In this article, learn how to do a complete wemo login. We all live in a tech world, where we do not need to worry about our daily activities or chores that can be done remotely and smartly. Intelligent assistants like Google, Alexa, and Siri can make your life and home smart.wemo

Wemo is one of them. In this article, we will talk about what Wemo is, how to set up and log in to Wemo, and other great features.

What Is Wemo

Wemo is a Belkin product that provides facilities like an electric plug, motion sensors, light switches, cameras. wemo appsIt even provides a mobile app to control and manage your smart home. Click here to check out The 7 Best Ways To Improve Home Network Security

Steps for Wemo Sign up

If you do not have an account for Wemo Login, you can follow these steps for Wemo sign up.

  1. Download the latest version of the Wemo App.
  2. Go to Create An Account.
  3. In the given field, add your valid Email address. It will also work as a username for you.
  4. Tap on Next.
  5. You might get Cookies and information and promo notifications for future updates. Unselect the option if you do not want these notifications.
  6. Add a Password for your account and continue. (It should have at least 10 characters.)
  7. Add a name for yourself in the Wemo App.wemo sign in
  8. Verify your account with the email used in the new version.
  9. Open your email account and click on the Verify Account Email.
  10. On the verification page, click on the “Verify Email Address.”
  11. Your account is successfully created and ready to use.

Download: wemo app

Steps for Wemo Login/Sign In

Here are the steps for Belkin Sign In. You will need an account to sign in and make sure to create one with the steps given above.

  1. Open the Wemo App and go to Log In.
  2.  Enter the email address you used while creating the new account. Select Next.
  3. Enter the Password for your account and select Next.create account
  4. Now the App will show you all the devices linked with Wemo.
  5. If your account is new, tap on Add a New Wemo to add widgets.
  6. You are all set to use your smart devices.

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How to Download Wemo for Windows 10

Here’s what you can do to download Wemo for your Windows-supported devices:

  1. First, go to the Windows App Store and search for the Bluestacks app. It is recommended for easy use and solutions for your problems.

download wemo app

2. Download the Bluestacks software.


3. Go to the Downloads section on your computer.


4. Please search for the Bluestacks app and install it.Agree to all the terms and permissions and let it install on the bluestacks

5. Now open this Emulator app and search “Wemo” in the search bar.


6. The wemoapplication icon will appear, and click on that. This will lead to the Google Play Store and an option to download the Wemo app.


7. Click on the download/install button to start the downloading process.


Follow all the steps of Wemo Login, and you can use the Wemo app from your Windows 10.

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How to Set up Wemo Devices

Various intelligent devices are available from Belkin, including control over your electricity, network security, house security, and light switches. sign inHere’s how you can set up all of them. Check out our article on Xfinity Wifi Not Working | Quick Fixes

How to Set Up Wemo Netcam

  1. First of all, you will need to set up your camera. Plug in the Metcam in the Power outlet.
  2. In the back of the camera, there would be a switch to turn the Netcam and Setup. Make sure to have a steady network.
  3. Download the Belkin NetCam app.netcam
  4. Go to the Settings and Wi-Fi on your phone and connect to the camera’s Wi-Fi signal.
  5. Now open the App, tap on the “Yes” to set up the camera, and click “Continue.”
  6. When it Is successfully done, tap on “Connect Camera to the Internet.” Select your wifi network and enter the Password.
  7. If you are installing NetCam for the first time, you must create a new account. If you are an existing user, click on the “Ue Existing” and continue with the WemoLog process.belkin netcam
  8. Now give a name and description to your camera and tap on “Continue.”
  9. Now again, flip the setup switch from the back of the camera and click on “Finish.”
  10. The setup of Wemo NetCam is completed. Now you can monitor all the activities around your house and office.

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How to Set up Wemo Smart Bulb

Here’s how to set up and control your Wemo bulb: 

  1. Plug in the Wemo link in the center of the house so that it can easily provide the signal to your Wemo devices.
  2. Install your new Wemo Smart LED Bulb and turn on the bulb
  3. On your phone go to Settings > WiFi > WeMo.Linkxxx( x stands for the number of the Wemo Link.)
  4. Open the Wemo App.
  5. Connect to your home wifi. Tap on “OK” to allow remote access.
  6. Once that is done, it will scan all the Smart Bulbs. They will appear with an option to “Add.”
  7. Rename the light bulbs to determine which light bulb is connected to which device. Tap on Done and Save. 

How to Set up Wemo Motion Sensors

Motion Sensor is helpful if you want to keep your house or office safe from burglars or intruders. Here’s how you can Set up and use Wemo Motion Sensors, which can detect all the motion around the area.

  1. Download the Wemo App for Wemo Login.
  2. Place the model in the range of your wifi.
  3. Connect the Wemo with the ID on the back of the product.
  4. Open the App and click on the “Remember wifi Settings.” It will connect with your Wemo device.
  5. When it’s done, select your central wifi.motion sensor
  6. Enter the Password and “Save.”
  7. Now you will be led to a window of all the settings for your device. Here you can make changes like the name, picture, and email of your Wemo device.
  8. You have installed the device successfully. Also read our article on How To Block Internet Access To Apps On Android Phones


How to download the Wemo App for Mac?

Like Windows, download the Bluestacks App from the Store and follow the previous steps.

What can I monitor in NetCam from Wemo web?

From the Wemo web, you can watch live camera, live audio, camera settings, updates, camera sharing with someone, enable/disable alerts, reset Password,s and NetCam Cloud services like viewing, saving, and deleting clips.

What can I monitor in NetCam from the Wemo App?

From the App, you can set up the camera, live video, two-way audio, enable/disable alerts, set camera status to online or private, IR LED control, automatic sign-in, reset the Password, etc.

How to delete a clip-on NetCam Cloud?

On the web, Login to your NetCam account and go to 'Clips.' Select a clip you want to delete and select a downward arrow and click on 'Delete.' Confirm it with OK. (this will only work.)

How to reset the NetCam?

From the back of the camera, you can find the reset button. Press it gently for 1-2 seconds to reset the system, and press it for 15-20 seconds to reset it to factory default.

How to upgrade the NetCam?

From the App, log in to your NetCam account and find your camera. Tap the downward arrow on the camera and click on the 'Show me What's New.' From the web login to your NetCam account. Select the camera that you want to upgrade. Go to the 'Camera Settings' and click 'Update now.'


From now on, you can connect your intelligent Wemo devices and operate them to make your home and office look extra bright.

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