The internet has become the guru of all of the problems that we face today. For every small thing, the first thing that we do is that we hit Google to get the answer. We have let the internet dominate our lives in ways we could never imagine – from schools to grocery stores – everything is online. To cope with this change, people have taken up their private mobile data connections or WiFi networks. It is a well-known fact that WiFis are much more stable, and also they do not run out as quickly as mobile data networks do. In this article, we will tell you how to perform the Arris SBG6580 Router Login.

arris SBG6580 router

Of course, there are uncountable brands in the market that supply WiFi routers. The one that we are continuing to concentrate on is the Arris SBG6580 router. You will find the name of the router on the body or in the manual.

Just knowing the name of your router is not everything. You should be aware of the details too. One of the several crucial things to do is performing the login.

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How To Perform The Arris SBG6580 Login

It is effortless to perform the Arris SBG6580 login if you follow the steps in the article. 

First Method

This is a pretty straightforward method. You have to type in the most commonly used set of credentials on the login portal. Accordingly, this will take you to the user settings page. The following are the steps required to get to the user interface.

  • Firstly, make sure that your Arris SBG6580 router is appropriately connected to your PC. You can connect them either using a LAN network or an ethernet connection. We prefer that you use the second method. Now, check the indicator lights on your router to see if they are turned on. 
  • Afterward, fire up a web browser on your PC or laptop. Then carefully type in the IP of your Arris SBG6580 router in the URL bar. You can try the most frequently used IP for Arris SBG6580 routers, which is After checking if the digits entered are correct and the periods are at the right place, press ‘Enter.’ 

Frequently Used IP’s

If the IP doesn’t work, given below is a list of some frequently used IPs that Arris uses for its routers:

Sr. No.
















  • You will see the login page on your web browser. Additionally, if you don’t know the default user ID and password combination of your Arris SBG6580 router, don’t worry!

Username and Password

You can refer to the table below to see the most commonly used user ID. You’ll also see the access code combinations for each IP. Try out each of them to log in:

Sr. No. Username Password
1. admin password
2 admin admin
4 admin Motorola
5 admin 1234
6 (blank) Printed onto the router
7 cusadmin password
8 (blank) (blank)
9 arris arris
10 (blank) admin

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Second Method

If you try out the first method and it doesn’t work for you, here is another way! This method is as simple as the first one.

To begin with, find a label at the bottom of the router box. The manufacturer will write your router’s IP and the credentials on this label. Secondly, follow the instructions in the previous method to use this combination for the router login.

If this method does not help with logging into Arris SBG6580, move on to the third method.

airtel huawei router sticker

Third Method

This is the last method. It is useful mainly when you or someone else changed the user credentials of the router but probably forgot them. Here you are supposed to reset the router. Hence, follow the steps outlined below.

Firstly, locate a small hole at the back end of the router. Then, find a thin tool like a safety pin or a paperclip. But make sure it is not very pointed. Then, poke this tool into the hole (or the reset button) and keep it pressed for nearly thirty seconds. Finally, the router will automatically power off, and then it will switch back on, which means that it has been reset.

Now, go through the steps given above in the first method to log in. You can also perform the second method.

What To Do If The Arris SBG6580 Login Credentials Do Not Work

The most important thing for you to understand is that you can still perform the Arris SBG6580 login. You can try to locate the credentials on the body of the router. Sometimes, we tend to overlook this place, so you might want to recheck.

Check the Official Website

The next thing to do would be that you could try out the official website of the router. There is a probability that you might notice the Arris SBG6580 login details on the website. Make sure that you certainly surf on the website and look for that.


Visit: ARRIS SBG6580 Official Website

Check the Router Manual

One more thing you can try is that you should hunt for the Arris SBG6580 login in the router manual. This might sound a little tedious, but you should try it out once.

arris sbg6580 router manual

There is still a strong chance that the login username and password might be there.

See: ARRIS SBG6580 Router Manual

Factory Reset the Router

The next thing and the final thing you should do is the factory reset of the router. Note that this will be the last option to consider. When you do not have any chance left for you to do, you can consider trying out the reset of your router. It is essential to see that this process is not reversible, so only do this when you do not have any other option. The preeminent thing to do is watch for a small button at the back of the router. The controller will be tiny, and you might not be able to press it with your fingers.

reset button

You will be required to use an external object – this object should be sturdy but not pointy. It can be the back of a paperclip or the back of a toothpick. Once the thing is chosen, you can hold-press the button of the router. The control of the router should be hold-pressed until the lights go off. As soon as the lights go off, you will see that the internet services will stop working. Wait for some time and do not lift your object from the button. When you see the light turning back on, you can gently remove the thing. This certainly means that your router has undergone the factory reset process now. You can try out the default Arris SBG6580 login username and password to see if you can log in!

Visit: Factory Reset the Router


What are the Arris SURFboard login details?

The ARRIS SURFboard Manager App will request the admin login and password of compatible SURFboard products when activated. The SURFboard product comes with the username 'admin' and password 'password' as default values.

What is the Arris Motorola default login?

For Arris Motorola, the username and password are often both 'admin'.

What are the credentials for a router?

Look at your router's bottom or back sticker to know the credentials of your router. The most frequent default username and password are admin and password.

Is Arris a modem or a router?

The fastest Internet connection speeds are supported by the modem/router combo called the Arris Surfboard. It works with all of the country's top cable Internet providers. Most ISPs worldwide may use it as well.

How can I access my modem?

You must use an Ethernet cable or wireless network to connect your device to your modem or router to access it. Then, launch a browser and type the IP address of your modem into the address box. Additionally, you must log in using your modem's username and password, which are normally displayed on the device's bottom or may be modified in the settings.


You now know how to perform the Arris SBG6580 login straightforwardly. The only thing required from your end is that you will have to understand the steps first. Once that is done, you can efficiently perform the login procedure that has been prescribed in this article. Also, you must stick to the steps so the login does not fail. It would help if you did not directly jump onto the router’s reset when you see that things are not going your way. It would help if you exhausted all of the other options first. This is because that process is not reversible at any cost.

Also, when you are performing the router’s reset, you should not perform it on your own. Seek help from your technician and let him do the reset. This is so that you do not face any problems when the reset is happening. There is a chance that you might perform the reset incorrectly, which can lead to more problems. The router reset is the last option and should only happen in the presence of your technician.

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