As a result of this pandemic, people have been locked in their houses. The COVID-19 has been the cause for various drastic changes. For instance, the schools and businesses have been operating using the e-platform. People have been glued to online web series because there is really nothing better to do. 

Teachers and entrepreneurs have taken up their own internet connections. Some people have taken up mobile data while others took up WiFi connections. Those who took up WiFi connections took it up because it provides a far stable connection. For people who use it throughout the day, WiFi was their option.

One of the routers that have witnessed an increase in sales is the Huawei routers. This type of router has been used widely after the lockdown. If you wish to know the type of your router, look it up in the manual. This manual will be provided with the router you have purchased.  If you want to know how to login to you iBall router, click here.

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How To Perform Huawei Router IP Login Easily

This article will put forward the basics you need to know about the Huawei router IP. These are the basics for you to understand how to log into your router. If you do not know your IP address, it will become difficult for you to take care of other things. Know how to log in to the Mobily router from this article.

Huawei Router IP Address List

There is a huge list of IP address for router you can find. You should look up the type of router that you have before anything else. If you do not know your router type, you cannot find your IP address easily.

router ip
Router IP

If you know the type of your router, here is a list that you can consider. The model name and its default Huawei router IP have been mentioned. Note that the ones that are in this list are the common ones. 

model and ip table
Model and IP table

The list above mentions the list of Huawei router IP address in case you know the type of router. If you do not know your router type, here is how you can still find out your IP. In case you are not able to find your router type in this list, you can still use the alternatives. Make sure that you follow the steps properly. Only then will the alternatives be of some use to you.

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Finding Huawei Home Gateway

There might be an instance where you must have changed the IP address. You can get your Huawei router IP by following the procedure that has been mentioned below.

If you own a Windows device, press Windows + R., you will see a run option. As soon as you type that, press enter. Then, you need to type ipconfig | findstr /i Gateway. Immediately after that, hit enter.

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In case you wish to find your Huawei router IP on Linux, here is what you need to do. You can open a terminal window by pressing ctrl + alt + t on your keyboard together. After you type ip route | grep default, press enter as soon as you do that, your Huawei IP address.

huawei router
Huawei router

You can also get your Huawei router IP on your OSX device. The first thing you should do is open the OSX terminal. Head yourself from Finder to Applications. Then, you will get something as Utilities. Under this section, you will get the Terminal. In case you find this tedious, you can just press cmd + space. After this, type Terminal and enter. You then have to enter this command: netstat -nr | grep default. Instantly after that, you should hit enter. You will then see your IP address is displayed in front of you.

Unfortunately, you cannot use this method on any other operating system. So, if you own a Mac, you will not be able to do this.

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There is a wide list of Huawei router IP addresses in front of you. Depending on the type of your router, you can choose the one that is suitable for your router. Make sure that you know what type of router that you own is. 

If you do not know details about your router, you can still look up your IP address. You should note that this is not possible in Mac OS devices. This becomes a major problem to deal with.

You also need to make sure that you enter the codes properly. If you make any error in that, you will face problems. In case you make any errors, you will have to start with the process all over again. So, in order to avoid this, you should read this article properly first. Understand each and every step. Once you get to know that, you can move on and enter the codes in the prescribed manner.

It is advised that you do not get into any activity that involves you to change or alter your IP address. If there is a necessity where you need to change your IP address, only then should you do this. Otherwise, there is no need to do this tedious process. Nothing happened if somebody knows your IP address.

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