Are you planning to buy a new router? Do you want to upgrade from a previous model? Or do you simply wish to enhance your networking knowledge? Whatever your reason to visit us today, we are here to help you. In today’s article, we put in a comprehensive list of the types of routers available in the market. It is essential to know all details before you buy a router. It will help you make an informed decision. But before we put forth the types of routers, let us know what routers are. If you are interested just in the list, feel free to jump ahead.

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Routers – Your Connecter to the Internet 

A router is like a post office of the internet. And the letters it delivers are the data packets. Now, you might wonder how it knows where to deliver which packet. That is possible through the use of IP addresses. The router will look at these addresses and know where to send the data packet. 

All routers have basic hardware, including several ethernet ports, power port, cables, a CPU, etc. Some routers even have RAMs and ROMs. They enable them to self learn. It then becomes possible to configure them in any way you want. 

Every router is different. That is because you should know about the variety of routers. Some routers prioritize more traffic over speed. That is, they will accumulate traffic even if rates plummet. Others restrict traffic to a certain number so that speed isn’t compromised. Some of the routers are more advanced than others. 

If you ever find yourself in a router supermarket, you stare in amazement at the variety. It is hard to believe, but home routers are not the only kind of routers out there. Now, we will begin our list of the types of routers. So, sit back and relax!

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Types of Routers | The Ultimate List

Here is a list of the different kinds of routers. Do read all of them

The wired router is exactly what its name suggests. It connects to the internet via a continuous line of cables. This type of network is also called ‘hard line.’ Such kinds of routers focus more on the speed and accuracy of the information. That is because electrical impulses do the data transfer. And since electricity is quick, the data transfer is immediate. Optical fibers further amplify the transfer to almost the maximum speed possible. Why? Because the impulses in fibers are of the light. And nothing can travel faster than the speed of light. Lean to reset a spectrum router here.

Wired Routers

Wired networks provide excellent security. Since it is hard to hack into wires maliciously, data remains safe. It also provides a ‘stateful packet inspection’ for additional safety. Wired types of routers have used mostly in offices. That is because employees need constant high-speed data to get their work done. Banks and government agencies are some of the examples. 

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Wireless Routers

These are the second kind of routers in our list and the most common one. Your house most likely has a wireless router. It relies on cables to receive data packets from the internet, just like wired routers. But, now, the router distributes the packets to devices using antennae. The binary code is instantly translated to radio signals. That makes it easier to transmit over a large area. 

Wireless Routers

The WiFi is an example of wireless LAN networks. Although wired types of routers are safe, they don’t require any authorization. The moment you connect the cable to your device, you can access anything in the network. Such is not the case with wireless routers. You require a user ID and a password to authorize yourself before you can access the network. Further, wireless routers have WPA security. WPA is wifi protected access, and it provides a dense layer of security. To ensure data reaches the destination, wifi uses MAC addresses. No! Don’t confuse it with that MacBook you have! MAC is short for Media Access Control, a unique id given to every device.

Wireless routers are mostly used in home networks. You may also find such types of routers in a cafe, restaurant, etc. 

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Broadband Routers

In today’s world, many people have types of routers that provide both internet and voice facilities. What? How does that work? Well, such kinds of routers use a technique called Voice over IP (VoIP). They let you access the internet as a standard router will.

Broadband Routers

But additionally, they also provide a landline connection. You get a landline phone. Great 2-in-1 offer, isn’t it?

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Virtual Routers

The fourth type of routers in our list takes us into the abstract realm. It is an intangible device that acts as a substitute. They activate when the lead router in the network may get damaged. The idea here is that virtual routers make a group of routers.

Virtual Router
Virtual Router

Such a group shares a single virtual IP, which implements an instruction known as Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol. It is a remedial protocol. 

Core and Edge Routers

We have combined these two kinds of routers since they are the backbone of the internet. Edge routers act over the edge of your service provider. Usually, edge routers work with external protocols. They include BGP (Border Gateway Protocol). This kind of router distribute data packets to several networks at once. But they don’t work to give those packets inside that network. That is the work of the internal routers in that network. 

Core And Edge Routers
Core And Edge Routers

These routers are the fastest and the most efficient in transferring data at full speed. They have a massive capacity for work and ample storage space.

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Final Words

Today we got to know about a lot of types of routers. Routers are an important invention. They let you access the internet without hiccups. Further, their inbuilt firewalls provide high-level security. 

We hope you were able to increase your knowledge about the kind of routers. Now, you can select your desired router without any problem. That’s it from us today. If you still have any queries, feel free to write to us via the comments section. 

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