It can be frustrating to try and find information about a product on the internet. Most of the websites you visit do not help provide helpful information for the products they sell. We have created this blog post guide to help solve your Comtrend ar-5381u Router login problems. You’ll learn how to reset your password or reset your router settings in no time!

comtrend ar-5381u

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How Do I Iogin To My Comtrend AR-5381U Router?

Login to your Comtrend AR-5381U Router with 5 quick steps.

Step 1

Open a Web Browser and enter the Comtrend ar 5381u default IP address

To start, you need to open a web browser.Internet-Browser-Sessions

The web address bar should now say: Or something similar (Note: It will be set by default and vary from user to user)

Step 2

The Comtrend ar 5381u default login page should auto-magically load!

ip address

If you waited around for 10 seconds, congratulations, my friend! You now know how to log into your router.

Step 3

Now, here comes the fun part. 

You’ll need to enter your username and password.  

The default settings are:

Comtrend ar 5381u default Username – admin

Comtrend ar-5381u default Password – (none)

If these defaults do not work, then you can attempt to use one of these combinations:

Username admin
Password 1234 or Router model number
Username admin
Password Comtrend

comtrend ar-5381u login

Suppose they work for you; congratulations! You now know how to access your router settings page.

Now let’s advance a little further and change the default username and comtrend ar 5381u password so nobody else can get in.

Step 4

Verify your password.

To ensure you did everything correctly, click the “Current Password” box and type in your new password.  

For this example, we will use the default settings of username: admin Password: 1234.


Type this in carefully, making sure all letters are exact, and click “enter” to commit your changes.

Suppose you typed everything correctly. Congrats! You now know how to change your password on the Comtrend 5381 router.

Step 5

Save Settings

To ensure your data is saved, click the “New Password” box and type in your new password again.  

Be careful to type everything correctly, and once you’re through, click “SAVE” at the top of the page.  

If all information was saved, then congratulations! You now know how to change your password on the Comtrend ar-5381u router.

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What is the default IP address of Comtrend ar-5381u Router?

The default IP address of the Comtrend ar-5381u router is, but this can be changed during installation. If you cannot access your router settings after installation, you will need to follow our instructions to reset it back to factory defaults and start over with your password that nobody else knows.

How can I contact Comtrend?

Comtrend does not provide an email address for customer support. If you need to contact this company, your best bet is to visit their Facebook or Twitter pages.

What is the default username and password for Comtrend ar-5381u router?

The default username and password for the Comtrend ar-5381u router can be found on the back of your unit. It should say something like 'admin: password:' or similar (the numbers will change). If you did not record these numbers when you first set up your router, you could reset it to factory defaults to clear all settings.

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Hopefully, this blog post has helped you learn how to log in and change your Comtrend ar-5381u router password. If you have any other questions or comments, then please leave them in the box below.

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