An iBall router is a high-speed networking router for secure, user-friendly Internet. It is equipped with the latest Mesh Technology that ensures uniform coverage of Wi-Fi signals across your home, with data transmission speed up to 1200 Mbps. Performing an iBall Router Login is an easy process.

iBall baton router

iBall provides a variety in its range for routers, for example:

  • The 1200M Mesh Gigabit Dual Band Wireless AC Router,
  • The 1200M Smart Dual Band Wireless AC Router and
  • The 300M MIMO Wireless-N Broadband Router.

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There are numerous ways to perform the iBall baton router Login, and we shall be reviewing them in the following sequence:

Method 1

  1. First, you need to identify the model of the Router that you have.
  2. Second, to gain access to any router, you must find the Router’s IP Address, i.e., the username and password. You can find the iBall router ip information in the iBall router manual provided by the company.iBall ip info
  3. Enter the given Username and Password to gain access and make the iBall Router Login successful.

If the approach given above doesn’t work and you wish to carry out the login process without the help of a manual, you can perform the task by the following procedure:

Method 2

  1. Open your respective Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Internet Explorer).web browsers
  2. Type in the most common IP Address for iBall Routers ( in your browser’s search bar to gain access to the Router’s web-based user interface. This will work as iball baton ip as well.
  3. You will now see two text boxes where you have to enter your username and password.
  4. The default username given to the Router is “admin“;
  5. And the default password is “admin” as well.enter username and password
  6. After entering the default username and password, press the Enter key for the input to process the browser.
  7. You can see the control panel window of your respective iBall Router Login.iBall control panel

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An alternative idea can be as follows:

Alternate Method 1

  1. You can perform iBall Router Login using an appropriate cable connection with the computer using wired connectivity.cable connection
  2. Use an RJ 45 LAN Cable and Ethernet cable to connect from the iBall Router LAN port to your PC/Desktop LAN port.connect RJ45 cable
  3. Power ON the Router using a DC adapter that comes with the device. Connect the Internet Cable to the WAN port in the Router and the Telephone line to the DSL port for the ADSL Router.wan port and dsl port

Another method for a successful login is given below:

Alternate Method 2:

  1. Open a browser and enter login IP in the URL bar and press Enter Key, then perform the following steps for  iBall baton login.
  2. After loading the iBall router, the login page is shown, asking for the username and password to verify.router sticker has details
  3. The username and password are printed on a sticker pasted on the Router.
  4. Enter the username and password on the sticker to enter into the user interface, and this will do the job for iBall Router Login.

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How to Change Wi-Fi Username and Password?

If you wish to change your Wi-Fi Username or Password, follow the sequence of steps given below:

  1. Go to the iBall router webpage, click on maintenance – change the password.
  2. Enter the previous login username and password of the Router.
  3. Create a new login username and password.change password through the control panel
  4. Type the new password again to confirm.
  5. Press the ‘Save’ button to apply the changes made.
  6. You can now log in to your Router with the new username and password.
  7. If you accidentally lose or forget your password or username, you can factory reset your modem and enter the new password or username.

Login Error?

If you are getting an error while login into your iball baton login, then observe the following steps for troubleshooting;

  •  Check the default login IP Address you enter with the IP Address printed on the router sticker.router box
  •  Confirm the default login IP address for the iBall Router to verify your iBall Router Login.
  •  The device’s LAN IP Settings should be in DHCP mode to get an IP Address from the iBall router.
  •  Ensure you are typing the correct login IP Address in the appropriate format.

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What is the password for my iBall router?

To access the Router's web-based user interface, type (the most popular IP for iBall routers) into the address bar of your web browser. Two text fields with username and password spaces should be visible. Your iBall Router's default username is admin.

Without a username and password, how do I configure my Router?

Launch the Windows Command Prompt. Just enter ipconfig/all. Search for the Default Gateway entry to find the IP address when the results are displayed. Then, using that IP address, you may type it into your browser.

Are Wi-Fi and router logins the same?

The network security key, commonly called the Wi-Fi password or passphrase, is distinct from the router or admin password. The Wi-Fi password connects Wi-Fi devices to your Wi-Fi or hotspot. In contrast, the router or admin password is used for logging into the Router's web interface for configuration or verification.

How can I set up my router?

Connect your modem to the other end of the Ethernet cable. Connect the opposite end of the Ethernet cable to your Router's Internet, Uplink, WAN, or WLAN port. Give your Router at least 2 to 3 minutes to come up after plugging it in. Connect an Ethernet cable to your computer after turning it off.

What is the IP address of a router?

Step 1: Press the WIN key on your keyboard or click Start (the Windows logo).Then Step 2: Type 'cmd' into the search box, then press ENTER to open the command prompt. Step 3: Type 'ipconfig' into the command prompt and press Enter. The IP address given to 'Default Gateway' is that of your Router.

Can I access a router even while not connected?

No, it would be best to connect to the network to access the Router's settings. Other devices connect to the Router's LAN network, often at or

Are there passwords on routers?

The default username and password for routers are typically listed on a sticker located someplace on the Router. Unless you've modified it, your home router's admin password is still set to the default manufacturer's setting. The Router also has a written default Wi-Fi network name and password.

Without an IP address, how can I log into my Router?

In the login window, enter the username and password for the Router. The most typical default login is 'Admin.' The most frequent default passwords are 'Admin,' 'Password,' or a blank password. The documentation for your Router should identify any alternative methods it uses.

How is a router operated?

A cable is used to link a wireless Router and modem together. This makes it possible to send and receive information from the Internet. The Router uses its built-in antennas to establish a connection to and communicate with your home Wi-Fi network. This gives every device connected to your home network access to the Internet.

A modem router: what is it?

A modem, often known as an ISP, is a device that links your home network to your internet service provider. A router is a device that enables all of your wired and wireless devices to access the Internet simultaneously and to communicate with one another.

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If none of the above methods work for you, to perform iBall Router Login, then try resetting your modem. This can be done by pressing the button at the back of your Router. If you hold down to this button for approximately 20 seconds, your Router will automatically factory reset itself and wipe out all the customized settings; it will be restored to its original settings. Wait for the Router to reset and power on completely. Reconfigure the Router and update the Wi-Fi devices to use the same customized settings. The router username and password will reset to the default factory username and password. When you perform a factory reset, you will lose your internet connection for a whileInternettailed instructions, refer to the manual given by the company. You can refer to an expert if you are still facing any issues.

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