Why Is My Arris Router WiFi Not Working? Updated Guide

Arris Router WiFi Not Working

There is a lot of conflicting information out there on the internet about how to fix Arris router wifi not working problems. Most solutions don’t work for everyone. We’ve put together this guide that lists all possible fixes we could find and organized them by their ease of implementation so you can try them one at a time until you get results!

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14 Ways to Fix Arris Router WiFi, not working Problems

Here we have listed the Best Ways to Fix Arris Router WiFi, not working Problems.

Use the correct channel (band) on your router

Usually, it’s either 2.4 or 5 GHz. If everyone’s routers run on the same frequency band, you’re likely to get interference. There should be only one wireless signal in your home; if you have multiple, change the channel to avoid interference or the “arris router 2.4Ghz not working” problem.

arris router frequency
arris router frequency

This means that your Arris router isn’t powerful enough to transmit on an overcrowded band with all those other routers.

Don’t set the router to the “Auto” channel.

Most routers pick a channel for you, but that can cause interference with your neighbors’ routers.

arris router wifi not working
arris router wifi not working

You should pick one to reduce interference across the entire network, not just in your house!

Remove Physical Obstruction blocking your Arris Router WiFi Signal 

Physical appliances also operate on the same frequency as your arris router WiFi. Massive metal objects are very bad for Arris routers

If you can move your router to another room, do it. Sometimes, you can get a better range with some non-metal obstruction on top of or around it, but if possible, remove tanks, refrigerators, microwaves, etc.

Replace your Router Antenna 

Antennas can get old and stop working correctly.

change antenna
change antenna

If you’re having signal issues, try replacing them with higher gain ones or new ones made for your router.

Turn off Encryption / Security:

Some older routers have security settings that don’t allow some newer devices to connect (this caused the “arris router not working” problem once).

turn off security
turn off security

First, you should turn it off and see if that fixes your Arris router WiFi connectivity issues. Don’t use security on the Arris router anymore if it does!

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Change Wireless Encryption 

If switching off encryption doesn’t work for you, change your wireless encryption type to WPA2. It’s the most compatible option for your router, whereas WEP is deprecated mainly and often causes “arris n300 router not working” problems.

change encryption
change encryption

Wired Ethernet connections are more secure than wireless ones, so don’t rely on them exclusively!

Buy an Ethernet Extender if Wired Connections Don’t Work 

If you have problems getting a wired connection, an ethernet extender or switch can help. Just plug them in when you’re connecting via Ethernet, and they’ll help extend the signal!

ethernet extender
ethernet extender

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Upgrade Firmware 

Some firmware versions have bugs that cause “arris router WiFi not working” issues. So try upgrading the firmware to the latest version! Firmware is the “software” that runs your Arris router. It’s like the OS on your computer, and having bugs means it isn’t working correctly, which makes your Arris router not work.

upgrade firmware
upgrade firmware

Sometimes Arris updates their router software, which can make your router have an “arris modem no WiFi” issue! So go to the download page on the Arris site for your model and check if there’s a new file you can download. You’ll see how easy it is to update your arris router firmware!

Turn off QoS 

QoS manages the quality of your internet connection and can be interfering with your WiFi signal if turned on or set up incorrectly.

turn off qos
turn off qos

If you have an “arris router not broadcasting WiF” problem, try turning off Quality of Service or any settings that control the bandwidth.

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Re-position Your Router 

You can’t constantly move your router; sometimes, it’s just in an awkward spot in your house. If you can, try moving it or re-orienting its antennas, so they are aligned differently to get a better connection.

Limit the number of devices 

This is an old-school way to get better internet speed, but still very effective. “Arris modem no WiFi” issue is another common problem. Sometimes resetting your modem can help you to solve the issue.

limit number of devices
limit number of devices

If it persists, limit the devices that connect via WiFi, so others have to use Ethernet instead of slowing down your router!

Upgrade Your Internet Cable or DSL Line

If you are the only one with the “arris router keeps rebooting” problem, try calling your internet provider and ask for a higher speed.

upgrade ethernet
upgrade ethernet

If others in the house aren’t having any problems, but you are, call and see if they’ll give you a new line too! And If it fixes your issue, upgrade to faster internet or install more lines.

Change your DNS 

Changing your Arris router WiFi settings can fix “arris n600 WiFi” problems or connectivity issues in general!

change ip address
change ip address

If you’re going to change anything, change it before you connect, and don’t forget that you must give the IP address of the new DNS server to your Smart TV or Blu-Ray player.

Change the IP Address of Your Router 

Another solution is changing your router’s IP address, which you can do by connecting to it via Ethernet and entering some commands in a new terminal window on your computer. If none of this works for you, contact Arris support!

change ip address
change ip address

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Have you tried any of these methods? If so, which ones have worked best for your situation? Let us know! We are always looking to learn more about how people fix their wireless internet issues.

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