The is a private IP address that may be used on some local networks such as the home or some small office. Home or office networks, those who are using the internet that is being transmitted through Linksys company based broadband routers, will be commonly using this address together with some other IP address based on the ranges of to

The routers can assign the IP address to any network device on its local network by itself, or an administrator can assign the IP address to it by manual procedures.
This is an internal network address that is not routable – this means that this IP address cannot be passed through a router for any other function other than the primary uses.

This private IP address is always in use inside a local area network (LAN) and will not be visible in the broader internet platform. Private IP addresses are defined by ICANN, the global body which controls the web in RFC 1918 (IPv4) and RFC 4193 (IPv6).

Try not to put in 192.168.l.3 or 192.168 3 as they are wrong.

Know about 192-168-0-105, here.

How to Login into IP Address?

The process of logging in to the IP IP address is the same as for other routers. To proceed with the login, you must first enter this IP address in your browser’s address bar.

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Access Your Router Admin Panel

  1. Begin by connecting your router to the network system. Also, you must remember that the connection can be either both through wires or wireless.
  2. After that, open the browser and enter the IP address.
  3. Then when the admin login page appears, you must enter the default username and password.
  4. You can use “admin” in both the fields for username and password if you have never changed other touched the default user & password of your router. If you have ever changed, then you can enter the new credentials.
  5. After the successful login, you will see the router settings live interface from where you can change the settings.

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Why to Access Router Settings Interface?

There might be a need to increase your network security and combat any unauthorized access attempts. In those cases, accessing the administrative settings is essential.
With new hacking technologies evolving, the routers and wifi devices are becoming more and more vulnerable. These vulnerabilities may arise if the factory default settings and network credentials of the router have never been edited before.

Default Router User & Password List

Also, if you want to change the network name to a new one, or update passwords frequently, accessing the router interface page will be very helpful to do so.

Refer This:

This www. IP address is the default gateway address through which your router can interact with the global web. It is not a global address, so you can’t access it outside the home network. Also, know about by clicking here!

Best Ways to Find Router’s IP Address

To access the IP address in your Windows PC, follow these steps:

  1. Combined press Win+r keys from your keyboard. A new prompt window will open up immediately.
  2. Type the command as “cmd” into the input zone and then press enter. The windows command prompt will open up.
  3. Type in the following set of instructions into the command prompt: ipconfig | findstr /i “Gateway” and click enter.
  4. Your Default IP router gateway, probably something like 192.168.1,3 will display.

If you try accessing the IP address of your router from your Apple Mac device, then the steps are a bit different, as stated below:

  1. Open up the OSX ( for older versions) or the new MacOS Terminal option by the following easy method: Finder > Applications > Utilities > Terminal
    Or you can also type in command + space into the terminal as a key shortcut.
  2. Type in the following command into the terminal as netstat -nr | grep default and then press enter and continue.
  3. Your connected router’s default IP address will be shown, which will be something displayed as

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Forgot Your WiFi Login Password?

It is a problem we all face. With so many passkeys to remember, we’re likely to forget some as you use/change the password to the router’s settings rarely. So chances are you won’t remember it.

To wriggle out of the related issue, all you need is a simple reset. To do that, hold pressure on the teeny tiny button at the back of the router. 10-15 seconds should do it. You might need to take the help of some sleek tool to hold the button in place.

Once the reset is complete, default credentials should help you get into settings.
You can, and you should modify them later, of course.

Problems That Might Occur While Logging Into IP

Nothing is free of issues. So while you’re dealing with the, there might be some hurdles on the way. One of these might be that sometimes, due to dynamic allocation, the address might change pretty frequently. So you might not be able to make it work if you do not connect for long stretches.

Secondly, and related to the first one, the IP you type that is might not be correct. In that scenario, you’ll need to find the one for you. I’ll tell you how to go about that shortly.

Furthermore, it is also the possibility that more than one device has the same address. Credits to the random dynamic allocation. If that happens, the underlying protocol provides different addresses to all the devices struggling with it.

How to Troubleshoot Router Issues

There might be many cases when you get an error when you enter the IP address of in your browser’s address bar. This might arise if the IP address doesn’t belong to your router.

Be sure to enter the actual IP address; otherwise, it can lead to error in login processes. If you enter the wrong IP address or login ID, you will not get access to the router interface.

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Mentioned here some of the many ways, by which you can troubleshoot your router and fix minor router issues.

  1. Ensure that the cable connectivity is in proper working condition for wired networks.
  2. Make sure that the power supply is on for the router to function properly.
  3. Also, confirm that the router’s LED status signals are all fine and the wireless network is properly working.

Most networks will assign private IP addresses dynamically using the DHCP. When you manually assign to a device, this procedure is “static” address assignment.
This method is also possible but not recommended on home and smaller networks because it may lead to a conflict of similar IP addresses.

A device with an IP address of dynamically assigned to it may be reassigned a different IP address if it is kept disconnected from the local network for a long enough period. In such cases too, you will face issues when you try logging in to your router after a period of time. Not Your IP?

It can come in handy to know how to find your IP. The dynamic nature of these will hurt you less if you know it. And it will help you to solve the related issue where you can’t get the IP right.

Typing ‘cmd’ in the small search bar at the bottom left of your system will open the black screen.


Now, the command to get to know the IP is ‘ipconfig’. The type that, enter, and then scribble down the one that says ‘default gateway’. That is the address relevant to you.



What is the IP address

The IP address supports router, bridge, client, AP, and repeater modes, allowing for a wide range of remote applications. 1.3 Username and Password List for 192.168. Just keep in mind that the default IP address for each router is unique.

What are the two different kinds of IP addresses?

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses connect the Internet and your network. IP addresses are classify into two types: static and dynamic.

What gadgets make use of an IP address?

Each device that connects to your internet network is assigned a unique IP address. This covers computers, smartphones, tablets, and any Bluetooth-enabled device such as speakers, printers, or smart TVs.

Is it possible to track an IP address?

Your IP address provides more than several websites and persons you have interacted with. It also allows them to trace that IP address back to you. To be clear, they can track it back to your location.

Does IP addresses expire?

IP addresses are not indefinite. Yours will not vary frequently, although you may receive a short-term DHCP lease from time to time due to system maintenance. A short-term DHCP lease is a temporary IP address that expires after a specified period. A properly configured device will automatically renew the DHCP lease.

What are the dangers of changing your IP address?

Remember that changing your IP address will momentarily break any internet-connected services or apps on your device. No harm is done, but it has the same impact as if you had temporarily lost your Wi-Fi.

Can an IP address change every day?

A device's IP address does not change when allocated a static IP address. Most devices employ dynamic IP addresses issued by the network at the moment of connection and vary over time.

How many IP addresses can you have?

Each IP address block may generate 254 IP addresses, for a total of 254 IP addresses for usage in the network.

What components comprise an IP address?

The first three numbers of an IP address are the network ID, and the fourth is the host ID. So, on your home network, for example,, the first number is the network ID, and the last is the host ID.

What does an IP address serve?

An IP address is a numeric designation provided to devices that interact over the internet. Using IP addresses, computers that connect over the internet or via local networks share information to a specified area.

How many devices may be connected to a network?

If the 192.168. 0.0 network is configured with an address range of more than 255 clients, 192.168. 1.0 can be utilized securely. In actuality, however, such networks are uncommon.


These are some of the things that one must know about this IP address. Any minor issues can get a solution by following this article and some major router related issues can be resolved by contacting the company executives for more support in the matter.

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