This is a complete guide mercusys mw305r login. We all need a good quality internet to chat online, stream on our favorite platform, or play games and download anything and everything we like. Seems like you have got your hands on the brand new Mercusys MW305r. As much as the user manual says it is easy to set up the Mercusys router, it can be troublesome if you miss out on any steps.Mercusys MW305r

In this article, I will give you all the information about the Mercusys MW305r login process with a step-to-step guide.

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What is Mercusys router

Mercusys mw305r is a single wireless band with three 5dBi Antennas and 300mbps speed. Mercusys MW305r routerYou can get a speed of 1200mbps if you connect with a LAN port for fast download, streaming, and gaming.

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Your Login information for Mercusys router

For Mercusys MW305r login on the net, you will need to find an IP address and password, which can be found in your user manual with the router. If you do not understand the word in your manual or just do not want to go over the whole manual, you can use this easy step-by-step guide to log in to your Mercusys router.

  1. Open your browser.OPEN BROWSER
  2. Enter a default IP address like or to get access to your 300mbps wireless router’s web-based ID interface.asus router login
  3. Fill in the username and password in the given text fields.
  4. Admin should be the default Mercusys mw305r password and username.
  5. Press enter, and now you can use the control panel of your wireless router. Click here to know How To Perform AT&T U-Verse Login

How to Install Mercusys router

You can easily set up your router with these three easy and simple steps.

  1. Change the default password to something unique, strong, and secure.
  2. Fill in the necessary information about your network service.Fill in the necessary information about your network service.
  3. In the SSID box, give a name to your wireless network and password.

How to set up the Mercusys MW305r

To setup the Mercusys MW305r, follow these steps:

  1. Insert an Ethernet cable on the second port of the router and connect your computer. Enter Mercusys IP address ( or and log in to the interface.Insert an Ethernet cable on the second port of the router
  2. Go to drop down the Network menu and select LAN settings. Select Manual for LAN settings and write the IP address of your router.LAN settings
  3. Go to the drop-down Wireless menu and select Host Network. Configure all the details, such as SSID, password, etc., and save the changes.
  4. Again go to the Network menu and turn off the DHCP server.DHCP SERVER
  5. Now all the LAN ports of your Mercusys router will grant internet connection. Other Wi-Fi devices can connect to your Mercusys with ID and password.

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How to Find my Password of Mercusys Router

If you want to find the password for Mercusys MW305r login, open your router’s management page. Afterward, open the WIreless security page and find the password you entered. change login passwordTo change the password for Mercusys MW305r login WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK is required. Click on that option and create your new password. Save the changes.

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Bridge Mode in Mercusys mw305r Login

Mercusys router provides WDS(Wireless Distribution System) function for bridging. It will be useful for expanding the network and allowing it to access multiple devices. Here’s how to set up bridge mode for your Mercusys router.

  1. Open the management page of your Mercusys mw305r router.
  2. Click on the Advanced, open the wireless drop-down menu, and click on the Host Network. Name the router and, give a strong password, save the network
  3. In that Wireless menu, select WDS bridging.
  4. Select your wireless router and write down the password of the main router.
  5. Check the parameters and click on next.
  6. Confirm the router information and complete it with Finish.
  7. After configuration, you will reach the page of Bridging.WDS Bridging
  8. Go to the Network menu above the Wireless menu in the Advanced option. Select Manual for LAN settings and enter the IP address.
  9. Press the Ok, and your router will configure all the details.
  10. When you see the main page of the login password, then it is clear that the Bridging process has been completed successfully.
  11. Connect multiple devices to check the network. Also, read our article on What Is A Good Internet Speed For Gaming,


Why should I buy Mercusys MW305r router?

It is a stable Wi-Fi with a speed of 300mbps to connect multiple devices, a faster downloading process and is great to binge watch on your favorite platforms. It comes with a 5dBi antenna to receive good-quality network signals.

How to expand the range in my Mercusys router?

Log in to the page of your wireless router and fill in the credentials. Select the 2.4GHz host router’s network name. Enter the host router’s password and go to next. Signal LED colors will show successful expansion of the connection. Different colors represent the quality of your network.

I forgot my password for Mercusys MW305r login; what should I do now?

If you forgot your password to Mercusys MW305r login, reset your router on factory default and follow the process of login as mentioned above in the article.

How to reset my Mercusys MW305r router?

Turn on the router. Press down the reset button for 5 seconds. The router will reboot and follow the login process with the above steps.

What is the IP address for my Mercusys MW305r login?

Use or to log in to your Mercusys mw305r router.

Is Mercusys MW305r router worth buying?

Yes, it is a good quality Gigabit router from Mercusys with a speed of 1200mbps with a LAN port. But it can be a bit slow for a 5G network.

Someone has access to my Mercusys router; what can I do?

Download the Mercusys app and make your ID. Tap on the devices to check who has the password to your router. Select unwanted users or intruders to block from your network. Tap the '. . . ' and add them to Blacklist. For your safety, try to change the password to secure your network and data from your devices.

Why do I have problems with Mercusys MW305r login?

This may happen when you enter the wrong IP address to log in; try to use the real one and change the LAN IP address to or for smooth access to your router.

How to Update Firmware in my Mercusys MW305r router?

Log in to your router on the web browser. Select Advanced and open the drop-down menu of System Tools. Tap on Firmware update and browse the available update. Open it and Upgrade your router. It will reboot after completion.


In this article, we have covered all the information regarding the Mercusys MW305r router, how to use it, how to log in, how to set the router, how to change the password, and how to secure your network along with how to update your router. It can not be more easy and helpful.

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