In this, you came across a word called reolink; now, what is reolink? By reading the title, you might be curious to know what this article is about, and you might connect the dots of the full title. Don’t worry; we will discuss everything in this article about reolink and reolink default password.

Here, we will dive deep into the topic of reolink app login, and during this, you require a reolink default password and username, enter this password as blank and username as admin. You can also check out the best router for Verizon Fios.

We have discovered the best and simplified steps of app login of reolink and various terminologies related to it. Read this article and explore amazing topics. Also check how to login to Asus RT-AC66U here.

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How To Access The Reolink App On PC, Android Phones, And iPhones? 

By connecting dots, we get the simplified meaning that reolink is the best solution for your home’s surveillance. You have to follow the subscription model to buy this product, and then, with the help of their app, you can guard your house. You can monitor your home at any place and time with one click.

reolink app loginLet’s explore the steps of the reolink app login; these steps are for Android phones and iPhones; 

  1. Firstly download the reolink app from Appstore or play store
  2. Then permit the app to access your photos and media. 
  3. Then log in to the app with the preferred email address and password, or if you don’t want to log in to the app, skip that and move to the home page
  4. Now on the top corner, click the + icon and allow the app to use your device’s camera. 
  5. After doing all these steps, you can see the camera and then click to input UID. 
  6. Now input the UID(Unique identifier) number, username, and password; these credentials you will get through the email of reolink. You can try reolink the default password and username as blank and admin. 
  7. And after all this process, you can keep your home under surveillance from any location. You can also enjoy a live view of your home with a full-screen HD video from any location. 

Access Reolink Windows App On Your Desktop

Follow These Steps To Use This App Effortlessly; 

  1. Firstly, search for the reolink app on any browser like Chrome, firefox, and Opera, click the download option, and downloading will start spontaneously.
  2. Two options will appear on your; one will allow all users to access this device, and the other will be only for your use. Choose the preferred option and click next.
  3. Click to install option and relish your home security experience with this app. 
  4. Now click on the + icon on top of the corner, and paste the UID number; click to add option and enter the username and password. You can also enter the reolink default password as blank and username as admin. create login
  5. After doing all these steps, you can see the live view of your location, and you can also click a screenshot and record a video. reolink app

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How To Change The Reolink Password?

If you have forgotten the reolink password or you are not able to work with the reolink default password, then you can easily reset the reolink password in PC,Android and iPhone device with these effortless steps; 

Reolink App’s User-Friendly Steps To Change The Password

You can easily reset the password using the reolink app; follow this staircase to achieve the desired outcome; 

  1. Firstly go to the reolink app, and click on the device settings option; then, at the bottom of the page, you can see the Advanced settings option; click on it. change password
  2. In Advanced settings, click to change the device password option. If you cannot find the Change device password option, look for the user management option and select admin. user management option
  3. Now you can easily set the desired password but first find the first password; while resetting a new one, you require an old one. admin passwordWhile resetting a new password, keep in mind to enter six characters, and it should be in upper and lowercase and might include special characters.

Reolink Client Helps Efficiently

This method works well with pc; follow these steps to change the password on PC;

  1. Firstly move to the app on your PC, then proceed with Device settings. 
  2. Please search for the system option in device settings and click the User management option. 
  3. Choose the User option, and select change password
  4. After clicking the change password option, two textbox fields will appear: enter the old password and then the new one. 

Cybersecurity Is The Priority

For network security reasons bear in mind some crucial things;


  • Make sure not to use simple passwords like repeated numbers or alphabets; try to keep your password with special characters and lower and uppercase characters. 
  • Don’t share your password with some stranger. 

Troubleshooting Issues Related To The Reolink Security Cameras 

 If you are hassling with technical errors like you are not able to see the clear video and the correct time or location, or you have forgotten your login password, and you are not able to work with reolink default password, then you can easily reset the reolink security camera using the following methods; 

Methods To Reset Reolink Security Cameras

There are several ways to reset reolink; we will glimpse at each method and its steps; 

Reset The Button

Reset the security camera by using simple steps; 

  1. Firstly turn off the camera and then tap the reset button. reset on reolink
  2. Again turn on the camera and keep pressing the button; tap and hold the reset button for ten seconds. After these steps,you will be able reset your camera. 

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Reolink App Helps Everywhere

Reolink app helps to reset the camera helps efficiently in this process; follow these steps; 

  1. Move to the reolink app, proceed with the settings option, and then the device settings.
  2. Proceed with the Advanced setting option and then select the reset option. 
  3. With these two quick steps, you can reset the camera. 

Reolink Client Takes Care Of Every Situation

Reset the camera quickly with these steps;


  1. Firstly, on a PC, go to the reolink app, click on settings, and then device settings.
  2. In the Device setting, go to system and then Maintenance, choose the restore option. 

How To Set Up Email Notifications Of The Reolink? 

If you are concerned for your home security and don’t have enough time to view the live footage of your home, then here we will uncover the best ways by which; you will get time to time updates of your home through email. Follow these steps to set up email notifications on your iPhone, Android phone, and computer; 

  1. Firstly move to the app from the preferred device and go to the settings option. 
  2. In settings, click on the surveillance option situated at the side panel.
  3. Click on the email option in the surveillance section, and scroll the bar to enable email alerts.
  4. To link your email, fill in the required details in the email settings section, like fill in SMTP Server, enable SSL or TLS, SMTP port, Sender Name and Address, password, Recipient Address, and Email content, and set the interval.

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What is the cost of the reolink subscription plan?

You may sign up for the normal plan, which provides 30 days of video storage for up to 5 cameras, for $3.49 per month. The price is 277.66 Rupees in Indian rupees.

What is the reolink admin password?

The reolink default password is blank, and the default username is admin. You can glimpse the detailed login process of reolink in the article.

Why is a reolink password required?

To protect your privacy, you need a password to enter the app. This password will ensure you the best security of the app.

How to set up a reolink lock screen password?

In reolink client, goes to the gear symbol icon; the local settings page will appear. Click on the available option in local settings and scroll the bar to enable the lock screen password.


In this write-up, we saw the reolink app login and the reolink default password to use while logging in. In a word, while reading this article, you will discover the logging process of the reolink app on various devices, and the troubleshooting issues of the reolink app add up a good point to this write-up. 

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