‘’ is a default private IP address. It is a default gateway of the router. This IP address can be used both in business networks as well as homes, but it is mostly in use in business computer networks. Some of the Cisco and Infinity brand routers have this as their default IP address. This IP address can be used to set up your network must it must be unique.

You should know that all routers have two different types of IP addresses. An IP address used on your local network known as LAN IP address and the other one assign by the modem known as WAN IP address. ‘’ IP address represents the local side of the router connection on the internet. It is normally considered as a class ‘A’ address. As it is a private IP address, it cannot be used to connect devices over the internet. Usually, a default gateway is in use for accessing the administrative settings page of the https // login router. Learn Beetel Router Login here.

How to log in the IP address?

At first, connect your router to your device correctly. You need to know that to access the page for the login of admin account you need to be connected to the router properly, and you do not need any type of internet connection for this.

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Now, you should be familiar with your 10.0.01 router’s IP address. You can know your router’s IP address by going to the command prompt on your computer. You can do this by typing in ‘cmd’ in the run box of your computer.

Access Your Router Admin Panel


In command prompt type in ‘ipconfig’ to get the list of all your computer connections that your computer is in connection to. Your router IP address will be in the list as “Default Gateway”.

You can also know your router’s Default Gateway 10.0.01 IP address by accessing your computer’s control panel. You should ensure that the Local Area Connection is enabled and is not bridging with any other connection.

In the properties of Local Area Connection select ‘Use the following IP address’ and then click OK.

Change Your IP Address

You can also change your router’s Internet Protocol address any time in two ways either by launching special setup CD or by using a web- interface. It is necessary for most of the users because many want to make sure that no address matches any other device’s address. If anyone forgets their changed https // login IP address, they can reset the router and know their default IP address.

Now open your default browser or any other browser and type in the address in the bar of your browser and press enter. This will take you to a specific site and give you an access to login to your router admin panel.

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Using this page, you can access to your router’s admin panel through which you can adjust several options like security options, WLAN settings, Proxy, network management, router software and many more.

After that, you have to select the ‘network’ in the menu section.

Under the network section, you need to type in your password and username which have been provided by your network. (Remember the previous username and password, and this one are different).

Default Router User & Password List

What to do if you forget router’s username and password?

For people who could not remember passwords and all for them, there is always a way to access your router.

You can search your router’s label for your router’s default username and password if this is the first opportunity you are attempting to access your router. If you could find the label on the 10.0.01 router, then you can search for it in the user manual. If you have lost the user manual, then you can try hit and trial methods with all the possible username available on the web.

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Reset your router using the hidden reset button with the help of a safety pin or a needle if the case is that you have forgotten your password.

At this moment when you are aware of your router’s username and password, you can type in your router’s credentials on the webpage and then you are accessible to your router’s web-interface.

How to troubleshoot router errors?

Many of you may face some issues, most probably connectivity issues when using a password IP address. Some of this issues and how to recover them include the following.

Perfect place for your router

For wireless router users, keep your router at a place where its signal can easily reach you. This will ensure you good and better network. Also as I have told earlier, please twice check your cable connectivity.

connecting devices

Go through your router’s user manual

There may be cases regarding the wireless network. So to troubleshoot login wireless network problems on new routers, you are advised to refer to the installation guide and user manuals that were given with the router.

asus rt-ac66u router's manual

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Incorrect device address assignment

For the users not to rely on the address changing an administrator must set up gateways with admin as static IP address.


Unresponsive gateway

Sometimes there is an unresponsive gateway device which is due to technical problems. You must contact the Internet Service Provider to solve this issue.

default gateway

Try resetting your router

If still there is no internet connection then try rebooting the router.

Other tasks

There are also many simple tasks that we can be use to troubleshoot the router issues. You should also ensure the power supply is on and working correctly. Some 10.0.01 routers come defective, and so it is essential to check that your router’s signals and LED lights are active. Try to be within the Wi-Fi connectivity range. These precautions and methods should help you solve the problem of inaccessibility of your router’s configuration page.

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Where is the IP address used?

The IP address can be used for various purposes; it can be used formally in a business atmosphere or for personal uses.

Should the IP address setup be unique?

Yes, that is the sole purpose of an IP address. It helps to distinguish its network; therefore, it has to be unique. The IP addresses of no two networks will be identical.

What type of IP address is is considered a Class A IP address, mainly used as a private IP address.

What can I do if I face any errors in fixing the router?

First, make sure that the positioning of the Router is correct and in the perfect place where an adequate network is available. Next, ensure that you are through with the user's manual and that the default address is correct. If nothing else works, you can try resetting your modem.


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