Restarting the Router

Although it is not as important as the first, it is a necessary precaution. We have to be careful when we reset Linksys route. So it is advisable to turn off the router for a few minutes before switching it back on. 


The vital thing to know is that the router should NOT turn off while we reset Linksys router. The following procedure is intricate. So it is best to be very careful and follow the given steps attentively. 

The Actual Procedure

Here we are. Now we will tell you all about how to reset Linksys router. Let’s get into the juicy details.

Hitting the Reset Button

The first step is to locate your router. Once you do it, lift it and turn it around 180 degrees. You should now see the back of the router. Apart from several ports, you will notice a tiny red push button towards the end. The word ‘Reset’ will surround it. You have to push that button to do the reset.


And how to do that? If the button is too tiny for your fingers, you may need a small paper clip. Take the paper clip, straighten it, and hold one of its ends in your hand. You must use that end to push the reset button inside. After you can do it, keep applying gentle pressure for a few moments. The time may vary according to your device. Newer routers take considerably less time to finish up the process. 

When the router power light stops blinking, that is the sign that you have reset Linksys router successfully. 

Finishing up: You must now fire up your computer. The internet should be up and working now. Also, before doing anything else, you must change the password to your router. You can do that by getting into the router’s setting portal. It will reduce the risk of malicious attacks on your network.

Alternative Method to Reset Linksys Router

There is a different way to achieve it. The following method includes using the router administration configuration page. What is it? It is the web-based setting portal where you can make any edits to your network. We advise you to reset the router with the above method itself if you can. That is because the page is very critical to the way your network works. Any slight mistake could bring down the entire network. 

  1. Open a new tab in your computer’s browser. Type the IP address of your router in the search bar.


2. The page that will open will have two empty fields. You have to enter the username as well as password, respectively. Ensure that you enter the correct one.

Now the portal will load up. Look for the title of ‘administration.’ In here, you will notice something similar to ‘factory defaults.’ 


3. Click that option and follow the steps that the portal tells you to.

The above process has now reset Linksys router through the router’s settings. Again, we advise you to quickly change the password after the reset process to maximize network security. Check out what to do if your Linksys router login stops working.


Today we have mentioned two steps to reset Linksys router. These methods are both easy but have long term effects. Therefore we again recommend you to be careful. You must double-check every step and follow the exact instructions. Doing so will take you through without any bumps along the way. Also, don’t forget to check out our guide on upgrading your Linksys Router’s firmware!

We hope that your internet problems are now a thing of the past. 

That is it from us today. If you have any queries, communicate with us through the comments section.

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