If you are someone who finds the login and setup of your internet routers complicated, do not worry – you are not alone. Configuring the Wi-Fi modem is tricky for many, especially during the maiden setting. If you are looking for simple ways to log into your router of Telus, you have approached the right page. Here, in this article, you will see a detailed guide on how to complete your Telus admin login.

The login process for your Telus router is just like most of its counterparts. You have to open your browser and type the preset IP of Telus in the search bar: After this, enter the default Telus username and password. Press ‘Enter,’ and now you can access your modem’s control panel and the admin account. Check out this article, you will get an insight as to how to perform the Orbi admin login.

This was simple, right? Nonetheless, if you still have problems logging in, you may want to read further as we will delve deeper into the topic. ‘What are the default credentials?’ ‘What if my Telus login does not succeed with this method?’ Read on to solve all the queries you may have.

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Complete Guide on How to do Telus Admin Login

Below are the best three ways for Telus admin login. Read this article to find out about Arris DG3270 Default Router Login Guide.

The Process I Of Login

The easiest login method through using the standard Telus router IP and proceeding accordingly. The steps for this process are as follows:

  1. First, you need to open your internet browser (any browser is fine).
  2. In the search bar, type the IP: This is among the most frequently applicable IP for Telus.
  3. The web page will ask you to enter your admin account username and password.telus admin login the process I of login
  4. You can enter the default credentials in the two fields. The two combinations of these credentials that are mostly used are:
  5. Username: admin – Password: telus
  6. Username: (username) – Password: telus00
  7. You now need to press ‘Enter,’ and you will be guided to your admin account.

Process II of Login

The default Telus admin login method to your admin account is using the model name of your Telus router. In case you know the model of your router:

  1. Visit the official Telus Default Router Login page.

telus lgin

2. On the open page, you will see the option ‘Which Telus model do you have?’ From the drop-down bar, select the model of your router.process II of login

3. You will be redirected to the user manual and a guide for your router model.


4. The steps for entering a username and password remain the same.


Telus model names are the Telephone and internet services model, VSG1432 model, T3200m model, etc.

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The Default Telus Login Credential for Different Models

Below is the table for default Telus login credentials for all the models.

the default telus login credential for different models

Router Default Username Default Password
Telephone & (username) telus_/_

Internet Services

(For this model, the password ranges from telus00 – telus13 and telus99)

Router Default Username Default Password
T3200m  admin printed on the router label
T1200 admin printed on the router label
T2200H admin printed on the router label
VSG1432 admin Telus

The details and user manuals for all these and other available models can be obtained from the My Telus web portal.

Telus Admin Login: Process III of Login

Yes. There is a possibility that you are not able to log in using the methods mentioned above. Maybe you changed the password and cannot recall it anymore. So, how to access the admin account? When such a situation arises, the most feasible solution is to reset the modem. It is very difficult to reset your password once it is different from the default, is forgotten, and there is no recovery method added.

telus admin login process III of login

Your best choice here is to reset the device to factory default. This reverts the username and password of the router to default, which is given in the modem label. You can now login freshly to the admin account.

Steps to reset the router:

  1. A red button will be present on the backside of the modem. This is the ‘Reset’ button.
  2. To press this button, use a thin object like a toothpick, safety pin, or paper clip. Keep pushing till the lights of the Internet LED turn red.
  3. The router will restart on its own. Leave the device for 10-15 minutes to allow booting and configuration.
  4. After this, follow the Telus mentioned above admin login procedures with the default username and password.

But What If The IP Address Is Changed and Forgotten?

In case you changed your IP from the default but have now forgotten it, there are two ways to get the IP back:

There is a high possibility that the IP of the default gateway of your desktop is the same as the router’s IP. You need to follow these steps: Start -> Run -> enter ‘cmd’ -> enter ‘ipconfig.’ The results shown are most probably the IP address you are looking for.but what if the IP address is changed and forgotten

If the IP addresses of the two do not match, the only option is a device reset.

The Admin Page & Other Router Settings

After you have seen the several methods of the Telus admin login, let us briefly overview the several changes you can make to the router settings through your admin account:

the admin page & other router settings

  • You can modify the login credentials (username and password) to your choice.
  • Keep an eye on what devices are connected to your router.
  • You can upgrade the firmware and other security features.
  • Simplify your network name.
  • You can also change the Wi-Fi password.
  • Modify the DNS server and the internet channel of the router signal.


How can I log in to My Telus Account?

Having an account on My Telus will allow you to control all your services on My Telus web. Directly visit the My Telus login page and enter your details to log in. You can also install the My Telus mobile application from Google and Apple stores. You can also log in to the admin account through a special link known as the Magic Link. Must request the link that is sent through email.

Can I do my Telus admin login from my smartphone?

You can access your Telus admin login from your smartphone. You can follow the same login steps you would follow for your laptop or desktop. Nevertheless, the mobile app Telus Connect (My Wi-Fi) is a better alternative than the browser login.

Should I add a recovery email address to My Telus?

You should always have a recovery email address or a phone number added to your account in case you forget your credentials. You can do so by accessing your account's 'Password' page.

What is Telus International, and how is it different from Telus?

Telus International and Telus are both subsidiaries of the Canadian multinational giant – the Telus Corporation. The corporation collaborates with global brands to provide 'next-generation' AI designs and builds. Telus International is its transnational, multilingual extension, while Telus solely focuses on the Canadian network. You must note that despite being under the same firm, Telus requires a different login account than the Telus International login indices.


In the article, you saw all possible methods to log in to your admin account for the Telus router. You now know how to change the information and reset the device to factory default as per your need and convenience. Telus is one of the leading AI solutions corporations in the world right now. Telus routers are known for their excellent network channels and high-speed Internet, remaining one of the favorite Wi-Fi device brands in the market.

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