All of us are using systems with internet connections. So, have you ever wondered where the origination of an internet connection is? Or what type of modem we can use to set up the connection to make systems interact. Here come the understanding and working of the D-Link router setup, which plays a significant and very influential role.

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What do you mean by Dlink Router?

It is known to be the manufacturer of networking systems, usually broadband connections or voice or data communications that give the users a way out to connect to the internet. 
dlink dir655 default router

However, when you bring this contrivance home, you must make a few procedural steps before you benefit from its utility.


How to determine the connected devices?

Suppose you want to connect to the network without having an ISP with a DSL connection. Then it would help if you used the PPPoE option recommended to link to the router.

local ip address

Else, let’s say, you only have a modem and want to get connected to the network. How do you do that? You can directly connect the D-Link router which is present behind the modem. It has a port serving the same purpose. Once done, you might have to reboot your modem to get the manual settings updated.

What if Your Router does not Support the PPPoE Connection?

Till now, we’ve seen ways to connect the device using a PPPoE connection. What if your system does not support? Then it would help if you looked for an alternative.

Let’s know the alternative now. If you’re in such a situation, then you need to set your router to bridge mode. In this mode, your router won’t do anything. It is brainless. It just passes the internet connection to the device through LAN.

Follow these steps to set up bridge mode:

  1. Look for your IP address.
  2. Please open a new web browser and enter the IP address on the web and search for it.
  3. Find the settings option on the page.
  4. Switch on bridge mode. It’s as simple as that.

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Let me help you with a few simple steps before you get started. Say no to worries! It’s not that complicated as you think, and also, you don’t have to take any extra miles to put your D-Link router to use. The operation differs slightly based on the internet connection you use.

How to configure the Dlink Router Setup in Seconds?

  • Switch on the modem (D-Link router) using a power cable to the switchboard at your place.
  • Make sure you got an ethernet cable. If you have one, then connect it to your PC with the router.
  • Once PC connects with the router, open a web browser, and enter the IP address of your device. You can find the IP address or Mac address in the hardware settings of your system.
  • This IP address may vary from system to system. So, make sure that you enter your secured IP address without any mistakes. The common mistake that people do is mixing up dots or leaving extra spaces between individual letters.
  • Right after you enter your IP address, you can see a login page popping up, asking for WAN setup and wireless setup.

Dlink router setup

  • By now, you can configure the connections between your system, the router to which your system’s IP address is linked and the internet DHCP.
  • You can see a drop-down box asking for the connection type. You can find various options, such as DHCP, PPPoE, and static. You have to choose DHCP to connect to the internet world to explore stuff via your router that you brought home or to a workplace.
  • If you prefer a wireless setup, look for your system’s SSID address and enter it in the text box.
  • The key for your WIFI setup should consist of 8 characters to 64 characters in hexadecimal digits.
  • Having followed all these guidelines, you are now prepared to use your D-Link router and get connected to the eternally fascinating world of information.


Thus, the article concludes on the procedures you may follow for the Dlink Router Setup.

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