An IP address is a unique identifying string of numbers that are used to recognize a device, computer or a piece of hardware that has access to the internet. It is different for all the devices and is in use for several purposes. The IP address is the address that is mainly in use for networking purposes, i.e. it is used to connect different computers within a shared network rather than giving access to the internet.

Such an example for this type of network would be the shared network that is mainly in use in hospitals, colleges, schools, and offices where constant monitoring is needed to ensure a safe working environment for its users. is used to set up a connection between several computers and a common service provider. The main advantage to this is that you can easily monitor the internet activity of any computer or device that connects to this network. Learn about Ubee Modem Login here.

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How To Login To IP Address

The steps to log in to the IP address is the same as with any other router’s IP address. All you need is to have access to any connected computer or device of the shared network and a browser that you use to access the internet. In the browser window, type in the IP address in the address bar and press enter. Afterward, the Admin login page will appear which will ask for a username and password.

Access Your Router Admin Panel

Now, such a network which is in use for hospitals, colleges, schools, and offices have changed login info as they are in constant need of internet security. It is the reason why only the authorized personnel can access the Admin panel to configure and modify router settings. It is also the reason that though anyone can access the Admin login page, only the users who know the login info can gain access to the Admin panel. If you are an authorized user, then simply put in the login and password provided to you so you can start configuring and modifying settings for the shared network.

How To Find Your Router’s IP Address

Finding a router’s IP address is also easy in many ways. If you think that is not your IP address, then you can easily look for your router’s IP address in the manual of the router. You can also locate it printed on a label on the body of your router.


If you still can’t find your router’s IP address through the above steps, then there are certain websites which can easily show you your router’s IP address when you visit them. Another way is to navigate to your network settings of the computer and look for the “Default Gateway” IP address which will remain your router’s IP address.

Forget Your Router’s Username And Password?

After you’ve found your router’s IP address and are now on the Admin login page, the next step you need to do is to enter the login info to get access to the Admin panel. The login info will be the default username and password unless you or somebody else has already changed it long before.

In case the login info to has changed, you’ll need first to make sure who might’ve changed it and whether you previously had any admin privileges or not.

Try Using Default Name And Password

Most of the users don’t abide by the security rules and never change their default username and password. While being so careless can give cyberpunks a chance to steal your data, it might even someday save you when you forget your username and password. But we really advise you to please customize your credentials daily to protect yourself from system breaches.

The initial router username and password for the IP address can work flawlessly at these two places:

  • The User Manual/User Guide of the Router: The User Manual you get with your device is a hub of all the vital information about the router. We never bother to look at it even once, but it has a solution to all our problems. The user guide has rectification of issues related to our router. So if you have forgotten your username and password, you can find it in the user manual.

user's manual

  • The Barcode Sticker on the back of the Router: The barcode sticker pasted on the router’s backside stores all the essential information related to the router. Just scan the barcode using a mobile app, and you will have all your router’s default settings and data. The default username and password can be retrieved from the barcode sticker.

airtel huawei router sticker

Try To Reset The Router To Its Default Configuration

If you are a security freak and reset your default configuration like username and password, you will need to reset your device to its default setting in order to reuse it. Although you will have to reconfigure your router settings again while implementing this method.

There Are Again Two Ways To Achieve This:

  • Different routers have different settings, so find your user manual and look for the instructions that allow you to reset the IP router settings back to default.
  • Second method is the pinhole button method. This button is present at the back of your device. Just press and hold this button for around 10-15 sec. and your router will reset. It will successfully accept the default username and password after the reset. When the router resets, it reverts to its factory settings and its default login username and password.

However, you need to remember in mind that once you reset your router, you’ll need to configure all the settings once again from the very start.

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How To Troubleshoot Router Errors?

Network issues and internet problems are anything but common. It can cause due to many factors and it could either be your Internet Service Provider’s fault or your router’s. You can easily check if it’s your ISP’s fault by logging into your Admin page and clicking on maintenance.


In the bottom of the maintenance page, if it shows the ‘Link Down’ text, then it means that it’s a problem of your ISP. However if it shows ‘Link Up’ and it’s still not connecting to the internet with, then it could be a problem of your routers. To troubleshoot your router errors, you need to make sure that the router’s firmware is upgraded to the latest version, as outdated firmware are more likely to cause errors. You can also contact your router’s customer support who can determine whether it’s a hardware error or a firmware error, either of which can be fixed by them readily.


Why are IP addresses prefixed with 192.168 1?

The most popular IP address for accessing and configuring wireless routers from a web browser is Because particular IP address ranges are assigned for different sorts of networks, is reserved for networks like your home LAN.

How many devices may be connected to a network?

If the 192.168. 0.0 network is configured with an address range of more than 255 clients, 192.168. 1.0 can be utilized securely. In actuality, however, such networks are uncommon.

How many people can a router connect to?

Many wireless routers and access points can accommodate up to 250 connected devices. Routers may support a limited number (typically between one and four) of wired Ethernet clients while the rest are connected wirelessly.

What is the 192.168 network's default gateway?

The default gateway address is Except for packets destined for the local computer or the subnet, all packets transmitted by this PC to other networks will be routed via the gateway machine with 192.168.

Is it possible for a router to have more than one IP address?

Your router has several IP addresses. In addition to the router's internal IP address, which is your LAN default gateway, it has a public IP address, a private 'management' IP address, and extra private IP addresses for each device.

Which gateway is the default?

The default gateway comes into use when a device does not know where to send data. A default gateway is a router that links your host to external network segments. It serves as the exit point for all network packets with destinations outside your network.

What's the distinction between a router and a gateway?

A router routes data packets over a comparable collection of networks. A gateway serves as a link between two completely different networks. A router may readily work on only three or four levels. A gateway can only work on the first five tiers.

How does a router function?

A wireless router connects to a modem via a cable. This enables it to receive data from — and transfer data to — the internet. The router builds and connects with your home Wi-Fi network using built-in antennae. This gives internet access to all of the gadgets on your home network.

How can I figure out what my 192.168 address is?

From the search results, choose Command Prompt. In the dark screen that appears, type ipconfig/all and then press Enter. You'll see something like this. The IPv4 address, in this case, is 192.168.

What is the distinction between router and modem IP?

A router is distinct from a modem in that it employs two types of IP addresses. Routers use public and private IP addresses. This is because routers have two interfaces: one that connects to the WAN through the modem and another that forms a LAN. The WAN interface, like the modem, has a public IP address.

What is the maximum number of IP addresses that a router can have?

Routers are distinguish by the fact that they have two IP addresses. Each of the router's two 'interfaces' receives an IP address. The initial router interface is the WAN interface (Wide Area Network). This is the router's public IP address-facing side.


We feel the need for the internet in each and every sphere of life. People actively use it for either private or professional uses and has become a kind of necessity. Even in offices and businesses, all the computers interconnect to each other via and through a shared network which enables them to transfer and share files more easily. The interconnected network is only possible with the help of a router. This is why it is necessary that the relevant people have the required knowledge of routers and their IP address to configure and manage the network without any errors properly.

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