The Zyxel Vmg4381 B10a Router Login Guide is a step-by-step guide to help you with all the settings and how to navigate with your Zyxel Vmg4381 B10a or Cincinnati Bell Zyxel router. This guide will look at some of the most common uses for a router and what you can do to get started. Before logging in, you need to go through the quick start checklist, which includes setting up your WiFi password, changing your SSID name, configuring wireless security mode, and many more things.

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To login correctly, make sure that you had typed out the correct username and password from when you had logged in the first time.

Steps to log into the Zyxel Vmg4381 B10a Router

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  • Connect your device to the Zyxel Vmg4381 B10a router wireless signal.
  • Open Chrome or any web browser of your choice
  • Enter vmg4381 b10a login
  • Then type in your login credentials (username and password) in their respective fields

The Cincinnati Bell router login is a simple 4 step process, and if you do not remember the username and password, check out this list of default Zyxel Vmg4381 B10a Router login details below.

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Steps For Resetting the Zyxel VMG4381 B10A Router 

  • Open Chrome or any web browser of your choice
  • Enter 
  • Then type in your login credentials (username and password) in their respective fields
  • Type the word “default” in the username field.
  • Type “tr69cfg” without quotes into the password field.
  • Lastly, click the “Apply” button.

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What Is The Cincinnati Bell Zyxel Router IP Address?

The Cincinnati Bell Zyxel IP address is, or this address varies depending on the model of your router, and some routers do not need an IP to connect.

ip address

You can find the cincinnati bell zyxel router IP address on a sticker below your router or in your user manual.

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Wireless Security for your Zyxel VMG4381 B10A 

Learn all about the router and how you set it up.

What is Wireless Security, and How Does it Work on the Zyxel VMG4381 B10A Router Login?

There is WPA and WEP security, and they work by encrypting your connection between your router and computer so others cannot steal this information. For the best results with wireless security, pick up a strong password for both of these protocols. The encryption key usually combines letters and numbers such as “123@x4567” or “abc34def.”

What is OpenDNS? How does it work on the Zyxel VMG4381 B10A Router Login?

OpenDNS is a type of security that protects all devices connected to your router, but this feature is only available in specific routers.

dns set up

To use OpenDNS, you will need to set up both your router and computer to use OpenDNS as their DNS server or Domain Name Server.

The OpenDNS website gives you the IP addresses that you will need to input into your devices’ network preferences under “Preferred DNS Server,” which should be set automatically if using an option like “Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically.”

What is WPS? How does it work with the Zyxel VMG4381 B10A Router Login?

WPS stands for WiFi Protected Setup, and this feature allows you to connect new devices without entering your network password. Instead, you can press a button on both your router and the device you wish to join, and they will automatically sync.


WPS is highly insecure, however, so it’s best to avoid using it. For the best security results with your router, turn off WPS and use a strong password instead.

Is my Computer or Zyxel Router Secure if WPS is Turned off?

WPS does nothing to protect your device’s security, but it makes adding new devices easier. If you are trying to protect your data or want extra security on your network, turn off WPS and change your password.

What Wireless Settings Can I Adjust on the Zyxel VMG4381 B10A router login?

You can adjust your wireless network name (called an SSID) and security type (like WPA/WPA2) on settings like “Wireless > Basic,” “Wireless Security,” or “Wireless Setup.”

wireless set up

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Can I access my Cincinnati Bell Zyxel router settings without an IP address?

No, you will need to know the Zyxel Vmg4381 B10z Router IP address to log into your router.

What is the password for a Zyxel Vmg4381 B10z Router?

The password is, by default, admin.

How to reset my Zyxel Vmg4381 B10z Router?

You can reset your router through the options available on your login page, or you can also do it manually, which means going into and pressing the Factory Reset button at the top right of your screen. next to 'Help'.

What is the default username for a Zyxel Vmg4381 B10z Router?

The default username is admin.

How do I get my Cincinnati Bell Zyxel password back?

A factory reset is an answer. Go to and click 'Factory Reset' at the top right of your screen. You will be asked to input a new username and password (by default, it is admin for both).

What is my router login?

Your router login is used to get into your router's settings page to change things or add features such as port forwarding.

What is the router login for a Zyxel Vmg4381 B10z Router?

The router login for your Zyxel Vmg4381 B10z Router is, or this address may vary depending on the model of your router, and some routers do not need an IP to connect.

What is a Zyxel Vmg4381 B10z Router?

A Zyxel Vmg4381 B10z Router is a router from Cincinnati Bell. It allows you to connect your home devices like your tablet, smartphone, or computer to the internet ( It's possible to set up a guest WiFi hotspot with your router so guests can access the internet as well.

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The Zyxel Vmg4381 B10z router is a powerful WiFi device that provides excellent home coverage. If you’re still having trouble logging in to the admin interface, don’t worry! Our step-by-step guide will walk you through how to log in. And set up your Zyxel Vmg4381 B10a Router Login Guide. We hope this post has been helpful.


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