If you are stuck in the router interface and unaware of essential facts related to the router, you are on the right page. Here, we will disclose some common issues reflected by the routers and their possible fixes. These fixes will solve your router issues and impart some informative facts about routers. These facts might help you to tackle most of the router-related problems in the future. This article will try to touch almost all possible angles of efficient router usage. This article is about the router IP address, but the methods mentioned here also apply to other routers.

We have all been stuck at home for 6 or 7 months. Most of us have witnessed changes that seemed impossible before this pandemic. Educational institutions, businesses, conferences, and court proceedings have switched to the e-mode. This has led to a tremendous rise in the usage of the Internet.

The daily mobile data is never sufficient for such extensive use of the Internet. Therefore, most people shifted to investing in a router rather than relying entirely on mobile data. The router has become oxygen for many people. We might not have survived this pandemic without the help of the router. To know the IP Login Guide, click here.

So many companies, so many types of routers, and so many configurations. Sometimes, it is incredibly challenging to keep all of those in mind. Thus, you must have basic knowledge of your router type and find your router’s IP address. In this case, we will use IP – one of the most popular and compatible IPs.

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Routers That Use A Configuration

Listed below are a few routers that you can use with this configuration. These are:

  • Linksys WMB54Glinksys
  • Airlink 101 AWMB 100


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How To Login Into

In this section, we will be discussing the procedure to Login into any router. is the IP address of any router, which we’ll use in this article to demonstrate the methods involved in proper router usage. Therefore, the steps mentioned here are applicable for Login into most router brands with various IP addresses.

Logging into a router is an easy process. Still, most of the users are found to be stuck here only. All it requires to eradicate the issue is some information about routers. Follow the steps given ahead to Login into your router:

  • Enter the name of your router brand in the browser.
  • Enter the IP address in the respective space provided for inputs.

  • If you don’t remember your IP address, use the default IP code or follow the methods mentioned in the article ahead. 
  • Now you will be taken to the router’s login page by your browser.
  • Enter the requisites as suggested by the carrier (Ex- your username and password) to log in to your ID.
  • Thus, you can now access your router ID.

These were a few steps that would lead you to your router ID. 

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Forgot Your Router’s Username And Password?

First things first, you should not worry. There are still a few methods by which you can access your user ID and password. 

It is widespread to forget any password of any ID nowadays. Almost every application demands password-like credentials from its users. This is why, nowadays, most technical brands maintain a backup plan for users to access their accounts in case complete data is easily lost. Without this information, our IP Login will be unsuccessful. Following are the possible steps that you can take for your router to access your account through the backup set by the company:

  1. Go through the user manual and search for your router’s default credentials (Ex – Username, password, etc.).
  2. Browse on the Internet about such default codes if your router brand.router label
  3. Look at the slips and tags glued at the back of the router for such details (sticker label).
  4. Once you find such details, enter them in their respective input columns to Login into your router ID.
  5. Once you manage to access your account, it is suggested that you positively change the ID details to avoid any further problems.

This will help you to break the forgotten password issue without data erasing. In case this didn’t work, try the following fix mentioned ahead.

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More Ways to Recover Router Credentials

If you still struggle to find the credentials, use the router’s official website. You will likely find the username and password and IP or any other IP here. You might have to search a little, but indeed, you will find it.

Even if you do not find the above methods helpful, it is time for the ultimate solution—resetting your router. You might require to reset your router to the default settings. Here is how:

To commence, you first need to search for a puny button on your modem. The controller will be tiny, and it will be impossible for you to press it with your fingers. You will require a small paperclip or a toothpick. Note that do not use any sharp objects. If you do, you will cause irreparable damage. 

After you find this button, hold the button with the object. You should keep it for about 30 seconds. You will witness that the power goes off. Do not worry; this is the procedure. Hold onto the button until the lights turn on.

You have factory reset your router. Now, you can quickly get into the settings.

Restore Factory Settings

As the name suggests, it is an advanced setting option available in routers through which you can bring your router back to its factory settings. This feature is handy in case of password loss. Also, it is an easy and straightforward process to conduct. Though the quality is beneficial, it is suggested to implement the method only under superior surveillance to deal with possible troubles such as data loss, system freeze, etc. Still, this is one of the most opted methods for fixing technical issues of any router.

Following are the steps that would lead you to the factory reset of your Router settings:

  • Search the Reset button at the bottom of your router’s body.
  • Use any toothpick or paper to press the button for at least 15 seconds.
  • Now, let the router restart.
  • To access your router, you can enter the default credentials on your router’s login page, such as your IP address (

These simple steps will bring your router into its factory settings. This risky method is always used as the last option by the users.

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Other Issues In The Router

As mentioned earlier, through this article, we will touch on most of the common issues router users face worldwide. Besides Login and forgetting passwords, a few problems still interrupt the router’s proper functioning. In this section, we will disclose such matters and their quick fixes. Therefore, this section will reveal some issues and quick fixes for the Router Login. The following are the issues:

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Cable Connectivity

For users, exercising wireless router cable connectivity might not be an issue. Still, the proper line is necessary for those using any physical cable to connect a device to the router. Always use a premium quality cable for your router as reliable and long-lasting. Also, with any connectivity issues, always check for cuts or physical damages on the wire. The usage of cables with efficient jacks will eradicate your connectivity issue.

ethernet cable

Proper Functioning Of The Router

Routers have an efficient LED flash system on their body to reflect their proper functioning and provide a good interface between the user and router. Router

Therefore, if you see any abnormality in these lights’ patterns, refer to the user manual to inquire about the reason or contact the customer service center. Do not volunteer to act out of knowledge, as that might mess up the situation.

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Effective Power Supply

A continuous power supply is the most critical factor essential for the smooth functioning of the router. Frequent power cuts or low voltage may degrade the quality of services of your router. Therefore, ensure a robust power supply at your workplace.

connecting devices

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What is the 192.168.01 default password?

The default IP address is, and the username and password for logging in are both admin.

How can I change the password on my router?

For 10 to 15 seconds, press and hold the reset button. This will reset the password and return the router to its original factory settings. Enter the default username and password for your router. Most of the time, the default password will be 'admin', 'password', or 'blank'.

What is my IP address by default?

Click the Start button (the Windows logo) or the WIN key on your keyboard. Then To open the command prompt, type 'cmd' and press ENTER. Then Type 'pconfig' into the command prompt and press Enter. The number allocated to 'Default Gateway' is your router's IP address.

What is the standard gateway?

When the device does not know where the destination is, the default gateway is utilized to pass information. In more technical terms, a default gateway is a router that links your host to external network segments. It serves as the exit point for all packets in your network with destinations outside your network.

Is 192.168 a private address?

Internal IP addresses identify which device in a local network is your computer compared to other devices connected to the intranet. Internal IP addresses are also known as local IP addresses. Typically, an IP address starts with 192.168.

Why is the address 192.168 constantly used?

The most popular IP address for accessing and configuring wireless routers from a web browser is Because particular IP address ranges are assigned for different sorts of networks, is reserved for networks like your home LAN.

What exactly is the IP address?

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a numerical identity assigned to any device or network connecting to the Internet. An IP address is an online device address often provided by an internet service provider (ISP) and used for communication across the Internet.

What is the IP address for accessing the admin page type?

A private IP address is used to access a router's admin panel. The router vendors pre-specify 192.168.l.l as the default gateway address, which may be utilized to adjust the router's settings.


These were a few angles of routers, of which any router user must be aware. This article will probably help you solve 90% of the issues affiliated with routers. The steps mentioned here are easy and accurate and will surely solve the problem correctly.

Now you have acquired basic knowledge about your router. If you are facing problems logging in, you can solve it on your own! It’s vital to keep in mind that you do not directly factory reset your router. Moreover, you can try other alternatives. Also, try to fix the problems without taking the extreme step. If you cannot do so, you can then factory reset your modem.

The thing you need to keep in mind is that you should seek help from a professional. This is because specialists have years of experience. They will not leave you in a situation where you need to pay more than is required. If you do the resetting independently, you might cause irreparable damage.

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