What can I do if I buy a Network Switch without knowing how to use ethernet switch and connect with devices. What if you didn’t know how to set up or improve my network for various devices. How to use a network switch

Situations can change anytime, but the point is that you should know how to manage things. In case of network issues, you know the core principle of using a network switch. This will help you to sort out your problems in difficult times. 

A Guide To Router Login’s Switch

This article will guide you on how to use an ethernet switch so that you will be able to connect it by yourself to enjoy uninterrupted service.

Set Up A Network Switch

When multiple people use the same resource like a Router or types of routersthen there are possibilities that your network got struck. Especially when you are launching a small business in your home space and successfully executing using the online platform, you might encounter your network will be slow as molasses.

Utilization of LAN to connect all devices might feel like the best option, but what will you do if your network becomes poor after a certain point in time? Whether it is a new router or a router used many times, everyone some way or the other need to access the router settings. You would also need to configure devices which are in connection to your router to Find Router IP Address and many more tasks. Click Here to know how to Find Router IP Address. 


In that case, a network switch works well. It can connect a few more devices from one of the LAN ports. If you purchase a network switch with six connections, you can connect five more devices.

Set Up Ethernet Switch

Learn how to set up and use ethernet switch to enable internet connection to any number of devices you want:

  1. Connect one of your Ethernet cables to your Router’s outgoing or WAN port or the modem.wan internet
  2. Connect the other end of the ethernet cable to the network switch
  3.  To move on a bit forward to quick internet access, you have to connect an ethernet cable. Enable one end of the Router to another switch in the network.
  4.  Now connect the other end of the ethernet cable to any device that you want for internet access.wan port
  5. Hurrah, you did a good job. Now you will be able to access the internet on your device.

These are a few simple, easy-to-do steps that tell you how to set up a network switch to connect multiple devices from a single source.

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How to Use a Network Switch

A network switch acts as a mediator to connect your device to the local area network. But there are certain differences in handling switches as certain switches have been designed as fiber optic ports, and some are different from the traditional networks.

  1. Speed is very important while selecting a cable. Some speeds may go up to 100 Mbps and others to 1000 Mbps. But the crucial thing is that your computer or other gadgets should be able to accept that gigabyte. So experiment on the speed of how much your computer takes and purchase accordingly.
  2. It is also equally important to focus on the features of the switch. The more switches you have, the more devices you will be able to connect through the Local Area Network (LAN)
  3.  Check whether the switches you have are equal to the devices you have in your home. Select a network switch with switches more than the devices you have in your home will be preferable.network switch
  4. Connect your switch to your device with the IP address provided in the manual and configure your switch beforehand. Set up an IP address and user name to it.
  5. Configure your Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN). Focus on which switch you want to connect your VLAN
  6. Connect the uplink port to the network switch using an ethernet cable.
  7. Connect the computer to the network switchboard so that you can connect it to the VLAN. Moreover, ensure that you are connected to the right VLAN since there are many.

These are quite certain ways where you may get to know about how to use an ethernet switch.

How To Use An Ethernet Switch?

In the world after the pandemic, Routers or modems have been very much used in almost every household. When education becomes online bound and on-office work to an office in the home, it is a huge problem connecting all your devices to the same Router. This place is where the Ethernet wire takes its stand, and it will be easy if you get to knowhow to use an ethernet switch.

ethernet switch

  1.  Ensure whether your modem gets connected to your ethernet input. The Ethernet needs to be linked with the modem because only the modem can bring signals to the Ethernet.
  2.  Connect the Router to the modem to enable the Router to share the private address to connect any number of the device to it.
  3. Then, Connect the Ethernet cable to one port of the internet switch box and the other end to any ethernet devices such as PCs, Laptops, and other Gadgets.ethernet switch
  4. Connect one end of the Ethernet cable in the internet switch box and the other end to the port at the back of the Router. So one end of the ethernet cable will be linked to the Router, and the other end will enable the connection of multiple devices.

These steps listed above clearly distinguish how to use an Ethernet switch to access the internet on multiple devices.

Set Up Wireless Router

It is very easy to set up a modem to a router using a cable, probably the ethernet cable. But what can be done when a wi-fi router is not working. Certain ways will help you use an ethernet switch to a wireless router.

  1. Unplug all your cables that are in connection to the Router, modem, and switches.
  2. Connect the ethernet cable to its respective port in the modem and the other end to the network      switch box apart from the LAN port.wifi router
  3. Connect another ethernet cable to the internet switch box and the other end to the wireless route internet port.
  4. Now, enable all the switches on, log in and enjoy your internet services.

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I've tried to set up my network switch, but I couldn't connect. Why?

This problem is common in some cases. Some devices may not support your network settings. In that case, hard coding is the only option. It is where you have to log in to the switch and hard code using the settings.


This article will greatly help you with how to use an ethernet switch. This also enables you to understand their uses and how to have effective use of the ethernet cable and also about port forwarding. It lets you know the nuance and essence of using an internet switch box and helps you with a good network switch setup. Thus this will enable you to understand network switches and ethernet cables and enriches you with their effective use.

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