Before the advancement of wireless technology like WiFi and mobile data, wires ruled. Communication between devices could take place only via cabled networks. A gigantic cabled mess was a common sight in every official building. Nowadays, wireless routers are extremely common in every household. There are brands like Asus, Linksys, etc. Radio signals help in wireless communication. Connecting to the Ethernet is a thing of the past now. A lot of people don’t know how to connect to the Ethernet.

Today, we will explore how to connect to the Ethernet via these cables. As we’re using cables, you won’t need a Network Security Key to establish a connection. Today’s article will increase your knowledge about what the Ethernet is and why it is more useful than wireless tech. So, let’s dive deep into how to connect to the Ethernet.

Ethernet is a protocol people use widely to send data across individual links. The IEEE 802.3 standardized the Ethernet in the year 1983. The widely known Internet Protocol uses Ethernet as its base. Hence, it is an unavoidable part of the internet as a whole. Ethernet uses a technique called Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection (CSMA/CD). CSMA/CD determines when communication channels are available. At such a time, a device is free to transmit data. CSMA/CD technique essentially abstracts away any chance of collision of data due to multiple data transmission. Further, a MAC address assists the Ethernet in ensuring that the intended device only receives the message.

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Why Ethernet?

People tend to prefer WiFi over an Ethernet connection. While WiFi is undoubtedly more portable, Ethernet has many more pros. Let us talk about it briefly as it is significant to get the idea of how to connect to the Ethernet.

An Ethernet connection is a lot more stable than a wireless network. Wireless networks are susceptible to connection losses due to many factors. For example, weather, number of connections, etc.

Further, it provides more incredible speeds since data transmission over cables is much faster.

How to connect to the Ethernet

Also, setting up a wireless network is not the cup of tea of the average person. It is also more expensive. But setting up Ethernet is comparatively easy. That is what the article is about: how to connect to the Ethernet.

It even provides security multiple times better than WiFi. Hijacking data from cables is more difficult, if we compare it to the data traveling over radio waves. Hence, the Ethernet takes your home network security to the next level.

You don’t need more reasons to believe that Ethernet is always the better option over WiFi. But if you need internet on-the-go, then only wireless can work.

Now, let’s take you through the procedure of how to connect to the Ethernet to access the internet.

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Complete Guide on How to Connect to the Ethernet

Cable selection

The first thing you need to connect to the Ethernet is Cables. Cables influence the entire connectivity of an Ethernet connection.

The cable
The cable

Signals travel across cables with the help of varying voltage. Hence, different wires transfer data at varying speeds. Twisted Pair Cabling is a very efficient and cheap cable. It helps to connect to Ethernet easily. 

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Plug and Port

Ethernet utilizes a Registered Jack-45 (RJ45) plug for transmission. Its shape is square and has golden chips on the top for connection. The port in which the wire plugs in is similar.

Locate the port
Locate the Port

You will notice the RJ45 port in the back of the CPU case or the side of your laptop. It will also have lights that will blink once the connection has established. 


If you notice the back of your router, you will see multiple Ethernet ports. Every port achieves a different connection. Look for the LAN port. It is the one you have to connect to. LAN stands for ‘Local Area Network’ which is applicable for your home network.


network and settings
Network and settings

Before you begin, get a few things ready. Keep the Ethernet cable handy. Turn your computer on and disconnect from the WiFi. Use the ‘Network and Internet Settings’ on your computer to connect to the Ethernet. Once done, you are ready. So, let’s dive in!

Actually Forming the Connection

  • Locate the Ethernet port

Now, take the cable and plug it in correspondence with the position of this port. Keep applying gentle pressure until you hear a faint click. That means that you have now locked the cable.

Observe the back of your router

You will notice many similar RJ45 ports. Look for the port which has ‘LAN’ written around it.Once you find it, plug the unused end of the Ethernet wire into this port. Now, proceed to next step to know how to connect to the Ethernet.

Locate the port
Locate the Port
  • If you have correctly plugged both ends in the accurate ports, lights will blink on the router. These lights will correspond to the port number of ‘LAN.’ Usually, even the computer’s port will show blinking lights too.

Now, go to ‘Network and Internet Settings’ on your computer and confirm that the Ethernet is up and running.

connected ethernet
connected Ethernet

If done correctly, the above procedure will help you connect to the Ethernet. Now, you can access the internet without any passwords or usernames.

internet working
internet working

Hence, it is much easier to configure a wired setup than a wireless one. We hope that you were able to know how to connect to the Ethernet using today’s tutorial.

Did your Ethernet Fail to Connect?

 Among a bunch of reasons for the failure, I’m enlisting some. 

Your modem/router could be offline

Make sure that it is in working condition and has a proper connection to the servers. Try restarting the router a few times if you can’t connect to the Ethernet.

Difficulty registering the Ethernet connection

Although it is very uncommon in today’s devices. It could happen that faulty connection is why you can’t connect to the Ethernet. In such an event, it is best to consult professional help from a technician.

Damaged Router port

It will most certainly fail any Ethernet connection. Try plugging the wire into some other port. If none of these ports work, you should ring the technician for help.


Ethernet is an extremely versatile way to access the internet. We have informed you as to how it is advantageous over any wireless connection in the market. We hope that this article has helped you get a grasp on how to connect to the Ethernet. 

That’s it from us today. If you still have any queries, communicate with us in the comments section.

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