The IP address is a protocol used in the intro GET TO THE ROUTER CONFIGURATION DETAILS, tt worldthis. This IP address must be entered in the browser’s addon data. The IP address is commonly called the host address.

The IP address is used to communicate with other connected systems within a smaller private network. Most network devices use it from leading companies such as Huawei and Amped wireless routers.

Ip address

Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. It is one of the world leaders in telecom equipment makers. It is a Chinese multinational company that is based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. This company is also popular with its range of premium smartphones.

All these routers focus on providing long-range wireless connections, making them helpful in delivering high wifi-related performance.

Do not type in 192.168 3 or 192.168.3.l, as it will not work.

The IP address used to log into a router’s administrative panel, is also referred to as a ‘bogon IP,’ meaning it should not be available only for internal use on the Internet.

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How to Login IP Address/ Access Admin Router Panel

The process of logging in to the IP IP address is the same as the way of logging into other IP addresses. To start the login process, you must first enter your IP address in your browser’s address bar, Then follow these steps as below:

  1. Begin by connecting your router to the internet provider network. The connection to your system can be a wired cable or through the wireless internet.
  2. After that, open up the browser and enter the IP address.
  3. Then after, the login page will pop up, and you must enter the default username and password to gain access.
  4. You can either use “admin” in both the fields for username and password or leave it empty if you have never changed or touched your router’s default user & password. If you have ever changed it, you must enter the new credentials.
  5. After the successful login process, you will see the router settings on the interface page. From here, you can change the default settings of the router.

What is the need to gain access to your router’s settings interface?

In this age of increasing technological advances, the need to get access to the router admin settings panel is essential. You may feel there is a need to improve your wifi network’s security and combat any forms of malicious access attempts. In those cases, accessing the administrative settings to tackle them is essential.


With the rising new hacking technologies evolving, routers and wifi devices are becoming more and more prone to network hackers. These vulnerabilities arise if the new router’s default settings and network credentials of ever been edited before and are left to use from default settings.

Default Router User & Password List

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Also, you will want to change the default unusual network name to a new one or update your username and password to log in more frequently. In these cases, accessing the router interface page will be very helpful.

This IP address is the default gateway address through which your router can interact with the global world wide web. But the IP address is not international; hence, you can’t access it outside the home network.

Find Router’s IP Address

You must access your router’s IP address to access the settings interface. To access the IP address from your PC, follow these steps:

  1. Press the Windows logo button and the ‘r’ key from your keypad.
  2. A new prompt window will open up immediately.
  3. Type into it as “cmd” or a command prompt into the input zone, then press enter. The Windows command prompt will open up.
  4. Type the following instructions into the command prompt: ipconfig | find/i “Gateway” and click on the enter key.
  5. Your Default IP address of the router gateway will show. You will find the required IP address next to the default gateway title.
  6. The IP address, probably something like, will be displayed.
  7. You will get to know your IP address from the device and then use it to log in to the settings interface when you wish.

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How to Troubleshoot Router-Related Issues

When you use any modern device, you are bound to face some issues.

There might be a lot of cases involved when you get an error when you enter the IP address of in your browser’s address bar. This will arise if the IP address doesn’t belong to your router. That happens when you enter the wrong IP address into the search bar.

So you must be sure to enter the correct IP address into it to gain access to the router without any error.

There can be some connection issues related to this IP address. To address these minor issues, ensure a proper connection. Some problems are

  1. The cable connector is not working correctly in the wired networks.
  2. The power supply is off for the router to function correctly.
  3. The wireless signal is not transmitting, and the internet light is not blinking.

In these cases, check your connection and reset your router.

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The command prompt can also determine your default gateway issues.


What is a password that I can use on

A typical password you can try using is the default one, 'admin.'

Why should I access the Admin Panel?

Admin, my panel gives you access to various functionalities and newly available technologies. It is also suitable for administrative benefits.

Should I change my default username and password?

Changing the default login and password is a good idea for security reasons.

How can I access an IP address from a PC?

Press together the windows and the ‘r’ button on the keyboard. Press enter after typing 'cmd' into the command prompt. The default password will show now.


These are some of the points related to this IP address. This IP address is mainly used in Huawei routers.

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