An IP address is a special and unique address assigned to routers, computers and other network components for enabling the interconnection between different computers over a shared network. is the default IP address for most of the wireless routers that convert your cable or sim internet into WiFi. It is the address  in use to access the router’s configuration settings. Through which you can set up other settings such as putting a password on your WiFi.

NOTE: – Always type correct IP address in your browser i.e. “” Most of the times we end up typing wrong IP such as http //, www., http//, http //192.168.o.1,, 192.168..0.1,, https //

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Limiting the number of people that can get connected to it. And even configuring the internet settings as provided by your ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, IP address is not the same for all the routers. It is certainly different from Others may have a similar IP address such as It differs from companies to companies who sell such routers.

How to Login to IP Address

Logging into the IP address is as easy as logging into any website.

  • To login to your router’s configuration page, simply open your preferred browser.
  • And enter “” into the address bar without the quotes.
  • A login page will appear where you have to enter the router’s username and password.

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Access Your Router Admin Panel


  • By default, most routers have the username as ‘admin’ and the password as ‘1234’ or ‘admin’ (again without quotes). However, if you have changed it at some point in time.
  • Then that would be the login info that you need to enter.

If you are still unsure about the username or password. You can easily check for it in your router’s manual that came with the box. When you first bought it. After logging in to with your login info, you can now access all the settings of the router. That will allow maintaining or setting up your internet connection.

Default Router User & Password List

How to Find Your router’s IP Address

There are multiple techniques via which you can find your router’s IP address. By default, it is or for most of the routers. If it isn’t any of those, then you can easily find it in the manual. That came with the device in the box where it is stated exclusively.


If you’re still aren’t sure about your router’s IP address or can’t find the manual that came with the box, then rest assured as there are still several ways through which you can check for your router’s 192.168.o.1 IP address. For Windows platforms, simple click on Start and search for cmd.


It stands for Command Prompt, and a simple click on the first result that comes up and a little window with a black screen will pop up. In the black screen just type ipconfig and press enter. From a series of details, look for “Default gateway,” and the address next to it will be your router’s IP address. Use that for login.


For Apple users (Macintosh), the following steps need to follow:

  1. Firstly, go to ‘System Preferences’ in the Apple tab at the top of your screen.
  2. Select the network through which your device connects to the internet.
  3. Then go to its advanced options in the bottom right corner.
  4. In the Network section, select TCP/IP tab, and then you will get your router’s IP address listed there.

Forgot Router’s Username and Password?

If you have changed your router’s username and password long ago and have unfortunately forgotten it, the most common way to get it back is to reset the router simply. But, resetting the router does have some consequences. By resetting, the router will revert back to its factory settings of where the name of the WiFi, password and the internet configuration details will all be erased, and you’d have to enter it again.

All you need to do to reset your router is to physically go to your router and find a small button on its body and press the button with a needle or something similar for about 10 seconds. The location of the button has a mention in its manual. If you still cannot find it, then you can easily search up. Look for the make and model of your router on the internet and see where the reset button is located.

How to Troubleshoot Router Errors

Most of the problems that encounter when using the internet could either be a problem of your router or your ISP. It is essential to know which one is facing problems. If your ISP is facing technical issues, then you would have to call their maintenance staff for correcting the issues on their end.


However, if your router is the one causing issues, then most of the errors can be made online with the help of a professional technician provided by the router’s company. The majority of the router’s errors can be resolved by simply updating the router’s firmware which can be downloaded and installed from the company’s page, or you can have done by their technical staff by calling their customer support. In hindsight, it is essential to keep your router’s firmware updated to the latest version not to encounter any problems.


Where can you use the IP address

We generally use when an interconnection between different devices is required.

What are the advantages of the IP address?

The main advantage of 192 168 0 1 over other IP addresses is that it can control how many devices you can connect to the device. On this network, the user experience may also be tailored to their needs.

What should I write in the address bar to get into the official website of IP address

It would help if you were writing ‘’ precisely as it is to get into the official website of IP address

Can I get the default username and password of ‘’?

Yes, the default username and password are already there on the modem.


Ever since WiFi has come into existence, more and more people have been using routers. To convert their cable or sim internet connections to transmit over Wi-Fi. Routers. Not only provide the same internet connection to share by many. But it has also increased the feasibility and usability of the Internet.

Earlier, a cable or dial-up internet service would only be provided to the computer. At the same time, mobiles had to stick with their mobile data plans. Now, with the help of 192.168.01 routers and, we can use the same kind of internet. To be in use across phones, laptops, and computers seamlessly.

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