The primary and most efficient way of using the internet is by having a stable Wi-Fi to do so. Routers are the most effective device for networking because of the multiple users using/sharing the internet connection at the same time.

As routers are an essential factor in doing so; thus, we need to keep a check on the performance and working efficiency of the routers before we decide to take one of them.

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The function of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses is to provide permission for the network communications. As there are five classes of IP addresses among which 192 to 223, i.e. class C with the first octet range has its three (first) octets reserved for network and the remaining ones (octets) are in use for hosts.

How to access and login to

The accessing of the WI-FI repeater or the panel of the router is a straightforward process (not difficult).

It is important to know the default username, password before starting to access the admin panel.

The steps to be taken into account are as follows:

Access Your Router Admin Panel

  1. Make sure that your router and WI-FI repeater appliances are ON.
  2. You start to open the internet browser (Mozilla or Google Chrome) to access the router’s management console or the admin area.
  3. The (or are typed on the address bar (Press Enter)
  4. Once the router admin control panel is accessed, it will open the admin login panel. Now you will be asked for default username, password of the router.
  5. Press the Login button
  6. The settings such as DNS, IP allocation and Routing can be changed inside this admin panel.

On your next login attempt, you can use a new username and password if you change it at this very moment.


Now talking about, we know that most TP-link routers use it as the default IP address (most routers and modem use it). The router’s interface login requires the username, password, and the IP address.


There are different companies which use it as a default IP address, to name a few: Motorola, TP-Link, Aztech, Netopia, etc aka Default Gateway IP. is also in use for modems, webcams, WI-FI repeater devices like, WIFI signal repeater, and many other brands.

Why is so commonly used?

As is belongs to the private C class network (which has a range, this factor forms 65,535 (possible) IP addresses. This range is used for the private networks since a lot of routers seem to have been configured with or as their IP (default) address.


What can be used for?

Many of the modes of operation seem to help the users to have an extension to their wireless ranges. For it, you have to plug in within range of your (primary) wireless router.


This protects the network (wireless) effectively and efficiently.

Factors to Notice While Using IP Address

  • Be sure always that the lights of router are blinking
  • In case of wired connection, you should use high-quality cables
  • Enter in the address bar(URL) and not in the search bar
  • Enter default username and password, right after the loading of the login page

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Changing the IP address

Changing the IP address is not advisable as the (default) internet protocol address is used for many functions.

Default Router User & Password List

But if it is important to change it, then you should keep in mind that the same class is in use for the address along with the three dots.

To change the IP address, you should:

  1. Open Command Prompt Window
  2. Type “ipconfig/release” and press enter
  3. finally type“ipconfig/renew”. Enter your new IP address and press enter key.


What is the prerequisite for accessing the admin panel?

There is only one prerequisite for accessing the admin panel: you should know your router's default username and password.

What routers use as their IP address?

It is well-known that almost all TP routers use as their default IP address.

Why should we use

You can use to connect with a wide range of devices, so if you have to use a broader scale, you can opt for

What should I take care of while using

Always check if the lights displayed are correct so as the wiring. Also, make sure that the username and password you entered are correct.


Thus we come to the conclusion that these routers are quite helpful. And many of them use for their identification in the network. These IP addresses are essential as they will help you do any changes in the admin area. Thus it is necessary to know the problems and configurations related to (IP Admin Login, password, WI-FI security management or changing of username).

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