In this developing era, the internet has been the reason for survival. For every small thing, Google is the assistance everyone looks for. Especially after the outbreak of COVID-19, there is a sharp rise in the dependency on the internet to a larger amount. To cope with this change, many people had to bring changes to their lives. This adoption may not have been feasible for a lot of people, but it was a necessity.

Moreover, people prefer WiFi networks over mobile data connections because they provide a more stable connection. Millions of WiFi routers exist in the market with different IP addresses assigned to them. One of the popular ones that have hit the market is


Brands such as TRENDnet use this IP address. You might want to note that this IP address is not the only IP address that exists for routers. This article focus on how to log into the routers that have IP address.

There are also other popular routers with a different IP address, before going ahead it is better to find the IP address of your router. For instance, and both look very similar and there are quite possibilities of searching for the wrong one. 

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How To Log Into Router With IP Address

To get into your router, what you need to do is that you should use the credentials the technician gave you at the time of installation. There is a chance that you have written it somewhere on a piece of paper. router login router login

The other way to log into the router will be to use the combination of default usernames and passwords. Note that the IP address will still be To use the credentials, you must refer to the table below.

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Username Password
admin admin1
admin pass
user (blank)

Since there are just three combinations to try, you can do this in an extremely easy way. But, first, ensure that you do not misspell the credentials, or else you will not log in.

When you wish to log in, you need to type the default IP address in the search bar. Then, you will witness a place where you need to add the credentials. However, what happens if those credentials do not work for you? Read on to find out what you can do in such a situation.

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What If I Cannot Log Into The Router With IP Address

There is no matter of worry if you cannot log into your router with the methods above.

  • You can try to look for the router’s username and password on the body of the router. Look for it at the sides of the router that you own.
  • Apart from that, you can get onto looking for the credentials on the router’s website. The IP Address will be – this will make it certain that you are at the right place.
  • The next thing that will help you is the manual of the router. Some companies print the credentials on the manual that they provide. It is going to take some time, but it is worth the try at least!
router reset
router reset
  • If you do not find the password for the router with as the IP address, you can perform the router’s reset. This method is only to be done if you do not have anything else to help you out. First, you need to look for a puny button at the back of your router. The button is not easy to press, so you might want to use some external object. Perhaps, you could try using a paperclip or the back of a toothpick. Something with a soft edge will prevent the button from getting damaged.

After you find it, hold press the button until you see the lights going off. Do not leave the button until you see the lights turn back on. If they turn back on, you can know that your router’s reset process is a success. 

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It is now easy for you to claim that you can easily perform the IP address login. You don’t require much technical for performing this procedure. Even when you focus on the steps that have been presented here, you will be able to log in. You first need to enter the credentials that your technician must have given to you; then, you can try the default password list.

After this, you can hunt down the credentials on the site and other places mentioned in the article. When you can’t log in, you can then proceed to the rest of the IP router with the technician’s help. It may seem easy to do, but you should take some help before taking matters into your own hands. You might choose the wrong object, and this might cause permanent damage. This damage will cost more than it costs to hire a technician.

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