The internet has become a massive part of our lives. For every small thing, most of us rush to the internet to get things sorted out. Apart from that, most businesses have also started functioning with the help of the internet. From schools to grocery stores, everything has been sifted online. 

To cope with this change, people have started taking private mobile data connections and WiFi networks. In addition, people have preferred WiFI networks over data connections because it provides a more stable internet connection.

Numerous routers exist in the market as of today. A few of them are NetComm, PePlink, and Ruckus Wireless. The common element between these WiFi networks is that they have a shared IP address –

It is not enough for you to know about the IP address. You should also be aware of how to log into your router – these are just the basics.

Continue reading this article to know how to perform the log-in of a router. Make sure that you carefully first read and then proceed.

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How To Log Into Router? 

The process is straightforward if you stick to the steps without skipping them. What you will have to do is, enter in the address bar.

ip address

This will lead you to enter credentials that your technician must have given you. You might have written this on a piece of paper somewhere. Refer to this article!


The next thing that you can do is try to read this router’s manual. Some companies do certainly have this information printed. You might want to look in the router for a while not to skip this step. It might undoubtedly sound tedious, but it is definitely worth the try.

The last option would be to perform the factory reset of the IP address. What you need to do is that you will have to look for a small button on the router. Once that is found, you can then use an object to press the button. This object needs to be sturdy but not sharp. You can use a paperclip or the back of a toothpick to press the button.

After you decide on the object, all you need to do is hold-press the router. This will lead to the lights going off and the internet stopping functioning. After you see the lights turn back on, you can remove the object. As soon as that is done, you know that you have performed the reset to this router. Now, you can easily use the default credentials to access the settings.



Where do you find the IP address?

The IP address of a network will be printed on the router or in the user’s manual. Make sure you check both of them thoroughly.

What is the last option if I cannot remember to change my password?

First, try with the common usernames and passwords. If that does not work, the last option is to reset the router so that it comes to the default password. Then you can change it again.

How can I find the username and password of

To find the username and password of, go to the command prompt and type cmp. In the output window, you will get the password. Or you can provide if config as the code word to return the password.

What devices use as the IP address?

PePlink, Netcomm, etc., are some famous devices that can use as their default address.


You now know how to perform the router login efficiently. The only thing that you need to do is that you have to follow the steps in the given order. Do not mix up the steps at any cost. First, you must try to use the default credentials that exist. Then, you can proceed to search for the credentials elsewhere. If that does not work too, you can use the last method – resetting the router.

You will find these techniques straightforward to perform. Make sure that you read and understand the article first, and then proceed.

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