What will you do if the speed of your network connection is low? You will unplug your WAN port or modem. Comparatively, most people move on a bit forward and reset the router. This is the answer to the question which lets you feel the tp-link router is not working after reset. 

If the tp-link does not connect to the internet,

it shows that your reset process might have gone wrong. You haven’t looked at what you actually should not do. It’s completely alright if you are dealing with the same issue because you are in the right place.

tp-link router

But before going into why your tp-link router is not working after reset, it is a disclaimer to the readers not to try technical works without looking at its effects and drawbacks. This article will help you identify where your reset went wrong so that it may help you in tp-link troubleshooting. Learn how to log in to the TP-link router here.

TP-Link Router Not Working After Reset

 Whenever your tp-link is not connected to the internet, you might have approached the reset button for internet fixation. So when you press the tiny reset button and find your tp-link not working, then you should have pressed it for a long time. If that is what you did, then the possibilities are you might have wiped the ‘Custom settings’.

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Custom Settings

Tp-link router no internet access problem occurs if the Custom settings have been erased. This term is nothing but the setting which enables the connection between your router and your internet provider.tp link It can enable or disconnect the wireless function, change the network name and password, change the mode, etc. So if that is the case, you have to contact your ISP network to get the router reconfigured.

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Reset Button

The reset button behind the bottom of a tp-link router is the reason why my link is not working. The reset button on your tp-link router may look benevolent during the poor internet connection, or you are planning to reset at times.But, on the other hand, it’s a devil in disguise which will end up you in search of articles and videos to find the reason for the tp-link router not working after reset.

eero reset

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A Common Mistake While You Reset

The most common reason for the tp-link not working is the improper way of resetting your router. When you click on the reset button and hold it for a second, it will reboot your router.factory reset On the other hand, if you hold it a bit longer, for instance, five to ten seconds and more, then it ends up wiping out all your configuration information and reverts the router to the default position. This is what technicians call a factory reset, where your phone returns to the position how you got it from the factory. Also, Learn how to reset Cara TP-Link WA5210G router. 

Other Ways for the Tp-Link Router Not Working | Internet Access Problem

Resetting your tp-link router will most probably wash all the information. If you have a static IP address, you will have to reconfigure it. Even if you use DHCP, resetting your router will require you to reconfigure,

Sometimes you might think you have done the reset process with all prior knowledge on how to reset a tp-link router, and still, why is my link not working? The chances are, you could have done it during the firewall upgrade and might have a flicking connection. These are some other reasons for your tp-link router not working after reset.

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. Why is Router essential?

It is a wireless or wired network, an essential element as other home appliances in this 21st century. It allows you to connect the internet to all products connected to the internet.

Why is my link not working even after setting up?

If you have set up another name and password with your usual device unless you reconfigured the new configuration, then it might be the reason your router is not working. If the IDs are preprogrammed, then you must contact the technical desk.

Is there any other option I can prefer during the poor internet connection?

Unplug your modem for 10 seconds and try tp-link troubleshooting. Once you connect it back, you will see the green light. If you find red light, then contact your ISP network.

What is TP-Link?

TP-link Technologies is a multinational corporation based in Shenzhen, China. It is the world's number 1 company selling Wifi-related products almost worldwide.

Why is my TP-link not working?

Check whether your WAN port is in connection with your modem. It won't work if the WAN is unplugged. Check whether the tp-link troubleshooting lights work well to ensure your connection. If your PC or the device is far away from your router, then move closer to increase the chances for the network connection.

If the tp-link router is not connecting to my smartphone, what are the things I have to check before suspecting my router?

Check whether the connections are proper Switch to another website to check the connection. Maybe the website you are using might not be working Check whether other devices are working. If yes, then it's a configuration problem. Ensure your mobile is not in aeroplane mode Try restarting the device

Router shows green light, still not connected to the internet in PC. Why?

Check your automated IP address on the sharing centre in your control panel. Connect your computer and router with the IP address and type your username and password to log in. Go to the internet option and check whether you have an internet connection. If not, contact your ISP, and they will take care of it.

How to Reboot the modem?

First and foremost, unplug the modem power cord Make sure all the LEDs are off Plug on the modem after a minute or two It's done. You have to check whether you can access the internet.

Is Modem and Router are same?

A common question that everyone has when it comes to the difference. Both modem and router are two different devices. The modem connects the home network to the broader network and can be connected with people apart from the home space if they have access to the password. On the other hand, the router enables users from the home space with minimal coverage to access both wired and wireless devices.

What if the WAN port is unplugged?

A WAN port connects the external network like a modem to the router. So if WAN is unplugged, then it may interrupt the connection. So ensure that the WAN and LAN port are appropriately plugged.

What is a LAN port?

LAN port is similar to WAN port, but it connects the computer to the router. The complete form of LAN is a Local Area Network.

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This article is an eye-breaker to the most common and unresolved question in the audience’s minds. Though this article focuses on the tp-link router not working after reset, it also has created some sense of what to do further and knowledge on tp-link troubleshooting. 

People also consider Linksys routers as one of their best choices. Learn How To Reset Linksys Router | Fixing Your Linksys Router Easily. And finally, a long-awaited doubt has been over. Hope you found this article interesting. 

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