AT&T U-verse, also called U-verse, is an AT&T brand that gives triple-delay services. This brand is now popularly used for IPTV services. It was launched on 26th June 2006 and included broadband internet, IP telephone, and IPTV services. To enjoy its extravagant services you must know how to perform the AT&T U-verse Login.

AT&T U-verse router

AT&T U-verse delivers services over a fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) communications network or a fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) communications network. Fiber optic connections in the FTTN deployment carry all data between a service provider and distribution node. In addition recently AT&T uses an FTTP deployment by running a fiber-optic cable from DSLAM to an optical network terminal. Learn about Dodo Modem login here.

Methods for Obtaining the IP Address of ATT Uverse Router

For Windows PC

In windows PC, you can carry out the IP address for the ATT Uverse router in two ways, they are: 

Public Static IP subnet

  1. Firstly, launch the default browser on your PC, and type in the IP address IP address
  2. Click on Home Network and then click on Subnets and DHCP.AT&T Subnets and DHCP section
  3. Enter the device access code or passcode if prompted. You can also type in the new password if you have changed it.
  4. Under the Public Subnet heading, tick the Public Subnet Enable from off to on. You can either choose a private or a public IP.DHCPv4 and enable Public subnet
  5. Next, enter the Subnet mask.
  6. Enter usable IP addresses in the DHCPv4 Start Address and DHCPv4 End Address fields.
  7. Click Save.

Assigning an IP

  1. Sign in to the router by entering in the web browser’s address bar.
  2. After signing in, click on Home Network, then click IP Allocation.IP allocation tab
  3. Click Allocation.
  4. Choose public IP to assign a specific device.

 For MacOS x

Practice the following steps to do the AT&T U-verse Login through MacOS:

  1. Open the router settings.
  2. Enter the Modem Access Code, which is on the side of the router.AT&T u-verse modem access code
  3. Select Home Network and click on IP Passthrough.
  4. Scroll down from the Mac Passthrough Type and select Enabled.enable passthrough and enter Mac address
  5. Enter the Mac address in the Manual Entry field.

enter modem access code

Select Add and Save thereafter.

For iOS

When trying to Login to ATT, first check whether your iPhone is up to date. Previous versions of iOS can create a problem during connection because of certain issues. After the verification is done, then follow these steps:

  1. From the iPhone home screen, go to settings.
  2. Navigate to Wi-Fi settings.
  3. If the Wi-Fi is turned off, then turn it on.AT&T login through iOS
  4. A list of nearby Wi-Fi connections will appear on the screen. Navigate through them to find your ATT Uverse router and select it.
  5. Enter the password and Login into it thereafter.

For Android 

Logging in to an Android device is similar to logging in to an iPhone. Therefore when trying to do the AT&T U-verse Login, first check whether your Android device is up to date. Previous versions of Android can create a problem during connection. After the verification is done, then follow these steps:

  1. From the Android device’s menu, then go to settings.
  2. Navigate to Wi-Fi settings.
  3. If the Wi-Fi is turned off, then turn it on.AT&T login through Android
  4. A list of nearby Wi-Fi connections will appear on the screen. Navigate through them to find your ATT Uverse router and select it.
  5. Enter the password and Login into it.

Another method you can practice to Login to the ATT router for Android devices. This is done by assigning a static IP address. This is done when the device cannot detect the Wi-Fi network automatically. But this method is only temporary, and you will have to do the overall process again, once it disconnects.

Steps to Perform AT&T U-verse Login

Step 1: Open your default browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari browser). Go to the AT&T homepage by typing  in the address bar.

Step 2: Click on Register for Account Management present in the Manage My Account box.

Step 3: Go to the AT&T U-verse section and select Register if you are a new user. Else click on Login and enter the credentials.

Step 4: Check your profile details on the Registration Confirmation screen and verify whether all the given information is correct. Click Continue, and this starts the automatic system check.

AT&T connected

Step 5: After the system check, complete the final Service Setup portion and set up your account services according to your AT&T package.

After following these steps, go to and search for Manage My Account. Click the Login to option from there and click AT&T U-verse. Thereafter type your AT&T Member ID and password into the given boxes and click Go to log into your account.

How to Find the Router’s Username and Password

An ATT U-verse router has two types of default passwords. They are:

  • A Wireless Network Key: this is the password to connect the devices to the internet via Wi-FI.wireless network key
  • System Password: Use this password to enter the webpage while making changes to the router settings. Thereafter you will see it printed as a Device Access Code on the router.

 Therefore to find the router’s password and username, follow the given steps:

  1. Open your default browser and enter into the URL bar.
  2. Scroll down to Top Networking Features once the Graphical User Interface screen loads and select the Wireless link.
  3. In the Use custom, Wireless Network Key field under the Security section, find the Wi-Fi password.
  4. Re-enter a new Wi-Fi password if the key is not visible.
  5. Select Savewhich is present at the bottom of the page.

Troubleshooting Tips for AT&T U-verse Login

You can follow the steps below to troubleshoot an ATT U-verse router if the internet speed is slow or if the internet connection is not working.

  1. For Wi-Fi Troubleshooting: check the Wi-Fi connection because this may cause the internet connection to become slow. Also, check the router connectivity, battery backup, and power.
  2. Verify the internet speed: check the internet speed with an online speed tester. Stop all downloads, streaming sites, running applications, and program because they require internet connection.AT&T router reset button
  3. Reset the Modem: reset the Modem if the Modem is blinking red light. Now reset the ATT internet modem settings and also recheck the internet connectivity.
  4. Contact the local internet service provider if the above steps do not fix the problem.
  5. Else search for other troubleshooting methods on the AT&T website.


How do I access my AT&T U-verse?

Open the official website by entering the address and enter your email and password in the spaces provided. Now you can log in to your account.

Why can't I log in to my ATT U verse?

You must be a primary member to log in and view the page. That must be why you cannot log in to ATT U Verse.

Can I watch my ATT U-verse online?

Yes, you can connect the App on your tablet or mobile phone to TV and stream online.

How do I set up ATT online access?

Go to the page where you can sign in to ATT, you will be asked for your email, and the temporary password will be sent to the same. As you accept the terms and conditions, log in using your username and password. Now you can change your credentials and other functionalities.


The above-given information gives a complete explanation of using an AT&T U-verse router. This router’s service provides television programming, high-speed internet access, and telephone services through just a single router. Connecting to this router is also easy. After doing so, it helps you to navigate through the router’s web interface. Hope this guide helped you perform the AT&T U-verse Login successfully.

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