If your router has a configuration and you wish to know admin login, username and password you are at the right place! The pandemic of the COVID-19 virus has twisted a lot of lives. This virus has forced so many institutions to switch to e-mode. Businesses, educational institutions, and even court proceedings have adapted the e-mode of functioning. Due to boredom, people have started taking up online movies and series subscriptions. As a result of this, internet usage has boosted to its maximum. Most people have switched to using routers and modems over mobile data. This is because it gives greater stability and has a higher usage limit, and there is not much fear of running out.

People are only able to survive this pandemic because of the routers out there. So many brands, so many configurations. It makes it challenging to remember all of those! Although you must know some basic things about the router you are utilizing, you might find this very useful when you find yourself in trouble. Your work becomes easier because you know where the problem is. Additionally, if you know this, you can easily access the statistics of your router. Consider this as an additional benefit. The IP address of router you have will be mentioned in the router’s manual if you are bewildered. Here we discuss on router with a configuration. Note that there are different types of routers and find your router configuration before proceeding further.

In this article, you will get to know the basics of your router. There is no need to feel paranoid – we are going to put forward everything in a very simplified manner. You need to sit back and relax.

Log In configuration IP Address

The first thing you should do is to log into the network settings. All you need to do is type in the search address bar. Then you will find a page open in front of you. 

After you see this, you will have to enter the credentials of the router. You will be required to enter the username and password first.

The credentials can be the customized ones you have set along with your technician. He must have told you about the same. All you need to do is enter those credentials themselves. In case you are clueless about it, you do not need to worry.

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Forgot Router’s Username And Password?

The first thing you should do is calm yourself down because this is normal. You can solve this issue in many ways. Note that you must follow these steps in this order only.

First, check the body of the modem of configuration. You might find the credentials on it. It might appear on the ticker on the body.

In case not, you might want to read the manual you received. The manual might contain the credentials of the user ID and password. You might have to hunt it there, but there are more chances that you might get it in the small manual.

If you still do not find the login details and password, you can even try checking the router’s official website. The website generally highlights this aspect there, as well. 

However, if you do not find any of the above methods useful, you might want to take the extreme step – the router’s resetting. You might have to reset your router to its default settings. You can do it by following the steps prescribed below:

First, locate a small button at the back of the router. The controller will be extremely puny, so you might require something to press it – perhaps a paperclip. Note that, do not use a pointy object.
Reset Router

After you find this button, hold-press it with the object for 30 seconds, the power light will go off. Press-hold the button until the lights turn on. 

After you do this, you have finally reset your modem.

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Routers That Use A Configuration

You must have some knowledge about the routers that use the configuration. This is to increase your knowledge. 

  • Motorola
  • Comtrend
  • Netcomm
  • Ruckus Wireless

These are a few basic ones. Of course, these are the common ones. There will be more to this list of router configuration other than model.

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Why is the standard?

Because various IP address ranges are designated for different kinds of networks, and is one of such areas, it is the default address for networks like your home LAN.

What is the IP range 192.168?

The reserved private network space, which spans all IP addresses in the range, begins at 0.0.

How can I discover my router's IP?

To get your router's IP address on an Android device, scroll down from the top of the screen and choose ‘Internet.’ Tap the gear icon to the right after choosing your WiFi network. Your router's IP address will appear next to Gateway as you scroll down.

How is a router connected?

Connect your modem to the other end of the Ethernet wire. Connect the opposite end of the Ethernet cable to your router's Internet, Uplink, WAN, or WLAN port. Give your router at least 2 to 3 minutes to come up after plugging it in. Connect an Ethernet wire to your computer after turning it off.

What is a default Gateway?

When a device cannot determine the destination, the default gateway transmits data. A default gateway is a router that specifically links your host to distant network segments. All network packets with destinations outside of your network escape through this location.

How are routers and modems different from one another?

A modem, often known as an ISP, is a device that links your home network to your internet service provider. A router is a device that enables all of your wired and wireless devices to access the internet simultaneously and to communicate with one another.


You have now understood the basics of the modem you have that is  for the configuration. Most of the time, this issue can be resolved at home itself. However, it is important for you to know that you directly should not reset your router. Follow the steps in the given order. This will make things done easily rather than taking the extreme action. In case none of the methods work, that is when you reset your router. 

Moreover, it is strongly advised that you should not reset the router on your own. It is extremely risky. It would be best if you asked a professional to do so for router configuration. Professionals have years of experience in this field and hence do the job well. In case you do this on your own, you might cause irreparable damage. It is better that you spend a little amount of money hiring the professional rather than doing it on your own and paying twice or thrice the amount. Once you set up your router you can consider learning more about ‘How to Block Internet Access and get a Guide to Home Network Monitoring.

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