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Reach the extender’s web-based setup page to link the WiFi extender to the router to set it up. Open the Chrome, Firefox, or Edge web browsers on your WiFi, then type in the IP address of your computer, tablet, and smartphone. 

Before learning how to connect a WiFi extender to a router without WPS, let us provide you with basic knowledge on routers, the WPS on WiFi extenders, and how to get out of situations where the WPS button is absent. Remember to go through the FAQ section too. Also, check out this guide to know exactly how much Electricity and how many amps a Wi-Fi Router uses!

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About WiFi Extenders

Also called a repeater or extender, it is a device that works to boost and enhance the WiFi range. It is used to make the area-wide by boosting up the WiFi signals. A range extender gets WiFi signals from the router. Then, it sends the router’s network data back to portable endpoints that might have trouble transferring wireless information directly with the router. extenders This trouble is typically brought on by interfering or dead zones created by physical barriers such as walls or a reduced WiFi signal strength due to significant distance, such as in a distant region of a house or workplace.

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What is WPS on a WiFi extender?

WPS (WiFi-Protected Setup) is a valuable function found in several WiFi extenders and routers that makes the procedure of connecting equipment to a wireless connection, such as connecting Wiz lights to a new WiFi network.

It enables rapid and safe connections without manually entering the wireless network’s password. WPS allows you to pair your WiFi extender and router by using a physical button on each device or by entering a PIN code given to you through the extender setup user interface.


Since not all routers and extenders offer WPS, it is essential to know other connection options while installing your WiFi extender. This function simplifies the setup process and makes it more user-friendly, but not all routers and extenders must enable WPS. Why Is My Arris Router WiFi Not Working? Check out this.

How to connect a WiFi extender without WPS

A WiFi router increases the area in use and connects the device to the WiFi. It increases the WiFi range network by repeating the signals from your router.  connected to phone There are some steps you should follow to know how to connect the WiFi extender to the router without WPS:

  •     First, select a place that will work for the extender. It would be best if you positioned it inside the WiFi signal range of your router yet near enough to the locations where you require better coverage. To enhance efficiency, place it in the center of the room
  •     Check whether your extender has any firmware upgrades before continuing. Updates from manufacturers are frequently released to enhance security and performance.
  •     Access the extender’s web-based setup page to set it up. Connect to the extender’s WiFi network via your PC, Tab, or mobile phone. 
  •     Open the Chrome, Firefox, or Edge web browsers on your WiFi, then type in the IP address of your computer, tablet, and smartphone. The extender manual or a sticker on the hardware often provides the default IP address.
  •     A username and password must be entered when requested. For information about the default login credentials, consult the extenders handbook. If you can’t find them, use widespread defaults like admin for the login credentials.

After logging in to the extender’s settings page, carry out the following steps:

  1.     Find a setup or wizard option and launch the setup procedure. The label for this may be “quick setup” or something similar.
  2.     You will be asked to choose your current WiFi network during setup. From the list, select the web for your router.
  3.     Follow the instructions to log in to your credentials in the WiFi. Use the password related to your ID. 
  4.     Comply with any further or on-screen directions the setup wizard may present.

What if my router doesn’t have a WPS button?

You won’t be allowed to use the WPS extender feature if your router misses a WPS button on the extender. This function lets you pair devices to your router automatically without a password. If you wish to establish a connection with the WiFi extender, one method is to connect it through the web-based setup page of the extender. This involves accessing the extender settings using an internet browser on a device connected to the network of extenders. web-based setup page of the extender

Alternatively, you can also opt for setting up the configuration by using an ethernet cable. To briefly access the extender’s settings and set it up to pair your router’s WiFi network, temporarily connect your computer to the extender using an ethernet wire. Once set up, you may remove the ethernet wire, and the extender should continue to offer increased WiFi coverage based on the signal from your router.

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Is connecting the WiFi extender to a new router is possible?

Your new WiFi router may be unable to connect with the old WiFi extender. The old WiFi extender settings do not work with the latest WiFi router setup. It would be best to try upgrading your extender to the current router version to fix this issue.

How can you operate the WiFi extender?

When plugged into your current network, a WiFi extender establishes an alternative WiFi network access point where you can place the extender. To extend the range of your WiFi connection, a WiFi extender takes a different strategy, which helps you to know how to connect a WiFi extender to a router without WPS. The extender connects to your current network before transmitting and boosting the signal.

How much distance should be there between the WiFi extender and the router?

WiFi extenders effectively extend a WiFi signal between a router and a device. However, to function appropriately, you should place WiFi extenders at most 20 feet away from the WiFi router.

What is the difference between a WiFi extender and a repeater?

A WiFi repeater and an extender are related to each other. WiFi extenders often offer better speeds than repeaters, although they operate fundamentally. A WiFi extender employs a physical connection to the router to establish an entirely new network compared to repeaters, which only rebroadcast your wireless internet.


This article has taught you how to connect a WiFi extender to a router without WPS. Without using WPS, you may connect a WiFi extender to a router and quickly increase the range of your wireless network. Adhering to these steps will achieve an effective setup and enhanced WiFi coverage wherever you are, which was challenging. Remember that with some diligence and care, you can create a WiFi network covering your entire area. You can learn more about other people’s issues and how to fix them in the FAQ area. We have fulfilled our part since we made it through this. It is all you know. And it would be best if you prepared yourself. So, get ready and connect the extender to the router.

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