While working on your computer, you need a smooth and fast internet connection to work efficiently. Every person wants fast internet while using their device. Despite having a good connection or WiFi, your machine might not provide you with proper connectivity. However, there are some ways to improve the speed of your internet connection.

improve speed of your internet connection

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The article you are reading is about boosting the velocity of the internet connection you are using. There are some simple tips to do so, which are as follows.  Check out what to do if your Verizon FiOS is not working here.

Give a Break to Your Router

To improve the speed of your internet connection, you need to make sure your computer or phone has a smooth internet network, you can reset your router once a month or on such a basis. It gives your machine a break and allows it to refresh the connectivity. 

Once you experience speed-related issues, you should restart your router every day or use it every time. If you have a separate modem that is not with the router, you can reset it as well. Resetting the modem helps stimulate the connection with your machine, and once you reset it, a new connection is generated. 

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Change the Position of the Router

This tip is speedy to perform. However, if the router is far away from your working machine, there might be difficulties with the connection and speed. You need to reposition it according to your workplace or where you use the connection the most. 

If you keep the router in a remote place in your home, your connectivity might suffer a lot. Also, keep the router on the same floor where you are working. This way, it shall not hamper your internet connection due to the long distance between the router and the computer or phone. 

Switch to Using Ethernet

While everyone is hooked to WiFi networks and other wireless connections, which is excellent, you can opt for cabled connections. Ethernet is a cabled network for your machine to get internet supply. 

improve speed of your internet connection
Use Ethernet

Ethernet connections are more reliable than wireless connections and WiFi. The cable provides a direct network and receives the signal directly connected to your machine instead of relying on transmissions over the air. If possible, you can use an Ethernet connection for better performance. 

You can connect your television, PlayStation, laptop, or desktop to Ethernet. If you are willing to use a massive amount of internet, cable connections are better. And the best part is Ethernet is more secure and safe than using WiFi. It keeps your data secure from hackers and online criminals.

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Install Antivirus and Other Scanners

If you have no antivirus software and malware scanning app on your machine, it is recommended you get it as soon as possible. Any malware or virus affecting your device can slow it down and the speed of internet connectivity on it. 

It would help if you always had protective software as a general precaution. Once you have installed such software, you can use it to scan your computer for malware, virus attacks, etc. You can quickly clean your computer using this software. On removing these issues, you can surf the web without any difficulties. This is how you can speed up the internet network by removing viruses and malware. 

Get Another Internet Provider

At times, the main problem behind your slow internet is the internet provider. Though this tip is not very simple, it might be a better and cheaper option for you. If your internet stays slow despite using several suggestions, you can try swapping your connection provider. You need to check the rates of providers near you and how fast the internet they provide is. Then, you can run a quick survey and get to know the best connection with affordable prices and switch to it. 

Fix Your WiFi

Sometimes, to improve the speed of your internet connection, you need to solve the problem that lies with the connection you are using. For example, there might be weather issues or other reasons that can cause a poor internet network.

Improve Speed of Your Internet Connection
Fix Your WiFi

You can change this by reconnecting the WiFi or restarting the machine you are using. While using a PC or a MacBook, this can be a common problem.

Optimize Your Internet Browser

There are instances when the connection itself is fine, but the internet browser still takes a long time to load. Random crashes and freezes might happen as well, preventing you from using the internet. 

If that’s the case, optimize your internet browser. For starters, remove redundant extensions and add-ons. Using tools like ad blockers are great to prevent aggressive advertisements online, but an overabundance of extensions will slow the browser’s performance.

Clearing the browser cache is another great suggestion. Try to clear the cache once every month or so. Finally, keep the number of active browser tabs to a minimum. Even idle tabs consume resources.

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